An unheard of opportunity


Dreg looked at everyone around the fire. He was shocked this many people had shown up. What was wrong with them? Could any of them really think the Church of One wanted peace? An inquisitor had caught him near a church settlement once and tried to dissect him. It was just luck that some of the outcasts happened by and saved him. There was bound to be a trap here somewhere it was just a question of when they sprang it. Maybe playing dumb would get him more information it’d worked before.
“Inquisitor. You keep talking about ‘demons’ and this devil thing. What is that?”


Barov turns to Jeff with a mild look of surprise “It seems I have underestimated you, it must have taken a lot to sy what you just did. I accept your apology, I do hope we can continue in a constructive manner and work together.”

Turning to the dreg " The devil is the source of all evil, he seeks to corrut God’s holy works and collect souls. He believes that if he collects enough souls that one day he may overthrow the Divine Lord up in heaven and control all reality. Demons are his servants, lesser beings of evil which generally do the Devil’s infernal works. Thankfully they have a hard time cooperating and thus tend to fight amongst themselves.

As for you Goblin Chief, besides discussing titles, is there anything else?"

Turning his attention to the group as a whole (and finishing his lizard) Junior Inquisitor Barov smilies slightly and says “Look, you all have concerns, some of you want the end of violence, some simply want to expand their own power. This is understandable behavior, you want to be viewed not as demon spawn but as a species that is equal and treated with respect, is this correct?”


Tor’Lur pondered the Inquisitor’s question, thinking that it was too obvious that the answer would be ‘yes’. The Tor’og was expecting that no matter the answer received, Barov would turn it into an undesired outcome. “Regardless of wheather we want this, do we not deserve it as intellegent beings all living on this Der’al? I cannot speak for every gog, but I say that respect and equality must be viewed as such by all.”

He paused to gather his thoughts. “Granted that respect must be earned by both parties, this is necessary if we ever hope to achieve peace. And it is where we must start.”


Finishing his bandages, Jeff seemed to ponder the question. He was usually one for heavy drinking, not deep thinking, yet he seemed to be trying to choose his words carefully. Finally he spoke up,

 "You have viewed us all these years as the spawn of the great evil? If that is so, I can surely understand why we have had such problems with peace in the past. I would assume that we are not demons, for if we are, then I feel that I have gotten the short end of the stick. Although it is true that our rituals are strange to your people, and yours to ours, I see no reason that we cannot coexist. Yet I do not believe we are equals by any means. We are far too different, and too alien to one another to be able to respect one another. But I do believe that we can learn to tolerate one another, and in the end, is not mutual tolerance what any species desires of another? 

  One would think that we should have no reason to fight. There is plenty of land, and plenty of resources. We do not feast upon one another for food, nor do we require anything in the way of goods from each other. Although complete peace is probably not possible for many years, would it not simply be better simply to isolate ourselves into our respective territories? If you need not look upon us, then surely you need not fear our ways nor the fear of your faith being harmed. I see no reason why this could not work, and in addition, we may not think of the other as equal to ourselves, but is it worth killing one another simply for being different? Surely God is a just and merciful god, and would not want you to scourge those who do not fight him, not that I presume to tell you how your religion works, I can't say I am fluent in it. Nonetheless, I simply ask for tolerance and the allowance for continued life, and no more senseless slaughter."

He leans back, seemingly satisfied with his response to the inquisitor and begins to write something on a parchment in basic scrawls.


Junior Inquisitor Barov listened to the Goblins as they spoke and occasionally nodded his head. Turning to Tor’lur first
“One should remember that there is more to intelligence then being able to speak. As you say resect must be earned and one cannot just be respected before doing a service that earns them that respect. You all want to be treated well, not feared and hated.”

Now turning to Jeff, “Isolation doesn’t work, too much suspicion and hatred. Both sides will assume that the other is plotting against them and it would only be a matter of time before one starts a new campaign against the other”

Barov smiled again “There must be action, something must be done to lessen the mistrust and hatred, only then can the healing begin.”


Frowning slightly, Jeff asked

“What kind of action did you have in mind? There has been a lot of killing and raiding lately, and people might be inclined to be mistrustful of the other side. In my opinion, there has been far too much action and too little of using this”. He taps his head. “Although It may be a good step towards healing the wounds if we can pull this off.”

He seemed more serious now, his bad accent gone, and his awkward mannerisms subsided. He leaned forward in his seat waiting for an answer.


This… Jeff, was quite the peculiar Olgog. Tor’Lur had no idea why he had been behaving so strangely, but was relieved that he seemed to be in better control of himself now. “Agreed. There has been action, but it has been rash and out of spite or vengence. We need action that has been thought out and is to the betterment of both sides. Inquisitor, if you have a plan, I would hear it.”


Junior Inquisitor Barov put on a contemplative look for several seconds after listening to the two Goblins. “Well, I did have an idea. There is a common belief that all Gobl…Olgogs are either demon spawn or at the very least influenced by the Devil. I am willing to accept that this is not the case for all. Perhaps the problem lay in a minority which ruins things for the majority.”

All traces of the nervousness that was previously been showing on the Inquisitors face seemed to fade.
“These troublemakers need to be removed. The Pit Mogrels, the Krato worshipers and the undead tribes must be removed.” Turning to the representative from Unit 817, “Except your tribe of course, you have shown to be different. Once these followers of alien influences are removed, perhaps the people of Dunesphere might look differently upon your…kind.”


Jeff smiled thinly as the inquisitor finished. He folded his hands in front of him and spoke to Barov.

“You will get along well with Chieftain Kolgol I am thinking. He already strives to fight these aforementioned groups. As we speak he fights the undead, which is why he is not here in person. Although like you said, there are certainly exceptions for each group which should be observed beforehand. However some of these are dread foes, and we may need assistance from the Church to defeat them. Who knows? It might even be a good experience for Olgogs and Humans to fight besides one another against a common foe.”


Well Dreg thought isn’t that nice? They church will like us if we spend all our time killing other olgogs. Never mind that in fighting like that would wreck even the winning the side. And what a coincidence that the church could just walk in and mop up the survivors.
"Jeff makes a fair point Inquisitor. They are dangerous groups. I also can’t help but notice that so far you’ve only proposed that we risk much and kill many of our people so maybe your people will leave us in peace.


Tor’Lur nodded in Dreg’s direction. The To’og had thought of a number of things that the Inquisitor might have said, but he hadn’t thought that he would go so far as to ask them to attack other Olgogs. Even the Krato-worshipers.

“I can see why you would ask this. And while I have no love for the Krato, I know that my Auf would never agree to ending violence with violence. I know not how well versed you are in our language, Inquisitor. My tribe is called Ol’Lur for a reason. In your toungue, it means ‘Soul Weavers’. As in; bringing all of the tribes and races together in harmony, without smothering their cultures or people. That cannot be done by fighting against our own people. Dead, alive, or mislead by the Krato. Nor does my Auf believe that it can be done by waring with your people.”

Assuming there are any lizards left, Tor’Lur takes one and feeds it to his horse. “In the lack of words of my Auf; ‘Always options for peace’.”


Junior Inquisitor Barov smiled at Jeff “These creatures of evil rightly deserve your wrath. As for our Paladins fighting along side you, do you truly believe that wise? I don’t know if you have met any Paladins but most tend to attack your kind on sight. Most of your kind would react similar to the sight of them. We will be happy to help in the slaughter of these mongrels, however it would be better to be in separate battlefields.”

Turning to Tor’Lur, “You with peace with the Krato? You do know that Krato eat your kind as well as Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Gnomes, etc. All races are nothing to them but food or fools used to gather them more food. As for the Quall worshipers, their masters want you as a sacrifice. You want their kind among you? These threats are among you, even if you can live alongside them, their masters will always view you as something to be consumed. They cannot be reasoned with as they view you as you would view a piece of meat.”


Jeff now smiled openly. Maybe this human wasn’t so bad after all. He knew Chieftain Kolgol was itching for an excuse to go out and fight the others, but unlike Kolgol, Jeff saw the wisdom in the other diplomats’ points. Even if they were successful, the Church would still get the better side of the deal. Besides that, the Church also hadn’t offered anything themselves, which was beginning to rouse his suspicions again. “Would the Church aid us militarily?” He asked carefully.


Tor’Lur tried to remember what he had said only moments ago. “I did not intend to give the impression of wanting peace with the Krato nor Quall, only their mislead followers. I know not how, but the only way to convice the Krato worshipers that their masters are not what they appear to be would be with substantial, undenyable proof. To turn them against their masters, would be the best way to end the threat. Eliminate the Krato’s followers and they will simply find more. Granted, that finding the proof necessary could very well be the greatest challenge of all. They believe the Krato are benevolent as much as you believe the Leyas are evil.”

The Tor’og retook his seat by the fire. “When I said ‘all the tribes and races’, I meant the ones that would willingly coexist in peace. The Krato and Quall obviously have no intention of this, but their followers may still yet be swayed. All I ask is that we try. If we don’t, then we will have even more enemies.”


Looking at Jeff, "besides fighting our mutual enemies? Unlikely. If you want weapons and armor unforunatly at this current juncture our people wouldn’t accept it. Change is a slow process, if we started arming your people we would have riots. We will help in the destruction of our enemies but that is it for now.

Of course, attack against our towns must end. We will cease offensive actions as well against all tribes that join this agreement. As long as they remain true to this pact and do not aid any tribes that attack us or protect them. You must also be active in fighting our enemies."

This is not a blanket deal, only groups that are part of this deal will be left alone, we will honor our agreement, however we will not sit around and be raided without responding, I am sure you will understand"


After listening to the various newcomers insult and argue with the inquisitor, Nameless shook his head sadly. ‘Why must everything come down to killing others? Didn’t any of these people know the dangers of the greater evils trying to enter these lands?’ he thought.

Turning toward the inquisitor, he asked “Would it not be better to turn them away from their masters rather than killing them? Every one that turns away from supporting the Evils weakens the enemy and thus strengthens your cause? Any that you slay may be used a rallying points for your foes. Why give your enemies a point to focus their energies on?”

Cocking his head to the side, “And now we have heard what you would like from us to earn your trust, what are your people offering to earn our trust and respect?”


Barovs neck was getting a bit stiff from turning back and forth so much, would be so much easier if they just got into a line and spoke in turn. Oh well such is the price for being such a kind person.

"If you believe you can “liberate” more of your fellow undead, I suppose you can try, though there is the matter of trust. You have come here and talked to try to earn trust, they have not. If they cn prove that they are trustworthy they can be spared. Of course, you must understand, undead are hard to be around for most people. We would hope that if a day of peace comes, you will stay away from human lands, would be eaiser if the common folk don’t deal with you.

As for what we are doing? Well is it not obvious? My actions show this. I doubt any of you were planning on making any peace overtures. I may have a sidearm but this mission was in most likelyhood a suicide mission. The very fact that I am still breathing will shock everyone back home. You really think they expect me to return? Me lasting more then five minutes at this meeting was a long shot.

If you want guarentees, well there are none. Just as there are no guarentees that your people will keep faith. All we can do is try and hope for the best."


Vektor was bemused by his fellow Olgogs’ comments. The Earthers were invading the deserts outside of Brez and the conversation was about wars with other races and the grey furs.

“There will never be any guarantees when there are masses of Earthers invading our lands, breaking treaties set up hundreds of years ago, killing our people, and stealing our food sources. I know the axe swings both ways, but there are 5 Earther war machines about to invade Brez. So what peace proposal are you actually offering, Earther?”


A surprised look flashed on Barov’s face for several seconds before he burst out laughing, after ten seconds he calmed down, wiping tears from his eyes, he looked again at Vektor noticed that he wasn’t telling a joke, so Barov’s face became more serious. “Your peopoe wipe out the community of Bartsport, then loot the remains, begin massing a giant army, and then complain when we fight back? Really?”


Jeff smiled wryly and leaned forward.

“Good Inquisitor, did you not just request for the brutal Olgog attacks to cease on your towns? A good first step towards a peaceful resolution might be to call off your own attack on a city unrelated to the horrible incident at Bartsport. It would truly be unfortunate if one were to think you were asking of us which you could not do yourselves. And, after all, are not the virtues and morals of the Church of One renowned throughout the world? Surely you could show us this small measure of your favor, just to reassure us that you do mean peace. It would be simply cruel to demand that of others which you cannot find it in yourself to give, one might even say…inhuman.”

He leans back and waits for his answer.