A Political War against the concerning Candidate Yildor Roren (DR2220+ Week 5+)


Kand’s quick look around confirmed that while there were listening devices out in the hall and in other rooms. This room appeared to be empty of all survalliance. Both Kand and Buffy wondered if this was the room where Yildor Roren plotted with compatriots when he needed a private location.


“Unless you can plant a bug in here or something, we need to leave,” Buffy said.


Unfortunately Agent Kand didn’t have anything resembling a bug on him. The pair escaped the Villa without being caught, with the copy of the incriminating letter in Yildor Roren’s own handwriting.

They regrouped at a room they rented above a tavern in Saragosa to figure out their next steps.


[DR2220+ Mission 8+]

Kand and Buffy were in their rented room in Saragosa. They had found proof of collusion and possibly even treason between Yildor Roren and the Warlord Dodonna Salonai, Leader of the Iron Dukes of Kalino.

But where would they go next?

A. To Dumbar to confront Yildor with the proof to see if they can get him to drop out of the race?

B. To the news outlets in Chooru, where they could have the story published far and wide?

C. To Kalino to confront Dodonna Salonai with a copy of the letter?

D. Nowhere, Saragosa has the freshest coffee in the colonies and we are enjoying a cup dammit.

[or elsewhere, but a path must be picked]


Buffy gave a little sigh. “Kand, we should go confront Dodonna Salonai. Going to the press or confront Yildor is bad as doing nothing. Let’s cut off his support.”


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Kand says “I agree, the more we undercut him the better”.


Getting an audience with Dodonna Salonai had taken longer and been harder than either expected. She was a Warlord in a city where Warlords were the local government.

The trio met in one of Dodonna Salonai’s private spas. She was happy to meet with the sister of Candidate Strykker however or whatever the circumstances.

Dodonna Salonai was attended by a trio of Iron Dukes. The Iron Dukes were power armored Immutable soldiers who were suicidally loyal to her. They had made sure that Kand and Buffy didn’t carry anything too dangerous or deadly into the meeting. Dodonna wasn’t worried about them. She knew there had to be a damn good reason for the sister of the candidate to reach out to her.

The spa was otherwise empty of people. The tubs empty of water, and the wooden and brass cleaned and covered with plastic sheeting. The message was clear. If the visitors started the threaten anything violent, Dodonna’s men were ready to clean it up.

“Your wedding was the talk of 2218, Buffy,” said Dodonna as if they were girls on the makeover couch rather than political enemies of the highest order, "I was so impressed by the pics the Dumbari Times had of you and Eli. Quite a gorgeos couple. Now I hear Eli is the Mayor of a settlement in the Glacial Wastes? Quite a catch there.

So what brings you to my establishment on cleaning day?"


“Was in the neighborhood and thought: Girl, I’m need bit of a pamper and wash. Who has some nice old tubs I could use? Warlord Dodonna!”

Buffy picks up a couple bars of soap, goes to every facet to turn on the all the hot water so it gets steamy and changes into some swimwear.

“Like yeah, he’s such catch. Handsome to boot. Busy with the good fight and making sure the colonies don’t fall,” Buffy smile wide with her teeth showing.

“Him and I are such patriots. I just love the friendship everyone has together around. Would be a shame if some cough bitch cough would come along and support some type action that would break up the peace we’ll have. That would be just silly! Right?”


Dodonna Salonai smiled and began filling a tub with warm water. She lifted a tincture of lavender and rose and added it while breathing deeply of the hot steamy water.

She turned and motioned for one of her goons to bring her a martini. Buffy and Kand noticed the vessel was made of plastics and had to have been produced in Dumbar. Dodonna drank the martini and then said in a bubbly voice, "I agree wholeheartedly. I am a huge supporter of the peace after all.

Every year folks in Kalino and abroad come to me and they say, Dodonna, you have to lead the Colonies. Your father Caldon Salonai died trying to make Refuge a planet of intergalatic reknown. For hundreds of years I’ve turned to them and I’ve said I just don’t have the time. Keeping Kalino from turning into full civil war is a fulltime job.

Why this last election, an olgog captain came to me and tried to hire me on to be a Candidate. Offered funding and everything, I shot him down, of course.

If you plan on ruling Refuge you have to make dark deals with the Iron Republic. These were things my father did before his attempted civil war all those centuries ago. He was going to rule an Iron Empire as Emperor of Refuge, if he won.

I hear the Iron Republic did the same thing recently up in Tarris three years ago. Offered weapons, support and finances to an Emperor Yantuk to wipe out I’tash and the Technomancers. Much like my father, this Emperor saw some initial success, but was crushed in the end and his lands excised by the EEF.

I don’t plan on following my father’s fate. And I hope your brother doesn’t either."

“I know why you are really here,” said Dodonna in a conspiratorial tone, "Candidate Roren has been offering me the sun, the moon, and stars if I put my support and the support of my warlords behind him. And a sweetener if he doesn’t win to make trouble for the winner.

But I know a good thing when I have it. Here in Kalino I have a good thing. What would your brother say to keeping the status quo here in Kalino. He can keep sending in Commander Shiro’s charity operations just like now. I will keep my interests here in Kalino, and he can enjoy his role as Colony General. A mutual nonaggression pact. I won’t put my support behind Strykker, but I will keep the peace if he wins…is that a fair offer?"