Eli Begins his exploration of the Coast near McGraw Expedition Harbor


“Point 1 is kinda poop monkey poop. Point 2 is not hurting my brother’s campaign at all. Right Eli?” Buffy ask Eli.

“No, sweetie. He’s actually up by 5 percent,” Eli cautiously replied.

“See? I’m right and Lurtor wrong. I’m right and you’re wrong. I’m. Right. Buffy is right!”

"But you’re action did cause anti-Yilder groups to rise…


“…which are causing violence to break out between the pro-Yilder verse the anti-Yilder groups…”

“God no.”

“…that are destabilizing the Colonies by polarization people against each other.”

“This is not like going to cause some civil war?”

“Possible but unlikely or so J.J. mention to me.”

Buffy pinched her nose “Okay. How about you two, Ryuk and Lurtor, help me dig some dirt up on Yilder?”

“What about me darling?”



Pren finished leafing through the file. It seemed like the Sylvan Captain used the Leyas to translate it into a language he could understand. After finishing the file, Pren leaned back and understood more of what he was dealing with. This was no Nngao, no criminal against responsibility and rules. This was a Tribeless-One, rare except in the days of the mad loves of K’or.

They might be more common now in the days after the Earther’s Goblin Genocide seemed to have claimed so many children of the falosini along with the native Olgogs. The file made Pren rethink a lot of his suppositions.

Pren looked at Ryuk without malice, but with the care one might look at a dangerous animal that could strike even the hand that feeds it. He asked, “Your file speaks of a ship, outfitted with Leyas Generators able to create a Leyas Storm of enough potential it causing a dying sun to destroy all nearby planets and structures? Wild Leyas Storms like that were common enough when one race of beings still wandered this place.”

Ryuk, Lurtor and Eli all wondered if Pren meant this place like Refuge, or this place like our dimension.

Pren continued, “Do you still have access to this ship? Or more importantly this configuration of Leyas Generators?”

When Lurtor and Eli gave him a questioning glance, he admitted, “I have a plan that using such a ship, I could begin a chain reaction on Do’krice that would end the civil war among the Undead Sylvan. I won’t be able to give more specifics until I can run some test upon the vessel.”

“So Ryuk, tribeless K’iorn, what is your price to take us to this vessel?”



That wasn’t wild, I had to take those energies from the leyas generator to focus it to cause the sun to go supernova. I created another device to create wild leyas storms , it was a useful defense against people thinking that I solely rely on the leyas.

The ship I used is in space, but I used the leyas generators for something else, another weapon.

But I have a couple million ghaz, I can purchase enough to outfit several ships. Probably take me a few weeks to setup, but that isn’t the hard part. The hard part is getting off planet.

I’d have to call the banking guild before I helped, they’re a touchy group and I don’t want them to freeze my money.

Price, I’ve never was offered a job that I got paid like this. I would have to think about that? What skills do you have Captain Pren?


Eli added “Pren, you’ve been taking a dirt nap for a long time. What could you even offer that hasn’t been used by someone else at this point in time?”


Captain Pren smiled, now understanding why the Earther had thought he had to avoid the technology that Pren produced.

"What I can offer is a power source that runs your technology without any of the negative side effects of either the Earther technology nor the Nightmare Technology you use. One that is more reliable and less dangerous than this alleged Unity technology.

A true Sylvan Power converter is nearly priceless. And I can build you one…but I cannot help you off planet. And as oathed to the Sylvan Empire, I cannot share the method of producing a true Sylvan Power converter. But…I can build you one."

“What are the off planet parts you need to assemble this Leyas array?”



The ship is the big issue, and places for the testing you want.

I may have a way to get off planet, but It goes through two tribes of Uth territory in the plane of shadow. I don’t have the talking skills to successfully make a deal with the tribes, but it might be easiest to get someone who can make the deals to have travel through their territory instead of getting things dropped of or recreating what is needed. It also should be safer for testing, as there is more space to be away from others in outer space.

Anyone know a good negotiator with Uth?


Lurtor kept his face thoughtful, but he was concerned. Something to end the civil war maybe good or bad, depending on methods. If this device was used to kill all the krato, that would be bad. If he doesn’t get involved right away, this may happen without him. For now, he better help with this idea so he can find out what it entails. Lalder would want him to help the Sylvans if he could.

Lurtor says "I have contacts and a deal with the Uth outside the Jemison Post portal to the shadow plane. Currently we have an arrangement to allow those sent to Jemison Post from the colonies travel through their lands to our portal. And those I bring to walk to the EEF base. I most likely could get us through there.

I’m not sure about other uth tribes, depends on where you are talking. There is a tribe very annoyed at me as well. But the first one, I can handle. Just may need a gift or something to trade to make a deal easier."

(OOC if the narrator wants to speed that part up. Lurtor would ask for permission to travel their territory and offer up some armor and weapons to the Uth as trade for their passage. He doesn’t have to see Lord Malaganth directly if its not needed as don’t want to take up someone so important time. Also I assume Lurtor or his clones make trips to the camps to pickup guests that didn’t wear their outfits all the time.)


The more Lutor thought on this, maybe Pren was thinking about the Sylvan curse.

Lurtor says “Pren, your not planning on wipping out the Krato or destroying the dimension of Do’krice? I just want to make sure I’m not signing up to help something comopletely evil. And I’ve found these days, though the question seems stupid, I did just help annihilate the warmonger and banish all demons from this timeline. So on epic scales, its not a bad question.”


Pren looked at Lurtor as if the Olgog were insane, saying, "Every species holds an important role in the dimensional Biome. I know of several ways to wipe out the Krato but i would never employ them.

As for destroying Do’krice how dare you suggest such a thing.

No my experiment involves awakening the Sylvan Living Cities which should heal and care for the affected Sylvan keeping them safe. Thus ending the need for any force to continue this civil war."


Pren looked at Ryuk confused. He said, “Ryuk, tribeless one, i am confused why you seem focused on going off planet. The question i asked and you failed to answer are what parts do you need?”

He walked over to a nearby copse of frost covered trees and concentrated. The trees shaped themselves into a lattice work in the shape of a vessel. The vessel was still living and the ground below it became crystal and then broke away allowing the Sylvan airship aloft.

Pren said, “This vessel will not survive off planet travel but its hull should suffice as a scaffold. What are the next parts needed?”


Pren stopped for a few moments and looked over at Buffy. “These politics you discuss remind me of the High Courts of the Djinni. Theh would politic and smear and attack each other without even raising up off a perfumed pillow. It was fascinating.”

“I do not mean to interrupt you, Eli and Ryuk and Lurtor plotting finding dirt on this Yildor fellow. This is my first view of Refugian politics and I know nothing of your factions.”


Eli explained “It would take awhile to explain. Quick version: Most Earthers and the foke who hang out with 'em in the EEF, that’s where I’m from, live on the western center part of this part of land. We are the disposed descendants from another planet called Earth in another star system who fled from this faction called the Iron Republic. Bunch of corporate clones and Q’uall from a planet called Mars in that system. Yeah, these guys snuggled up to the Q’uall and turned this planet Refuge into a prison for a couple of thousand years. Until things got weird with the Northern Boarder War a few years back, the Outer Space War a couple years back and the Southern Gog… not really a war… Rise slash Temporal Mess that happen.”

“Anyho, the EEF is divide up into city states, guilds legal and otherwise, military and what not. Was lead by Malthus but he ate shit along with Warmonger. Wild. We don’t have a public leader anymore. So we having these elections with Buffy’s brother Strykker in the lead verse Yildor and verse this Gog named Daron neck and neck and some other people not relevant enough for me to remember their names.”

“Yildor runs a criminal group called the 99ers. For unjustified reasons, he murders people left and right, takes their stuff and ruins people’s lives. He does it sneaky like. The law and enforcement seems never to catch up with him. He’s wants all non-humans, non-Earthers dead and he’s a warmonger. Little W that is. Also, he causes problems for me and Buffy that don’t make much sense but that’s par for the course for Refuge. Smart guy but as Buffy would say… totally bent personality.”

“He would make things worse.”


Lurtor says "I can get behind awakening the Sylvan Living Cities to end that civil war.

The campain against Yilder, Yildor, we can run that at the same time. Any information gather could be passed to a news source for the colony. I could even pull in one helpers to help facilitate this once we have the proof and information. Of course Jemison Post would not be officially taking a position unless Grim wants to make a statement against Yildor. That is his position and right.

Buffy and Eli, you may wish to talk to him on that as well. If he wishes to get involved officially, that would open up many more resources. And Grim could go even higher if he wished. Questions usually don’t cost much… well… it could have a price. But you never know until you ask.

But if there is a chance to stop the pending Sylvan Civil war, that is pretty epic too. Lalder would not forgive me if I passed this up. And that might have a shorter fuse too. Of course this depends on if Ryuk can get, will get and/or build what Captain Pren needs."



Captain Pren, Thats a really neat thing you did there. I can see your skills are very nice.

It isn’t anything about supply of parts or materials, it about being safe while we test that it works. On this planet, if we tested here, the moment we test the EEF will find out and then they will send someone to come after it , no matter where it is. I would expect something like a VLAD squad to be sent or an ONI strike team. Out in space, there are a lot of places that the EEF and Iron Republic don’t watch, and we can test unmolested.

I’m the only one that used anything like this, so I’m fairly certain that the EEF will come after me , no matter where on refuge we test.



If you want to take out Yildor, you have to remove his support. The best place to do that is in his hometown. He is involved with or knows people that are turning people form the northern kingdoms into bombs, perhaps it might be useful that a VLAD agent (obviously referring to Lurtor) go down there and investigate this, and arrest everyone involved.

I may even know a bar that you can get good information from.


Pren said, “I have no interest in getting involved in alien politics.” Pren made his stance very clear. He would not get in the way of Eli, Ryuk and Lurtor and their work if they chose to take that route.

Moving on to the topic that mattered to him.
Pren said, "It seems no matter how many times I clearly ask about what parts you need you refuse to answer me, Ryuk. You dance and feint like a Baribur troubadour, singing out both sides of your mouth.

So if you refuse to tell me how will we assemble this array then tell me Ryuk, tribeless one, How will we test awakening a Sylvan City on planets that don’t have Sylvan cities?"


Lurtor says “Ryuk, also if you are concerned people jumping you. Maybe explaining to Pren and us how to do it, what is needed, and what to be careful of, we could reproduce this while you are elsewhere. Then if someone comes, you won’t be around to get into trouble. There is a great amount of Leyas knowledge among us.”


Buffy spoke “Whatever. You guys can save the universe latter. Ryuk and Lurtor, come with me. I’m going to give you two a make-over so we can sneak in and get some dirt.”



Buffy, No.

I’m more interested in what Captain Pren is doing here, I’m just concerned that the banking guild will blame me for assisting in making the weapon and freeze my accounts. I really don’t want to have to deal with the banking guild on bad terms again.

Captain Pren, I really don’t understand what you mean by awakening slyvan cities. With that thing you did over there, I was expecting you could make a smaller version on an asteroid, then we can test in space. That way I can provide the banking guild with the knowledge they need to absolve me of any responsibility if anything goes wrong.


Pren says, "I do not know what to tell you, Ryuk. Going to some asteroid somewhere won’t test anything.

Why are you so worried about absolving yourself of responsibility?

Taking responsibility for our actions is the important thing for having integrity…not trying to shield yourself from responsibility… You really are not following traditional K’iorn values.

If you feel what I seek to do is right then you should ACCEPT the consequences.

If you feel what I seek to do is wrong then you should REFUSE to take part.

Seeking to absolve themselves of responsibility is never befitting one who desire to lead others…"