An unheard of opportunity


Jeff leaned forward, recognizing Auf Lalder.

“Aye, I can speak for this one’s character. He is one of a select few Olgogs of power in this land who are willing to speak of peace. And more than speak, but deliver on it as well. He has been a valued friend of our tribe in these troubled times, and we know him to be worthy of trust, both on and off the field of battle.”


Responding to Auf Lalder "I am not surprised to hear that you have faced the Church in the past, and I am sure it would not shock you to know that I have been attacked by your kind in the past, we both have lost people in various battles over the years. In regards to the Warmonger’s Dead, to be honest we have had only a few encounters with them in the past, to be honest most of our people don’t consider them more of a threat then they do your tribes. They have deadly weapons, but killed by their guns or your “abilities” doesn’t change the fact that our people die. Would Thomasville be in such danger had the invading army been willing to talk instead of fight?

We have lost a lot to invading armies of Brez, most of our people won’t be willing to trust your kind, so while I do believe that fighting these Dead would be good to do together, side by side is out. It would be best if your forces and our forces don’t get too close, as I do not trust them to work well together. If we can drive them off, while not getting too close to each other, I would appreciate your assistance.

As for a way out, sadly I cannot agree to that. With the loss of Simonsburg, and now Drewsport, we cannot just give up towns. Now I understand that your kind wouldn’t shed a tear if we were driven to the sea, but I would prefer to find a way that doesn’t involve further bloodshed or loss."


Auf Lalder nods and says "I expected that answer. But I had to ask. The warmonger’s dead are not just after your people to kill them. They will bring them into their ranks. Anyone killed and their body taken, will later come back as one of the dead.

I will instruct my tribe to keep their distance but to help where they can. We have been getting more and more with Knowledge of Light Leyas. It is very effective vs the dead.

One day in the future, if you are willing, I will ask for you to meet with a specific group of Olgogs. There, if your side is serious about stopping the violence, we might be able arrange it. But first, lets start with the battle against the warmongers dead."

Lalder sighs and says “Too many events are happening too close together. Its funny how time works, Its always in short supply when you need it most.”


Inquisitor Barov stared into the distance "Yeah, most likely there is someone manipulating these events, too many conflicts one after another. I do not think that this is just random chance, something wanted your armies to move against us, and wanted the Church’s forces and the Olgog forces to be weakened. Now that the Dead are moving against us, God only knows what will happen.

As for stopping the violence, who knows, peace would be nice, I would like to live in peace. So much hatred…sometimes you have to wonder why our respective ancestors did what they did. Did we land here see your kind see demons and attack? Did your kind attack our ancestors and did we just never stop wanting revenge? Does it even matter anymore? Is it even possible to stop thousands of years of hate?"

Turning to Jeff “I sent the signal, the bodies are on their way” Barov pulls out a map from his robes and marks a point then hands it to Jeff, “here is where they can meet your people, it is out of the way hopefully they won’t be attacked. Once they meet with your people they will make the hand off and withdraw, after that, bury them, bring them back, up to you. I am tired of all of the senselessness. To much mistrust and hatred, gonna get us all in trouble one day.”

Turning to Auf Lalder, "Oh, and I am not sure if you know about this but I figure I might as well ask. A short while ago a bunch of kids from Johnsport tied up their teachers stole weapons and marched for the battle of Thomasville. Inquisitor Rose managed to save some of them, but many died, some got taken by the Olgog army. With the Dead attacking Thomasville we have been unable to organize a search for the kids, wanna get them back to their families. If you hear anything about the ones the Olgog army took, can you let me know whom I can try to negotiate with?

Barov stares out into the distance again, I think the Dead are just another step on the road to the chaos here. Things are going to get worse…before they get better…the reaper is not done with us yet…"


An Ur Rhug pops out of a shadow. He is large, but obviously young and not as developed, physically, as a Brezan is. She acknowledges everyone with a head shake and says, in olgog, to Auf Lalder, “Auf Lalder, I was sent from the Great Northern Army. The Great Goblin King Urog to find you and thought you might be here. I come with a message.” He labors a bit, obviously making sure she says what she memorizsed, “The Great Northern Army wishes to crush the grey fur army now occupying the outskirts of Thomasville. The Earthers won’t believe us if we talk to them, but the Great Goblin King Urog didn’t want them villagers to die and will now fight to protect them. What message should I pass along to our armies so that we may fight alongside each other?”


Auf Lalder says "Please tell the Goblin King Urog we will be there. And welcome any help from the Great Northern Army. We have to help the earthers even if its just to prevent the warmongers from getting more bodies. I will be sending a force to clear out the tunnels and make their way to fort itself. This team will be very mobile. Mainly Shadow Jumpers armed with Light Leyas weapons. If you wish to meet up with them, they will meet by the exit tunnel my Auf built when they escaped.

We will keep away from Thomasville itself as requested. Though it would have been better just to sneak the villagers out in my opinion. But they will not trust us enough for that.

As the cannons the undead use are very effective against my vehicles, I mainly plan to use the skimmers as transportation there and evac if needed.

But now I must go. I will be elsewhere so Lalog’na will be leading this. If you have a hard time finding him. Use Leyas site and look for the overwhelming light leyas. Thats where they will be.
Lalder the nods to the Ur Rhug and disappears.


(Can I assume that the trade off of Bodies has happened already?)


A messenger will arrive and says to the earther "I am from the Herd of Auf Lal’ and Lur Union. Some tribes are arriving to help defend Jamesville from the Warmonger’s dead and their allies. We would like to coordinate with your forces. Can you send a representative who could coordinate this to this meeting? Have the representative goto this location near Jamesville, and a gog will bring them into the meeting.

My Auf told me to say, We may not be allies, but the enemy of my enemy is my friend. And this is true for this battle. For we must not let the warmongers win and gain more troops."

The messenger gives the earther a crud map with a location mapped.

(OCC: Trying to get a church of one rep to the planning meeting for the week 10 mission.)