Earth 6000: XIX (Alternate Timeline Spunoff by TSGL3 Week 2 Mission)


There was a kitchen offset next to the entrance. It had a refrigeration unit in the wall. Power still seemed to be running to it. The doors of the fridge were currently closed.


The entrance way to the penthouse was ringed by sensors that Lurtor didn’t recognize. Each was a small silver disk with no obvious audio or video pickups.


The penthouse inside was definitely obscured by someone or some artifact in the Leyas.


When Lurtor gets back, he will give a full description of what he saw.

(OOC I Don’t have the time to reitterate everything above. Consider he relays everything with the description as if he saw it directly.)

Lurtor continued “So it seems this is not that far in the future. And a Nano plague is not a good sign, or that of Unity. But either way it seems that we have something in the penthouse. How does everyone want to proceed?”


Maverick corrected him, "Lurtor, we are between 600 and 800 years after your own time period. From what you describe someone down there is investigating some galaxy changing event that occurred only a few months after the events at the Museum.

The real question I want the answer to…is the guy with the bullet in his head the one doing the investigating? Or was it whomever moved him from the bathroom where he got sniped to the couch you saw him in."


“Or was it whomever shot the man down there who is doing the investigating…” muttered Maverick.


Lurtor says "Then should we figure out what that event was back them? Does the nano plague happen here? I do not know the history or present of this place. Also, we have a current annihilation leyas leaking from this area right now. The two combined can’t be good.

is anyone any good with that Sensor system? I don’t recognize it. I think first, we would have to disable or bypass those before we get to the penthouse. And I’m guessing that is where our answers are. Should we go down?


Silas had been observing the others stranded in this place for some time now. He was at a far distance, behind rubble, silently watching their movements through the scope of his sniper rifle. He watched them kill his former employer, and then he saw one point at a building then magically transport those present somewhere, presumably to said building.

With a resigned grunt, he dissasembled the rifle into a nanite dissasembler on his arm, to show them he meant no harm, and rose from the position he was crouching in. He quickly scanned the area with thermal vision, and then set off for the base of the high rise, his long, loping strides carrying his armored frame quickly over rubble and debris. And yet, even with the exertion, not a sound came from the filtered ventilator in his helmet.


They helped S.I.L.A.S. join them, and quickly discovered that he was not the one who had killed the penthouse’s inhabitant. But how they would get past the sensors was still a challenge to overcome.


He introduced himself (if vaguely) as Silas Sariel to the group, and stated that he was seeking a way to reach the moon of “Refuge” after being stranded on Earth. He then observed the penthouse and spoke to the group, his voice coming through the helmet, low and officious sounding.

“I can take a look at those sensors, I have some skill as a technician that I could use to attempt to identify what they are exactly. That is unless one of you has another course of action.”


Lurtor said “I am Lurtor. See what you can see. I could try something, but I’ve never done it before. And without any information or understanding I would most likely set it off.”


S.I.L.A.S. was able to disable the sensors. Once the final sensor was disabled the couch slid to the side revealing a safe with multiple annihilation artifacts pointed at it. As the team entered the penthouse and made a beeline for the newely revealed safe, they saw a holographic display enable itself.

"If you are seeing this, then it means I am dead. My name is Mortis Leonin, and my entire plan was thwarted by an unexpected nanoplague outbreak. I was unable to stop it, but I have succeeded in wiping out all traces of the plague from this planet. All life is gone…and I cannot pretend to know how to fix it.
All my studies have led me back to a single inexplicable truth. For some reason this Nanoplague is brought about by the Olgogs of Refuge.
I thought them simple primates, but now I know the truth. The only hope for all life in the universe is if I can wipe out the Olgog species before the year 2220 A.R.
My fellow experimentor, Dr. Ian Tambor has not handled the news of this dark future well. Our original mission was simple. Use the Time Travel device taken from the alien site restricted under Inquisitorial mandate to discover if the Earther cause is successful, and how we can help make sure the EEF defeats the Iron Republic and Earth is freed.

We already have developed some interesting theories on building a military force, which i have tentatively labelled the Dragons of Earth. Maybe I will go with something more noble. Eagles of Earth? Who knows…maybe someone will inspire me.

Speaking of inspiration. I suspect we could use this time travel technology to actually guide certain specific children to become the adults we need them to be. I suspect we could even turn alien races to our cause this way. But it would take alot more experimentation, and this is simply experiment one.

Before I leave I have assembled this sample in case other time travelers return here. Hopefully a cure might be found. It is sealed and can be removed by a human presence. Whatever you do…do not allow the species know as Olgogs access to what is in this box…

I have to return home to the year 575 A.R. there is so much work to do. One thousand seven hundred years to find a cure for the end of life that was unleashed in 2220. I only hope between the life extensions of the Blood Cup, and this Time Shredder, I have enough time to fix it."


Those who had faced Leonin before instantly recognize the man in the hologram as him.


S.I.L.A.S. and Lurtor could not help but wonder if the body on the couch was the Dr. Ian Tambor that the hologram of Leonin had shown.


Lurtor looked stunned, he wondered how an Olgog could do that. But he had some thoughts of this. He pondered for a moment and decided he has to let a fact out that he had hidden from most. While his knowledge was only illegal to use, not know. He still didn’t advertise this.

Lurtor says "This is something I don’t admit to lightly, but it might be important as you can look out the window.

I know of only myself as an Olgog with any knowledge of technomancy. There could be others who have gone off to space working with the EEF. Or maybe been to the North. But I haven’t seen this.

With that said, Nano Plague that is above my skill, knowledge, or desire to use or know. I have kept this knowledge to myself as to not spread it among Olgogs as well. I fear the desire for revenge would cause other Olgogs to use it.

There is a problem with this though. Someone has got my DNA and memories and has cloned me. Ironically, I was captured by Technomatic being posing as an Oner Inquisitor. I never got its name. During that time before I was rescued, I was knocked out and Don’t know what happened. Later I find out there was a clone of me.

I have only run into 1 clone of myself. I know that I did not create or have created. This was not a clone created by Leyas as far as I could tell. I don’t have that knowledge either. So there could be rouge… me… running around with the knowledge of technomancy programmed to be what the cloner desires. But I still doubt that a clone could know that much more than I do… the original. I don’t understand earther cloning tech too well. So i’m not sure.

A cloning facility was destroyed, so I’m not sure how many more could be out there or if its just the one. BTW, it was the clone that was there with strike force not I. I was locked in another dimension at the time. So I didn’t see the facility, I was just told about it."

(OOC LUrtor was brought here before the stuff with the crystal really started happening. So that is not at the forefront of his mind. The clones just happened recently for him. )


Hmmm… this news definitely had important meaning, Mawen thought to himself he wished he had another zela blade. As a gor’ab k’ias slayer, he shook off the thought and had to acknowledge, “Well Lurtor, thank you for sharing that. It is mightily big of you admitting that you could be the possible cause of all this devastation, and trusting us to just take it at face value. This leaves us with two other suspects, as in the cloned programmable Lurtor and then the crystal dimension Lurtor of evil Lalder’s technomantic army. For that matter, any skilled shapeshifter or k’ias could access these abilities as well which opens up the possibilities of someone using you against us all and pinning this on the olgog people. Sounds just the type of plan this Leonin would use to go after our kind.”


Lutor sighed "I didn’t even think of a Crystal version of myself. I did know some of it back then too. And I didn’t even consider a shapeshifted being who knows technomancy as well. I’m not sure how to figure out who it was. While in the Olgog lands it is rare. I Have ran into technomancy much in the northern kingdoms and in space.

So where do we go from here? Does a human grab what’s there and let us see what we are dealing with?"


Maverick immediately stepped forward and disabled the annihilation devices and placed the parts in his red trench.

He opened the safe and revealed a vial with a silver liquid in it.

“I don’t think Leonin would blame it on the Olgogs. It seems he came here, learned the Olgogs were to blame and acted out in violence.”


He said, “My instinct says EMP it and wipe it out. Unless someone has some tests they want to run.”


Lurtor looks at the vial though leyas sight and senses any signals given off by the vial to see if it was active.

After a moment of study he says "Other than emp, is there a way to counter this? I know on refuge an area was nuked to stop a nano plague.

With that said. I have no issues destroying that to prevent an accident where that is reactivated"