Drewsport - contested territory.


Cleric Oswaldo breathed a sigh of relief when he was told that someone had finally reached out. Heading to the door he greeted Nameless Finality “Greetings redeemed one, I am glad that you have arrived. I have tried to help to organize a defense against the bandit threats. I fear they may strike the town itself. I believe that we must prevent harm to the town itself, I believe that we need to move the local soldiers to intercept the bandits as to prevent collateral damage and to protect the caravans that have fallen under assault…I am not a strategist however, and simply do not wish to see the development that everyone has worked so hard for to be lost due to a bunch of hooligans who don’t know how to live an honest life.”


The Baribur Messenger arrived in the livery of the Itashi alliance. She introduced herself as Ardish’Tax messenger of the Grand high Magi.She requested an audience with the leader of Unit 817. She came with a message. There was a Gate to the prison plane of Les’De’Stral hidden in the Northern Kingdoms under the ruins of Morgoth. The area was heavily irradiated. The Itashi Alliance seeks to secure that gate. They hope to secure the Redeemers help in ridding the area of deadly radiation. In return for this service they would be welcomed to join the defense of the gate the exploration of what lies on the otherside.


A young Ol’gog in a uniform approached the messenger. Nodding his head, he introduced himself, “Greetings, my name is Lok’reshad. After some deliberation, the elders of the Unit have decide to send an unit to aid you. They would like a few details clarified before they commit a larger force to this endeavor. They would like to know what information you have as the what would be awaiting on the other side of the gate?”


The messenger greeted the olgog. “Unfortunately since the Citadel’s construction on top of the death gate no one has had any contact. We know with Warmongers death he is no longer imprisoned, and we know the dark Morgothian paladins have a strong presence there however we don’t know how many of the other evils jailed there escaped or what happened to the Falosini tribes whom took on the sacred duty to act as their wardens.”


Lok’resahd thought a moment then nodded. “Well, I guess we’ll worry about that later. First, I figure that we should make sure that those we don’t want to have control of the Gate don’t end up in charge of the facility. Our fource will be sent out immediately to join up and aid your forces.”