Eli Begins his exploration of the Coast near McGraw Expedition Harbor



What do you mean about traditional K’iorn values? The only K’iorn I’ve know are the ones I’ve worked in Vlad, the ones I own, and a few I met elsewhere? I don’t see or know of these values you speak of. Oh and Kor, he is a funny guy.

I don’t care if you consider this right or wrong, I would do this just to see how you use this, but the banking guild has all my money and they’re particular about what happens. They don’t like killing civilians, destruction of land, and at some level, interference with their customers. My concern is if I help you, they’ll be upset and freeze my funds. Thats why I’m looking for an offworld test of what you want to do.


“You, you you! Fine. You know what? I going to go get liquefied somewhere else,” Buffy huffed as she stomped off.

Eli gave a chuckle “Nice going boys. You know how to make a woman feel special. She’ll get over it though and get to business.”

He took a drink and turn to back to the rest “I know Pren 'n me are apathetic and you two are a bit amoral - sure where I was going with this. Oh yeah. Ryuk, you got a bounty on your head. Don’t you?”

Eli grabs Ryuk by the left arm firmly and looks him dead in the eye. “You might want to keep low and clear of the swiss miss for awhile after you leave. She’s the better half of me and the sensible one. Watch yourself, you hear?” Eli spits as he lets go of Ryuk.

“As I was saying, might want work on lowering that bounty Ryuk. Gets any higher and might air quote help her out in her business end air quote you know? Though, as long as you don’t mess up the universe and blab it - which I don’t even think you can do - you’ll be fine.”

“You really want to get off world, just leyas portal your way out,” Eli suggest ignorantly.


Pren laughed at that last statement. It was the first any had heard genuine mirth come from the undead Sylvan. He said, “If all Ryuk wants is to get offworld I can open an Energy Bridge to the land of the Krato. The Krato are always happy for a K’iorn to eat.”

He sat back letting his roots trail in the hotspring. Utaph Pren seemed to be more amused at this point than urgent.

“Ryuk you care more for Ghaz than The Good or The Sylvan?” Asked Pren, “Tell me more of these K’iorn you Own?”


Lurtor says in a sideline to Eli "Let buffy know that she can meet up with someone named Kand where she wants. He maybe willing to help her dig up dirt.
As a leader of a nation, I can not get directly involved into the hunt myself that may interfere with the colonies election… unless Grim gets Jemison Post involved.

I was hoping that Ryuk would give the information to Pren he needs before I said this, but It seems that will be a while if ever."


Buffy heading out to meet with Agent Kand of the Jemison Post Secret Police to discuss some secret dealings and digging in the dirt to find some dirt on Candidate Yildor Roren (Link)


Lurtor, Pren, Eli and Ryuk stared at each other a little longer than was comfortable. They could all tell that Ryuk was way more worried about his Ghaz accounts than helping them, and could care less about the fate of the Sylvan compared to his own holdings. In fact the way he had dodged the question of how to make the Leyas Focusing Array, showed he knew full well and wanted to keep the tech in his head only and not share it with others.

Did Ryuk have anything to say to try to turn these people into allies???


Leyas Focusing Array was something beyond Eli’s understanding. He figured this might be something best left alone. Ghaz on the other hand was something the gunslinger could understand. So Eli broke the silence as he ask: “What do you want Ryuk and what can you give? Put it more bluntly - what’s end goal in all this?”


“Example: Considering we have mutual enemy, Yildor Roren of the 99ers, could you, would you work on the side to take him down? Maybe throw someone into this? What would it cost you and me?”