At the Cave of Bog'an, Planning against the Krato Generals (TSGL3 finale week 13)


Bo’gan thought for a moment, and said, "The Krato Generals are not a centralized leadership. While they keep close communication with each other through commcrystals and other means, they rarely will be in the same cave network with each other. They know that the only way to rise the ranks of leadership among Warmonger’s true believers is to kill upward, as a result every Krato General that lives today was an Ur Guard who fought and served and betrayed their Ur-King to claim the title of General of All Things.

Yes you heard me, their full title of General of All Things, but they don’t actually handle all things, or even most things.

I know things were different when the infamous General Tharr still lived. He kept the other Generals in line, promising to wipe them from the timeline if they dared move without his say-so. However that ended during the Border Wars of 2218, when General Tharr was slain by Akalus Hak’u Yohai and his friend and ally, Lord Roan Desdaemon.
Tharr was granted final death, and with him the last centralized leadership was eliminated."


Bo’gan continued, "Each General runs his own domain his own way. But all are filled with deep tunnels, filled with traps, guarded by Krato soldiers and Annihilators as warhounds.

If the Falosini armies could never push the Krato Generals from their expanses in the land of the Krato, I do not suspect our meager forces will succeed where their multitudes failed. And we would be diverting defensive forces away to instead wander lands we have neither scouted nor prepared to attack.

It would not be simply one operation to eliminate one Krato General which would cull their violence. Instead it would require at least twenty armies to strike simultaneously, because any General that escaped would immediately gain the loyalty and service of any Krato soldiers that remain. And each Army would need to strike a different location, leaving us with not a single defender here on Refuge.

We do have a benefit from their separation of powers.

Each Krato General is out for himself or herself first. If they start seeing major losses they will pull back their army even if they could have defeated and conquered one of our locations. Why? Because Krato do not trust each other.

Each General knows the minute the fighting is over, it will be time to count the slaves and see which General is now the most influential. And at that point, anyone who is severely weakened enough will find themselves set upon by their former comrades and stripped of slaves and land and soldiers."


Hearing the Auf Lal’al plan, Bo’gan said, “Using cloud cover to cut off the Krato’s ability to target your airbourne troops is a good idea. Just remember if they can’t see your Gogs your Gogs also cannot see them.”

To Tor’Lallur’s representative he said, “Lok’ab, the Pit is of great value to the Tor’Lallur, yes, but it is not a target for the Krato. And my own Earthmancers can make sure it is hidden and protected. I ask as a long-time supporter of your people. Can we call upon your tribe in the defense of the Council of Al’ya since it is within travel distance of the part of Karov your people call home?”


Stretching her back Naeil had to sighed, “Why all the alternate realities and dimensions got to pick on us? We got our own bullies here. Heh Laylan! After we’re done moping up the trash in Unen, we could back you gogs and gals up at the Council of Al’ya, Just make sure you give Bo’gan a comm crystal or you could send a gog with us in the giant robot.”

In a sing song voice: “Do you want to ride in a giant robot? Come on lets fight and win. We never see UTR anymore. Please, come out your holes. Because it’s like you’ve gone away…”

“Never used to be best buddies. Never will. Oh well. Still, you could use the our help. Fighting these jerks from another dimension. In our giant robot, nothing will get in our way!”


Lok’ab smiled “if keep Pit safe, Tor’lallur help Al’ya. Pit give power to summon creatures enhanced by Pit, plus Tor’lallur have giants too. Set trap for Krato gor. Help lead Krato gor into trap Tor’lallur promise to do best effort.”


“From what I understand the mighty Olgogs with the large fighting tree robot?” He said questioningly, “Will be at the isle of Mag Bruskt and then push to the port of Unen.”

“Inventive Lurtor’s tribe will be at the council of Al’ya and Tla’lo’cal station but will deploy sensors to all locations and could deploy his troops further if they wished using the ample troop capacity of my ship.”

“The cunning family will use shadow portals to bypass the defenses and attack the generals themselves at all locations.”

"The quirky Olgog tribe with its pit will help defend the council of Al’ya.”

“The honorable knight can provide artillery and air support to any location which we feel has inadequate defenses.”

“Powerful leaders I must ask where do you want me to station myself and my ship?” Tal’al’oon asked,


Auf Lalyan says "Tal’al’oon, I have not heard of anything defending Simonsburg. Help with getting a defense setup there would be incredible. We could work together where you strike that above ground, and we do something to flood the tunnels where the Krato are. I’m open to any other suggestions you may have.

I still have hope Lalder will come back with help and make it back in time. But we have to plan as if he doesn’t."


At that Moment Lalder strides quickly into the room. Lalder gives a slight bow in a sign of respect to those here. He did not know everyone but from what Auf Lalyan had told him before he left, this was the group to warn and get the warning out to others. Auf Lalyan gave quick update to Lalder of the offers of help from Bo’gan.

Auf Lalder says “Greetings honored leaders. Bo’gan thank you for this defense of the Olgogs. I have news and warnings that cannot wait. First the good news. The Krato have many enemies, this includes the Uth and Pelebor of Lord Azrael. They will join the fight at the correct time and place. I was not told more on that. We may have more help from the Sylvans.”

Lalder turns to Bo’gan and says “AT this moment, the Krato following the Warmonger are the real enemy. The sylvan have taken it to help protect Olgogs from those Krato specifically. I hope their help does not cause conflict between us. We can minimize any chance of contact between groups if needed. The Warmonger is the real enemy today, and let that unite those who would not for any other reason. Warleoch Calphas of the Warleoch Council will also help”

Lalder then continues "This brings me to the bad news. The Warmonger’s Krato attacked the Sylvan as well and the undead sylvans have split into 2 factions. Warleoch Iessa has claimed the title of Sylvan Empress and ordered the Sylvans back to their cities. Not all follow this, though I don’t know too many specifics yet. This seems to be caused when WarLeoch Iessa was in unen when the Warmonger took form when she was trying to prevent his rise. And she took that failure harshly.

The Sylvan have protected the Olgogs once they were aware of our situation. They recognized us as a nation first. The UtR and our leyas tech is part of that. I believe… Empress Iessa will strike at the Krato attacking the Olgogs. And in doing so, she may go too far.

Warleoch Iessa knows of a secret weapon. She knows how to turn the animal like Sylvans into deadly weapons that act as one, controlled by one. Her. But this will be too much for any user to control all of the living sylvans minds. And this stands a good chance of going out of control. They will attack all who seem to be enemies. For once they are done with one enemy, they will goto the next enemy they see. And then the next, and the next. I was warned of this so I could warn those here.

If the living Sylvan appear and they do not show signs of the animalist behavor, I suggest all keep their distance or leave that area where they are. Maybe given room they will be able to stop. I don’t know how to stop this otherwise. Others are looking into this as well.

I also also told that if the Krato don’t use their annihilators at first. They will try to enslave everyone. Those not defending should be removed from the area. We have many Strong holds across the UtR where we can evacuate non defenders."


Standing by the entrance, arriving just in time to hear Lalder’s speech and take note of those in attendance (and those that are missing) were Maggul, Or’tor and Bazman. Bazman stood totally silent with his eyes closed, very different from his normal demeanor but these were serious times and somewhere along with the rest of the tribe was Bazman’s ugly fat little drunken pig familiar conveying the message being heard.

Or’tor stepped forward first, “I have received word from mighty yadol, and they tell tales of Krato movement all throughout the Southern Olgog lands. It poses a true threat to us all, and they are definitely mounting up for something big.”

Maggul followed this up, “You will have the Blades, Voice and Strength of the Yagogi on your side. The Venerable Tribe of Yagogia’l the Og’ab is prepared to attack wherever needed as well as back up the attacks of others by strengthening through the song of his trained gor’abs. Hobya’Ab, the trapper and Uf Tor, the tracker have been following their movements for some time, reporting back through cantrip and seen where they have set up camp. They has not ventured into their caves, but Uf Tor knows of the Krato’s intricate cave network from his encounters while on the plane of Earth.”


Tal’al’oon returned Lalder’s bow and listened intently to what he had learned from the Sylvan. After he was complete and the new tribe pledged their forces,“I must go to position forces and prepare Simonsburg for the siege it faces. I thank the gathered leaders here for the support they lend me. Wise Lalder will you be sending areomancers to provide my forces with fog to hide in?”

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At the hour of attack as everyone was running around making last minute moves, Scout the bastard saunters in with a look that clearly says " I know something you don’t know."

Deftly twiddling between his fingers are a set of tightly wrapped scrolls. “So you guys hate the Krato too? You know how they’re around and about these areas and they set up tunnels full of cute little Krato traps. I thought you might like to know about how I reset their traps in different encampments and where said traps are located. Tee Hee Heh Heh, this is about to get really fun. It’s a game i used to play that I doubt they’ll see coming at the presence time and place. Anyways, good luck and have fun storming the Krato.” as he flashing that winning grin.


From a shadow in the back of the room, Nameless finality steps out. “The Shield of the Redeemer will defend the town of Drewsport with any other defenders. We will also be defending the community of New Holys”