An unheard of opportunity


"Trust is so important to your people, yet you all constantly fight each other in gang wars, you all fight each other, does that mean that you don’t even understand the people within your own city?
You demand to be the center of attention and will not even consider anything unless you have your way. How am i to take that?
The very fact that I am even here shows that we are trying harder then you are.

I came here knowing full well that the most likely scenario would be my death, I hoped, and trusted in God that I would be allowed to speak and you would not simply slaughter me where I stood. I have stuck my neck out, when so many stated that you all were not worth it. You won’t do anything on faith, you do not trust me, well I do not trust you either. That is why we make little deals, we make little agreements and see where things go from there. If we can do little agreements and we both honor our words, perhaps in the future there can be understanding. Trust takes time not a history lesson, I don’t need to know your tribal cultures for me to trade something with you. I provided food here, Jeff took some and ate it, he didn’t need to know my family history to accept my food. I didn’t demand anything in return from him, I didn’t need to know any purification rituals his tribe does for us to share a meal, sure the meal isn’t that great but it is something.

However today you are too inflexible, you want everything now and on your own terms. You need to realize that this takes baby steps, peace might not come for years. However it has to start somewhere, this can be the first step toward the long journey that leads to more.


It was Vektor’s turn to laugh. It was a large, chesty laugh that bellowed deep within him. “You know so little of our people. I never said I trusted anyone from Brez.” He laughed a few more times before continuing, “I do not trade with my townfolk. They’re all liars and cheats.” He laughed even harder. A tear came out of his eye. “I cannot trust them because they wish to have my lands, my food, my territory. Only when we can establish trust can we begin to trade with a rival gang. There are many steps to establishing this trust.” Vektor’s posture changed again, from jovial to increasing seriousness, “first is communicating, which is easier when you know who the other gang is, how they speak, how they think, and what their needs are. We do not have that. You do not appear willing to give that.” Vektor was now dead serious, “It is not inflexibility that we walk away. We travelled across the desert to be here, and we have not lifted a finger against you. We withstood the many many insults you have hurled at us and have not walked away. If an Olgog said such things to me, they would be dead without a moments pause. You do not agree with me or my terms, but you do not know enough of my people to call me ‘inflexible’.”


Turning to Dreg Barov said “Well, they are gone now, part of me is thankful honestly, they don’t actually want to come to any agreements, that much is obvious. They come from a culture of violence and it apparently will take them more time for them to realize the importance of negotiations.
You seem to be the most reasonable one here, so i will make my request to you. If there is to ever be peace in the future it must come through talking not through force of arms. If you can bring my message to other Olgog tribes perhaps more might be interested in coming to speak to me here. I know that many are advocates of war, but if we can actually develop at least short term agreements, then maybe one day the warmonger’s on each side might see the light.”


An Auf gog of Or’Lur walked to the area that he had been told held a Curch of One representative who wished to speak with Olgogs. When he got there he noticed that it looked like the other Olgogs had already left.
“Is it to late to meet? I’m sorry for being this late, but my people needed help setting up our deffences.”


(Nameless, Dreg, and Jeff are still there they just haven’t said anything in a while)

Barov turns to the newcomer “Welcome, no it is not too late, and there are a few others here” Pointing to the shadows to the side “There they are, the only ones who left are the Gangers from Brez. Now, please explain what you mean by help setting up your defenses?”


“We have had some issues with slavers in our area. My tribe was working on ways to deal with them. I am Rapi’Lal of the Or’Lur tribe. Now if I may ask what has been discussed so far”
(I’ve been fallowing so if you want to skip that and just say that he was told a brief over view)


Inquisitor Barov gives the Auf Gog a summery of what happened, then says "I am sorry how rude of me, i haven’t officially introduced myself, I am Inquisitor Barov of Dunesphere, I have been sent here to open discussions and see if the first steps toward the eventual goal of peace can be made.

Slavers, you say? Please explain, perhaps there is something that we could assist with. I have said to these other representatives that we would be open to mutual goals of eliminating common threats."


“It seems some Uths are paying slavers for our people. If you could send a messanger if you find slaves and or slavers. One of our members is trying to find his daughter who was taken five cold seasons back. Something was broght to my attention through one of our youths. Most of the resent fighting has been due to one group or another entering an area that the other has marked. As Olgogs do not have a writen language and Earthers find it rather… low… to ask or find another way to tell tribal teratories apart.”
Rapi’Lal cletches his fist as he lets that sink in to the rest of the group.
“We have used the same system for generations yet there has been no change. What I would like to ask is what will be done to help prevent conflicts that would only cost both sides life?”


Barov listened to Rapi’Lal "Sending an earther into tribal lands searching for slavers won’t accomplish anything, as your tribes have a kill first ask questions never to any Church of One members they find in their territories. We can send aircraft to search for groups but I doubt our pilots will be able to tell the difference between normal tribes and slaver tribes. If you could supply us with ways of telling the slavers apart that would make it easier. As you said yourself, our people aren’t versed in your “markers” so we can’t tell the subtle signs of these particular tribes. We can’t just send “inspectors” to study your various tribal markers, they would be slaughtered.

As for preventing these losses of life, we did put out an option for at least one of these conflicts. We are in need of animals to provide meat and hides for winter, we know that your people have “ways” of restoring your dead back to life, ghastly if you ask me but those are your ways not ours. We can provide you with deceased Olgogs that we have that you can bring back to life, this would be our way of returning what the Church has previously taken from you. In return we only ask for two things, first the animals I mentioned before, and secondly we wish for you to inform these Olgogs that we returned them to you as a token of our faith in future peace and for them to not seek further violence against us.
We are taking an awful risk with this trade, as if you do not convince them we are simply giving you more soldiers to throw against us, thus causing more death. However my leaders believe that we have to be the ones to take the first steps on faith, if you are to follow suit.

We hope that these are acceptable measures for us to take, this way each of us gets something that we want, a good first step don’t you think?"


Barov sighed as he heard reports from Drewsport and Thomasville over his radio. "It seems that we are the only ones who desire peace. We no longer need the animals, so you don’t have to worry about that part of the deal.

You do not seem interested in the restoration of the Olgogs that previously died huh? Very well, what would you be interested in? Why come to a negotiation if you do not wish to actually talk?"


Jeff looked up slowly, seeming to hang on Barov’s words.

“The tribe of Ka’Rhug accepts your terms Inquisitor. We have not as of yet attacked or opposed the Church in any affairs, and will avoid conflict as it appears. We are not however, interested in the dead Olgogs, as our tribe as a whole refuses to practice resurrection. We wish to convey a complete and unconditional peace under the terms you name.”

He looked slightly pale, as if he was afraid he had said the wrong thing, but after a moment he took a breath and stood straight, waiting for Barov to reply.


Inquisitor Barov stared in wonder "A complete and unconditional peace under terms I name? Well, not sure how to react to that, sounds too good to be true. Well, at the current moment the main objective of the Church is to stop this war. If you can help convince the leaders of the factions that are currently invading us, to stop their invasions and pull their armies back. That would be a good start towards peace, we have mutual enemies, groups like the Kolgol Militia, they attack both of us, they carry away your people to make them attack mine. In the future we will probably have to fight them, but for today, talking is more important. Lets try to make fewer enemies before fighting others. Does that sound like a good idea to you?

Oh, and even if you do not practice resurrection, would you like some of the bodies to give last rites to? You can preform ceremonies if your people do that. In the spirit of good will, I can arrange some to be brought to you to lay to rest, that would probably be better then for their bodies to just be in some pile somewhere, do you not agree?"


Jeff looked curiously at Barov. Why was he trying so hard to give them corpses? He supposed that they could always give them the last rites of Ka’Rhug - traditionally done by casting the deceased’s body and possessions into the molten heart of the volcano. It had been done this way ever since the Krato worshiping half of the tribe split apart and left, leaving the remainder to try to survive in the growing cold. The volcano had kept them safe then, providing warmth and safety from the Auf Kol. In return they had decided to sacrifice their dead to volcano, giving back to that which had saved them. Thinking that Kolgol might be well pleased to have more corpses to throw into the fire, he shrugged and replied,

"We will handle the final rites for the corpses. Although I do not have a way to transport the bodies to our home, it’s just me here. We would take it as a sign of good will if you helped us with the transfer. Don’t worry about having to go into enemy territory or anything like that. We will provide a halfway point. Do you agree with this arrangement?


“We would be glad to help, we will transport them wherever you wish. We understand that most of your kind have little reason to trust the Church, so we wish to preform at least a few gestures to show that things might one day be better between our peoples. I of course do not have them here, i will contact my superiors about the deal and we shall send over a wagon to transport some bodies over for proper funeral rites.”


Jeff nodded solemnly.

“We are honored by your devotion to observing our tribal traditions. I will provide a location to meet at in neutral territory. Do I need to sign any kind of treaty? I know that many of your kind value such agreements, and if you will stand by it, so shall we”


Inquisitor Barov shook his head, “There is no need to sign anything. I know that your people do not use written contracts, and after all would other tribes care? The cart will be sent right away and meet you where ever you wish it to go. At the current moment any kind of agreement is better then no kind of agreement. This way I can report back that something of value has come from me being here. I hope that after this I can report at least one tribe is willing to give us a chance.”


A very tall Tla’loc’al Olgog steps out of a misting of shadows and approaches Inquisitor Barov. Lalder says in perfect earther "Greetings Inquisitor. I am told you are here for diplomatic relations with Olgogs. My name if Auf Lalder of the Herd of Auf Lal’ al. In the future, I would like to see if peace is an option. But right now, I am here to offer you help with a common enemy.

I have been gone traveling the last few weeks. I wish I had gotten back earlier, some of the recent events may have been prevented. But I am here now.

In general it is an understatement to say that Olgogs and the Church of One, do not like each other. But there is one enemy we both hate and battle. The Warmongers dead. I’m not talking of the independent dead, but the ones who follow warmonger’s spirit. And I come back to find out that they are aiming to take out your civilians at Thomasville.

The last thing I want is the warmongers dead killing civilians and adding to their numbers. And I think we can agree there. Will you accept help from an Olgog?"

(OOC Lalder looks mid aged Green fur Tla’loc’al Olgog, but is almost as tall as Brez Olgog. He carries a staff (Light Artifact) wearing Armorfiend vest and cloak.)
(OOC I know you have already posted, But this will determine how much and type of help I provide if we work it out before, I will pull him out for the missions though. (aka teleport away))


Rapi’Lal bowed to Lalder before saying “May you be better in you efforts they I Elder Lalder”
He then bows to each being present and leaves. as he goes he can be heard mumbling something about blessings and healings.


Inquisitor Barov watched Rapi’Lal leave, he sighed and turned to Auf Lalder "You know, i offered to use aircraft to help his tribe look for the slavers that harmed his tribe like he wanted. He never responded then just walked away, very confusing.

Anyway, Aur Lalder was it? You want to lend aid against the Warmonger’s Dead that are trying to attack Thomasville. Very generous of you, might I ask why you wish to cooperate with us here? No one wanted to cooperate with us when their armies were marching against us. No one wanted to negotiate cooperation when human towns were falling. Now that a threat that has devestated Olgog forces as well as Earther forces suddenly Olgogs want to cooperate.

Now I am not accusing you of anything, I do not believe that your tribe was here previously so you might not know that I have been offering to help fight mutual enemies and it as thrown in my face. All I had asked in return is for them to end their invasion of the Earther towns and that was too much, they wanted us to cooperate with them while still invading us and stormed out when we would not agree.

If you wish to fight the Warmonger’s Dead we will not say no, however trust is hard to come by, and so far the other tribes minus a few like Ka’Rhug and this unit 817 have shown that they do not want any deal that benefits the Church in any way, even if it benefits them as well.

If you wish to cooperate we will as well, but know that until you actually go through with it, we will be hesitant with our trust."


Auf Lalder responds "While I was gone, my tribe has been pulled into events that opposed the Church of one. As when you come across a battle that contains allies and those that have attacked you.

And before you say anything, I personally in the past and recently, have been attacked by inquisitors, paladins, and red bishops. But when your as old as I, that can not be helped. And I am working to get over my own grudges that I have built up.

But my grudges are nothing compared to what would happen to both of our people if our fighting caused the warmongers dead to win. For me, that is what has changed. I do warn, to normalize relations will take some time. So I cannot promise perfect compliance all over the the Olgog lands. But we are working on that.

We will attack the Warmongers dead.

Lastly, do you need a way out. As we have proven, we are very quick and good at tunneling. We could create an escape path the earthers. If you wish."