Drewsport - contested territory.


Babi nodded to Ka’na’al, “Depends on what da other red furs want. If they want to help da town then dis a good ting, but what the cost of dat help he asked?”


Thru the north gate of town rode 5 figures mounted on Slephnirs. As they entered, they saw the captain talking to the Church of One representatives. The leader of the group dismounted and strode over. “Captain, Trooper Torlok’ab reporting for duty. My squad and I have returned, and it seems like just in time. We passed a party of those Militia boys on our way in. They look to be getting ready to attack the town from the southeast.”

Captain Tormug’ru nodded, “good to see you, trooper. Any extra aid will be welcome. This is Inquisitor Tom from the Chruch of One. We are attempting to figure out a peaceful solution to the problems of this town. But as usual everyone seems to want to blow the hells out of everyone else. Be so good as to take your squad and cover the south east corner of our section of town. We don’t need the militia slipping into it when they hit those minefields.”


The Captain turned to the Inquisitor. “We can not control the actions of those in the south. With the militia attacking, they will fight back. I honestly can’t believe that you will be able to stop the Oner ships from firing once battle is joined. We will not hold this against you. Defending themselves is only reasonable. But honestly, if the troops on those ships are like most members of your military, they are not going to be very concerned about which gogs fired at them and which didn’t. So to protect the people, we have taken under our protection, we are going to use the leyas to build bunkers under the barracks to house as many of the townsfolk as possible. If any of your men would like to aid in the defense of town, they can join my forces on the eastern edge of town, where the militia should be attacking. We understand that they will not want to defend the town from the ships fire, thus attacking their own. We are less worried about the buildings than the people. the town can be rebuilt the people cannot.”


Ka’na’al thought about Babi and his question. She didn’t know what they wanted only that they would come to her aid if asked. Yirhug arrived panting and exhausted and hearing the question said, “A place to trade gentlegog, a place where Red Furs can live with Green furs and others and not be treated badly.
Not all Red Furs seek to kidnap other tribals. I know I don’t.”

He brushed the gold locks of fur out of his eyes and adjusted his fine dragonscale armor. He tried to remember the lessons about standing confidently.

"Hello assembled Olgogs and their Earther allies. My name is Yirhug and I am here to help.
I want to see a Drewsport where furry and nonfurry work together.

Ka’na’al will you stand with me, I have brought Fire Lancets. Together we will shoot down any artillery the hatrers try and fire at this town."

Ka’na’al wondered if Iguli would notice her being a hero and stood tall. She said, “Yes I will.”


----After the Battle ----

Two of the Dead troopers proceeded around the edges of North Drewsport posting signs. the signs read, in earther and olgog, “North Drewsport is hereby declared a neutral Port. There is to be no violence between different species and beliefs within the city limits. Any one violating these terms will be banished from town. All others will be allowed in for the purposes of trade. At this time, the Undercity is off limits to all non residents or authorized visitors. Any questions please refer to the Barracks information desk, Thank you for your patience.”

While they were doing that, more troopers and some of the able bodied townsfolk were working on clearing the debris of the battle and setting up clearing for a marketplace and repairing some of the buildings still standing. They had a lot of work to repair the burned out protions but the stonework still stood. The hardest thing to replace would be the wooden docks that were burned down to the pilings.

During all this work , The Hobnail Wing returned from its patrol of the coast. Captain Tormag’ru was happy to see it. calling to 2 of his Conscripts, he said " fellows, I have a job for you. I know that you are working hard to improve and reinforce the undercity before we are attacked again but I need the two of you to go out to the ship and begin salvaging the sunken ships. The Dead can raise them on stone pillars like you can. once you get them up out of the water we can patch them and drag them to the shore to fix. I f we are going to make this town work, we will need better seaside defense. So get to it, got it"

The Conscripts nodded and rushed over to the ship and headed out to the harbor to start raising the ships. As they did, Captain Tormag’ru heard what sounded like a truck rumbling into town from the north. Going to look he saw Torgor riding his Slephnir leading a tracked truck with 2 pirates in it. Walking over to the Warmachine, he glanced up and asked “What’s this? More recruits?”

Nodding, Torgor replied “these fellows tried to steal the hovertrain stations while it was being moved. After their boss got blown up by a Oner copter, they decide that a change of employment was in order.”

The Captain looked delighted and looked over the two new recruits. “Welcome to the Shield of the redeemer. Right now we are working to recover from an attack by the Churhc of one and Kolgol militia. I have the perfect job for you two. during the fight several Oner ships sank in the bay and we are attempting to recover them. As you have experience with ships, if we get the afloat you are looking at rapid advancement to officers on those ships. So why don’t the two of you head ofver there and help ot, ok?”


The pirates will use easy breathing to swim down to the ships and then use change form to raise the ships on blocks of ice. once the ship start to rise they will be towed to the shallows use the truck and Slephnirs. Once in the shallows, repairs will be made to make them sea worthy again. if necessary, up to one of the vessels will be canibalized to get enough parts to repair the ships.


Salt water is a terrible thing for electronics and machined parts. Even just a day later the sinking had done its damage. Of the four vessels raised back to the surface only two could be made seaworthy using many parts scavenged from the two that were not seaworthy.

The pirates newely joined Unit 817 oversaw repairs and work continued into that night and the next night.

The damage to some systems was terrible. The main guns had been waterlogged and their ammunition magazines bady soaked through.
The shells and powder were nonfunctional. The engines took lots of repairs and all the parts available.

Two new Fleet of the Redeemer vessels now graced the harbor of Drewsport.

These ships have same stats as the Fleet of the Cross vessels except no artillery. The barrels still remain so if new firing mechanisms can be found or stolen one cannon on each can be repaired. Or the artillery barrels can be artificed to make lobbable leyas cannons.


Of the two unseaworthy ships one is completely gone as parts. The other is an empty broken hull kept afloat by the ice. Too many holes to repair and if the ice melts that one ship will sink again.


The extra food from the new food vault (40 people per week) would arrive in da proud mary’s hull. It would allow the townsfolk in the south to spend more time repairing and rebuilding and less time fishing. Babi would make sure Captain Dol’s crew hands out the rations,no need forthe towns folk to get the wrong idea about vampyrs.


Tormag’ru wandered thru town looking at all the progress they were making on the repairs. Coming across Inquisitor Tom, he gave him a slight bow of the head. “Thank you for you aid in protecting the town. Is there anything you need?”


Inquisitor Tom looked around “Well, you all certainly made yourselves at home here. You have protected the town and taken it over quite efficiently.” "Looking back at Tormag’ru, “What I need apparently is to leave before my associates and I fall victim to a suspicious accident and are never heard from again. If we cross paths again, I hope your ‘aid’ doesn’t have you or your other furry friends taking over another town from us.” Tom chuckled showing that he wasn’t angry just teasing, “It was an interesting experience, I must say coming here was worth it just to observe you. Looks like negotiating won’t accomplish much of anything as I am quite sure you have no intention of returning the town to us and I highly doubt anything I can say that will change your mind.”

As Inquisitor Tom and his Red Bishop allies begin to leave he turns back for a moment “If you and your kind ever want there to actually be peace between us in the future it won’t come through war and conquest. If the Church is driven from these lands I guarantee it’s hate will not fade, they will return and the cycle will continue. A compromise tends to leave both sides unhappy, the more power you gain through war the more enemies you gain as well. I hope that the day comes when we can stand side by side again, but if the attacks continue we will find ourselves on opposite sides. I do hope that doesn’t happen. Good day.”

Inquisitor Tom leads his group and leaves Drewsport heading north.


As the Oner forces left town, a lone earther child ran out after them. Dashing up to the inquisitor, he gasped out “sir, wait i have a message for you. The Captain wanted you to know that he would like you to send a priest to see to the people’s needs. he said that the church would not be banned as long as they remained peaceful.”


Inquisitor Tom smiled, “you fix up the local Church, allow a small group of Priests and Inquisitors to remain there, yeah, we can tend to the people, in exchange for food and such. We can deliver medical supplies every once in a while. Though we need a route to Dunesphere to do that, if more towns fall, and we lose access to medical supplies we won’t be able to do much for the people. Also, my people won’t be too pleased to aid the pirates. Citizens only, if we can aid your unit we will, but not the Pirates.”


the child says “the Captain said something about how they weren’t here to tell people how to worship, but stop a great evil from stealing souls.”
Pausing he went on, " Me myself was raised in the church but the Angels have done so much it is hard to hate them. they don’t say hate this orthat, just look and decide for myself." Glancing up at the Inquisitor, “isthat going to get me burned, sir? I don’ts wanna get burned.”


Inquisitor Tom got off his horse and knelt down in front of the child. "I am not going to burn you child, God loves his children even if they have a crisis of faith. Just remember these are not actual angels, that is simply a title they gave themselves, you know what real angels look like don’t you child. The Church is going to help you, but remember, the Goblins have been responsible for thousands of death the past few months, and many more beforehand. Some may seem nice, but that is the point, the path they set before you seems nice, no resistance, it doesn’t require hard work. I do not expect you to understand little one. One can only learn for themselves over time the temptations of darkness, many cannot see the subtle corruption.

I am going to send people to help the town despite what seems to be the people giving into corruption. I believe the people can be saved. All have a choice my dear, the holy road is hard, full of struggle, one has to deal with sacrifice." Tom smiled and placed his hands on the child’s shoulders “Some cannot handle it and are seduced by the easy downhill path away from God, we must do our best to get people back on the correct path. It is hard though, God places many tests in our way, we cannot save everyone unless they have the will to save themselves. I do hope I can save as many people as possible, I truly do. May God go with you child, I do hope that he smiles upon you and it is not the Devil who does so.”

Inquisitor Tom gets back on his horse and trots away.


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Weeks had passed since Inquisitor Tom left and no Church of Oners had come back. Then with no warning six riders casually rode into Drewsport through the north road escorting a large covered wagon drawn by four horses. The lead cleric trotted up to the nearest Unit 817 aligned Olgog/Earther and says "Greetings, I am Cleric Oswaldo, I apologize that it has taken us so long to arrive but getting equipment and supplies here is not so easy with so many raiders in the sea. We had to take a very round about route to avoid being attacked. Inquisitor Tom gave us instructions to come here and provide medical assistance to the earther citizens here. We have brought holy relics to heal the people as well as more mundane methods. We even brought some sophisticated medical equipment meant to diagnose illnesses before they even are noticed. If it would be alright with you, we can set up in the Church if it is still standing. If it isn’t then if you could please show us to the most convenient location for us to set up a medical center.

Also if possible if you can have your leader speak to us, we can negotiate safe passage of our ships, we can bring in more things then. Sadly with raider activity, we would need the cooperation of your naval forces to accomplish that. However we can discuss the details once your leader has arrived. We can wait here with you if you feel uncomfortable with simply letting us in now."


The earther standing watch at the gate, looked up at the rider. “Well, sir, we finished fixing the church a couple of weeks ago. it be straight down this road, on the west side of the street. Can’t miss it, tallest building in town once we got the steeple back up. My missus and a couple of others ladies from the town been keeping clean. been waitin on you folks for a bit. be nice to get back to church soon. The Captain of these dead fellas ain’t in town right this moment. Cap’n Tormag’ru be out to that farm we been settin up out at the little oasis nor’east of town. And the other captain been out working on the harbor patrol ironclads. One of them is normally be back round dark, after folks had dinner. Them Green fellas either be out working their magic or trying to fix the roads. heard one of them say somethin about havin to move the road up north around whats left of Bartsport cuz the ground there be death now or sumthin.”

Look at the wagon and riders, he continued “Well, rules is rules, so I got to ask. Are you planning to harm the townsfolk? Carrying any weapons of mad Destruction? can you refrain from attacking others in town, 'cept in self defense? sorry sir, but got to ask everybody entering town. Dem greycloaks are really big on the town being peaceful for some reason. Kinda funny too, when we realized that they organized a militia and then put us back under the new mayor’s command. Other than a couple of patrols in town and thems that at the barracks they leave us be for the most part.”


Cleric Oswaldo smiled sweetly, “We can behave of course, that is why we are here. If you wish you can inspect our equipment in the wagon, they are medical scanners and surgical equipment. We also have a portable generator to help power the equipment.
We shall proceed to the Church and begin setting things up. Probably take a couple of days to get everything set up, some delecate equipment here after all. We will let you know when you can start sending people over for medical care.”

With that the lead Cleric would wait for the guards to inspect the wagon if they decided to, afterwards they would lead the wagon and the people to the Church to begin setting up.


The guard nodded politely at the cleric and said “well, sir, gonna have to take ya at your word. Me, I wouldn’t know what any weapons of mad destruction would look like. So if you say ya ain’t got none, i’l just look see if ya got any bombs and then ya can be on yur way.”

The earther glanced in the wagon. Seeing the equipment, he nodded. “well, looks shiney. If ya want to go get settled in, I have one of the Greycloaks sent a runner to get one of the captains for ya.” He then waved the party thru the checkpoint.

A few hours later, Captain Torlok’ab would approach the Church of One chapel, and call out “Hello, can the Cleric come out to talk?” He calmly waited in the street for a answer.


The head Cleric walked out of the Church and approached, "Ah, you must be one of those Captains I have heard about. I am Cleric Oswaldo, I have come under orders of Inquisitor Thomas Orleas, you would know him as Inquisitor Tom. He instructed me to come here with my associates to honor the bargain that he made. As your group has shown to be the only tribe that has not gone out of their way to be two faced we feel that your tribe is the only one we shall honor our deals with.

We would prefer to only provide care to your earther citizens, however in time perhaps if they prove to be honorable we can provide care for those you vouch for. We do have a lot of equipment so it will take a day or two to set everything up. Our generator works on Petrol, we have a refinery to the north that we can get regular shipments from, that will allow us to provide power to our equipment, so that shouldn’t be a problem. We have a couple of weeks worth here at the moment, we would like it if you could provide assistance and escort to supply ships since the sea is dangerous.

Is there anything you would like to ask of us that I didn’t cover?"