Glacial Wastes

Boriel's Retreat This citadel and the surrounding kingdom are home to tens of thousands of Northern Kingdoms Slavers who escaped the uprising at the end of the Border Wars of 2218. Ruled by the rogue Baribur Peacelord Boriel, slavery is a major part of the local economy.<br> However it is one of the only modern cities on the Glacial Wastes with stores, inns and placed to buy artifacts, weapons and armor. EEF soldiers are taken into custody and interrogated immediately upon arrival if found in uniform. The Glacial Research Facility This abandoned technological facility spans many miles of tunnels, underground chambers and experimental labs. Most tunnels are sealed by ultra-tech magnetic locks making travel harder for Leyas Users. Only a portion of the facility has working heat and life support. Other sections are deadly tunnels of frozen temperatures impassable by unprepared explorers. The Falosini Settlements This section is for the Children of the Falosini settlements in the Glacial Wastes region. This includes K’iou Homeforges, Baribur Aeries, and K’iorn Wartribes. Players may only post to this section once they have discovered one of these types of settlements in game. The Cave of the IceWyrms This location is home to an entire civilization of Icewyrms. These draconic aliens have built their own network of tunnels and lairs. It is rumored to be the site of a long forgotten K’iou Homeforge. New Settlements This section is for any new settlements, trading posts or base camps created by the Expedition to the Research Facility. The Glacial Wastes This section is for traveling through the wastes and exploring areas controlled by the local Olgog tribes. Any thread that doesnt fit above should go here.
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