Herd of Auf Lal' al - The Artificing caves


Lalder will send Olgogs to gather the stone and see if anything can be salvaged from the wrecks of the fleet. Lalder will send out Olgogs with artifacts to help them move and shape the stone. Recover the light artifact and any weapons from the piles.

Next, Lalder will have Lur Union SKimmer setup to act as a response teams. Will see if Olgog radars can be setup on these.

Steam tanks will be stationed at the trading post (Like before), but out of plain sight.

Order of rebuild:
New Vehicle - C130 Transport like Cargo craft - Able to setup for transporting people and/or Cargo.
Repair a few fighters for transportation. Leave the weapon mounts empty for now, but leave mount points.
create required Leyas generators.
Start reshaping a carrier.
Setting up a backup communication center.

Artifact that can be applied to the stone walls to keep the shape of the walls and even repair them of a craft. These ward/Artifact will need to be isolated from the Levi stones or crystals to create. Goal is
prevent Tunnel Materials and change earth.

A way to prevent Shape wood from altering the shape of the Lur Union Fighters. An outer layer of wood that has a constant shape wood holding it in place.

Ask for help:
Lalder will send out a request for help with Gogs willing to help shape new transports required to reestablish supply lines.


Research Results so far:

The only way to protect against Shape Stone, and other abilities is to ward a Greater Ward Earth, but that will also prevent your own Tribals from using Earth abilities and Earth artifacts including Olgog Radar aboard those vessels.

But even as research is under way the Tribals have discovered that warding Earth will only work if they can sacrifice something of enough emotional value to power a Ward strong enough to stop the immense power of the Nine.

The first two Transportation Airships are deployed.