Interrogation Room "Yellow 34"


Visij grew angry, "You don’t Lalon. The plan was to have the TEA squad of which you and Hekeriki were members go undercover with Maverick to infiltrate his Resistance movement and learn certain skills necessary to take down Leonin OR find someone who could.
Instead it seems Hekeriki was so intent on breaking Temporal Law and building her own Time Shredder that she ignored all Mission goals and parameters to build the technologically enhanced monstrosity you see before you.

Keep an eye on these two Lalon. I will be back with Officers to apprehend both these Temporal Criminals. Don’t let them leave till I return.

Fucking criminals…"

Visij opened the door and left Lalon in the chamber with the Olgogs.

Alone now with them Lalon had a tough choice.

Back the TEA against whatever Time changing plan it seemed Hekeriki had decided to put forward OR side with Hekeriki.

He had but moments to decided before the TEA agents returned through that door. He also couldn’t tell how Hekeriki was preventing TEA agents from just teleporting into the room. She herself had admitted that she never learned Time Lock and Lalon knew he hadn’t either.

He truly wondered how she was doing it…


A moment later the door opened but it was not Visij who appeared. It was the older Da’uhnb that had been seen at the beginning of the interrogation.

"Hello olgogs, I am Grand Admiral Thei’gann of the GAST army.
We are rebels against the Temporal Empire. And I really want to thank you. We would never have convinced Visij and the TEA to allow Jak’hal’s prison break…but you all convinced him not just to go along with it but to trust your people to infiltrate the Resistance. It was very helpful to me. Break out agents I need freed and make sure to get double agents throughout the Resistance.

A definite GAST win. Now you can finish your purpose and act as the fall guys and gals.

The TEA genuinely cared about your people. Too bad you didn’t trust them.

That’s okay while the TEA are hunting you across Time and Space they will never see my plan coming.

Thank you again Hekeriki. I never expected a single Olgog so intent on building her own Time Shredder would be the perfect willing target for the TEA.

It must have taken you years to put together that paradox engine.
It will allow you to flee the TEA. And I recommend you do so.

From now on you will have the TEA , the four Horsemen and the Resistance after you. Have fun with that. I hope building your own Time Shredder was worth it.

I wonder which Da’uhnb you killed to make it. Oooh didn’t know that did you Lalon? There are ONLY two ways to travel time. One is annihilation. Check her aura you will see she is not someone who has learned annihilation."

Lalon looked right through Hekeriki and sure enough there was no annihilation aura.

Then GAST closed the door leaving them alone again inside. His voice could be heard faintly saying, "Which means she killed a TEA Agent to get that ability.

A Temporal Criminal in so many ways.

What is it the TEA espouses ahhh yes Time Travel is illegal if used by mortal beings for the purpose of changing the timeline…"

Thei’gann left them.

Lalon realized none of their team sent to Jak’hal’s prison break mission had actually used it’s reward to reach their important target. Instead even he had used the reward for a personal grudge.

He looked over at the image of Hekeriki and realized that maybe if one of the other teammates had followed her to the actual mission objective they could have convinced the Resistance to help them without whatever had sent Hekeriki down this terrible terrible road.


They all laughed; the lanky gog in the biker outfit, the old gog getting up from the chair and the table with the device had a good chuckle. The Da’uhnb were wrong - it was worse then those two could have thought. But that was a story for another time.

Hekeriki: “Alright, so there is an organization named GAST?”

Agent Grandma?: "You weren’t supposed to know that until you were older but you’re older now. Thunder could you stop the room’s recorder and compare the two Thei’gann(s)?

The Talking Table?: “Yuper. Hekeriki check to see if Sara in position for the distraction.”

Hekeriki: “She’s on it.”

The table “ate” the pizza box, extend a silver tentacle from it’s counter top and threw the Prototype Temporal Tracking Device to the gog old near the chair.

Catching it, the old gog introduced herself to Lalon. “I’m Zh Ur’sa Dertla of Auf Lal’ al.”

Zh Ur’sa Dertla: “Please excuse the confusion. We don’t know how you learn Time Lock in the future.”

Hekeriki: “I didn’t teach him.”

The table walked across the room and open up a panel in the wall. Disks were being removed and it threw one disk at Dertla which she caught. Meanwhile sparks shot up from the back wall. Something was cutting though it.

Zh Ur’sa Dertla: Pulling a briefcase from under the chair, she looks at Lalon. “Would you minded holding these? They are useful to TEA and the device might help you catch Leonin.”

She holds out the briefcase, data disk and Prototype Temporal Tracking Device.


Lalon looks and Zh ur’sa, and Takes the briefcase. And he says "You speak in too many riddles and too many different times. Hekeriki, what have you done? What happened? I see technomancy, and killing a tea agent?

How do we recover this? Were do we go from here? It seems this GAST army used all of us. You and I the only ones who came back. I was just a pup then, but now it seems I’m even missing so much more. I’m not even sure of the players anymore. "


OCC: Did you pick up the Prototype Temporal Tracking Device and data disk also?

Hekeriki: “Normaly, to time travel non-shredder style - you got take it from a Da’uhnb. Where we learn this ability is not conventional to this universe. But I can tell you no Da’uhnb was harmed in making them.”

“Something else was.”

“As for the Time Shredder… the less you know the better.”

The Talking Table?: “It would take 24 episode animated plus two 90 minute live action movies to explain all of this.”

Zh Ur’sa Dertla: "As for GAST… " she points at the briefcase. “Information goes both ways. This has the list of most of their agents and some of the double agents in TEA. We’ll drop off the other double agent list to The Resistance.”

“Guidance wise, follow the other half of your team.”

Hekeriki: “The Khalid dude. The Border Wars of Refuge, Tarris 2218 AR.”

Zh Ur’sa Dertla: “Or you could research more about the Church of One and Leonin’s life.”

To everyone: “Don’t you think it’s a little weird that Thei’gann showed up and gloated? Why would he state that the three major time factions in this universe be after us?”

Hekeriki: “He’s real keen on us running and hiding.”


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Lalon picked up the rest of what Kekeriki handed him. he said “So do you know where the rest of the team is? I don’t have a shredder, so I’m stuck unless someone moves me. I think TEA should work with me still as I completed part of their mission by capturing those two. Though not the important part of gaining the ability to stop Leonin. I will make sure they get this information to clear out their ranks of the double agents allow.”

(OOC not sure I as the player is completely understanding Lalon’s situation. But Lalon might not be either… Time travel stuff here as confused him greatly.)


Hekeriki: “Do what you feel best.”

(OOC Just keep notes of where you’ve been and rumors of where you’re going.)

“Well… time to split,” Hekeriki shouted.

Zh Ur’sa Dertla: “…”

The Talking Table, Thunder Flower?: “…”

The back was cut open and out walk an earther women with black hair. She carried heavy welding gear.

Earther Women, Sara Thorhammer?: “…”

Hekeriki: “Nevermind.”

“Thorhammer, weld the door shut with that wall.”

Sara Thorhammer: “Done in one hundred and eighty seconds.”

“Flower, disable the internal sensors and download the TEA files.”

Thunder Flower: “Done sixty seconds ago.”

“Dertla, knock Lalon out.”

Zh Ur’sa Dertla: She hits him with hypo-spray that knocks him out in three second flat.

“Done. Sorry Lalon this is for you own good…”


They left together. Where they did they go? To deliver presents!


Lalon awoke when he realized he was leaning on something that was breathing. Opening his eyes quickly, he found himself staring at Visij who was engrossed in information on a datapad.
Sensing the Olgog beside him shift, Visij looked up and smiled and said, “Time to visit a place a little outside the TEA’s jurisdiction.”
There was a flash of blue light, and Lalon could see the gland in Visij’s head dialate.