Flashpoint: Jamesville


Ya’na remained close with Eric and Ontor. He’d use Cat-like reflexes to keep them safe, turn his legs to insect leap, and jump out of the way of the angel. In attack coordination, he’d use Fireball to blast the angel. If it didn’t do anything, he’d user wind rush to blow away the blood from the angel. Lightning bolt. As a last measure of protection, burst shield and/or lightning shield (whichever appeared to work better based on the battle). He would refrain from using weapons he had, as he knew they’d be useless.


Eru’ka and his fellow hunter looked around at the powerful gogs who stood ready to fight the angel. In terms of power and ability, Eru’ka and the other hunter paled in comparison to the others, and were not certain as to what they could do. They had trained with the standard obsidian spear that most of Ka’Rhug preferred, but after Ka’gol had been cut down by the angel, that course of action seemed ill advised. Instead, they would defend those who were using ranged attacks, and if necessary would leap into battle to give the leyas users time to recover in the event of a counter attack. Neither possessed any kind of leyas, and refuse to give a part of their body for later resurrection. (Out of a Ka’Rhug tradition to die in battle and stay that way) For now, they sit and sharpen their spears and wait for the group to move out.

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Tla’ab looked at the large… thing floating toward the base camp. His brother, Ur’og, also was staring at the thing. “We should run before it sees us, I don’t think it knows we’re over here.” Ur’og hit his younger brother on the head. “And what, leave the rest to die? You know The Captain would never do that.” He grinned maniacly. “Lets just shoot it as it attacks the others.”

Tla’ab lifted his rifle, following his brother’s action. “I g-guess. If we die, I blame you.” He watched the thing approach the camp. “Be thankful we’re good shots.”

(They wait to fire until the others attack. 9 rounds each.)


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