Lucky Fate Squad: Good Face Media


“Neighbor,” stated Naeil as she walked into the room.

Hekeriki nod and replied “It’s the second thing what I think of when the letter N comes up.”

“That’s sweet.”

“Neat is the first word I think of.”

Naeil left eye twitched as she threw a pink backpack at Hekeriki.

“Thanks. You know how to make a gog feel like number one. Forgot to give you your little security edge. Instructions are in the back pouch. I’m going to go.”

She gave a little salute to Daron then left.


Daron says "I love it. STAND. N… N… Nurture or Nurturing or Nourish? STAND, Security, Trade, Access, Nurture, Determination? Or what about Now. For make changes now, not in the future… STAND, Security, Trade, Access, Now, Determination… hmmm



“Nurture or Nourish is kinda girly and Now is too loaded,” as Hekeriki played with her hair.

“You’re not going to get things done now, right away. Whatever you do, avoid now. Your opponents will twist that against you.”


Daron things, he needs something that works with his goal, and names are the begining…

Daron responds "Non-Discrimination or National?

Non Discrimination for the obvious reason. I want to bring the different races together as I believe we will accomplish more that way.

But National or Nationwide. Our movement is Colony wide, not just here or there."


Hekeriki frown and replied “Non Discrimination? No. Too heavy handed. Useless word. Weak word. National on the other hand is a double edge sword.”

She stood up and looked towards the blinds in the room. With a hop and a skip, she made sure to close them. She turns to face Daron.

“Oh wow, you got to realize if you go with National, you challenge the notation The Colonies are no longer colonies. What was a bunch of city states bound by a military defense pack could turn into a nation. Nation. Nation,” she repeated again.

“Here’s a question Daron: Do you want to turn a bunch of chaos ridden but working city states into orderly but untested nation? There’s going to be some real doing to make work. Before you answer that, answer this: What is the nature of the planet Refuge to the universe at large?”


Daron says "In refuge unlike other places, if enough believe in something, it can become true.

My first intent was to think that the colonies could not be a nation, but that maybe the very issue. If we can encourage people to believe that the colonies could become a nation and want to, then it could. The lives of many, especially those in these outlying areas, would improve greatly.

There is a tight line to walk to make sure we don’t over step that idea. Many would be afraid that a nation would take away power from the colonies themselves and is just a power grab."


Daron then says "On our way to Ithamar, lets go through Buchend. We can go on a hydra hunt and speak some to the people. And then make our way to Ithamar for the speak. I will look to you for security in Ithamar, though I’ll try to keep an eye out myself. "


“Very well, let’s go. I got this,” Hekeriki finished.

We’ll go though Buchend to Ithamar. Fight a couple of hydras with a summoned hydra, Daron’s skill too, and spread his message to STAND with Refuge. You know… vote for him. When we get to the Ithamar, Hekeriki will get people excited about Daron’s campaign. She’ll have 36 members of the gang meet her there with mixed abilities split up into 3 groups of 12 plus anyone who wants to tag along. They’ll drum up votes and then go forth from Ithamar to Zengaiban/Orisha, Buchend/Lorelei, and Old Epoch/Treeline to repeat the process of drumming of support.

If this is successful enough, this template will be used for every place the campaign goes.


The STAND with Refuge was successful throughout Greater Ithamar. The Suburbs fell in line, all except Old Epoch and Treeline which seemed to be distracted by a gang standoff.


This was a huge a push in favor of the Daron Campaign thanks to the Lucky Fate Media Group (as the EEF had them listed on the official paperwork after the kidnapping of Candidate Roren). Daron’s Campaign had to assemble an official statement and it would be good to address it.

The next challenge would be the speeches at Mt. Vir.


We’re going to do the same thing, STAND, as we did with the last place. We’re going spread the word to Mt. Vir then make our way out to the outlying areas. Don’t think we’re going have much luck with the K’iou. Not sure about Bas’ptah (leader of Mt. Vir) but The Lucky Fate will get the necessary permissions.

The Bastards that live in Mt Vir on the other-hand, we are going to focus on getting their help. Why? They got an energy and drive people seem to forget. Daron’s message we believe will ring well with them.


Heh Daron! We need Financial Support or your campaign going to stall:

The Valley of Vegalia Comission (Lost Colonies): No go. They don’t want anything to do with non-Earthers. Also, the not part of the Colonies.

The Five Families (Lost Colonies): We know Igor Yerin Abulard. They could always use food and we have Daron wins the Breadbasket - Saragosa for trade. The materials they have can be turn into ghaz. We suggest the funding go directly to The Lucky Fate Squad’s “Earther proxies” for the campaign because they under the thumb of the VoV.

United Tribes of Refuge (Goblin Lands): I don’t think it’s wise nor we are on good terms with them.

The Banking Guild (the Colonies): Would be work to get the backing but worth it.

The Merchant Houses (the Colonies): Would be more work to get the backing but more than worth it.

Consider these options Daron. In the mean time, The Fate Squad will work on getting The Five Families to support your campaign.


Make a Public Announcement:

First part on speech: 2) Daron’s official stance on WarCriminal Ryuk’s kidnapping of Candidate Yildor Roren and the possible involvement of the Strykker campaign since his sister Buffy was present at the kidnapping location? Yildor Roren kidnapping was bad. Don’t bad mouth him because you could still swing his voters to your side. Plus, plenty other people will rip him a new one. What WarCriminal Ryuk did was bad. Though we suggest you don’t focus on him but throw in issue you want related to this. There is not enough info about Buffy’s involvement. Just assume she kidnapped and move on to the Sea Kings.

Second part of speech: 1) The Current Threat of the Sea Kings and Daron’s solution to their threat? Just be honest and practical. Know it’s not much advice but this outside our expertise. You have to been strong on this part. In the mean time, we going to help Sarrick St.Johns.


Daron says "Got it, The last trip took its toll on my. But we can’t slow down. Thank you for keeping me on my toes while I recovered.

I agree with your suggestion for the Five Families. Lets do that. Next, I think trying to get support from the Bankers Guild and Merchants would be the easist of those options. The United Tribes although I have experience with them, they have a ton of baggage right now with the after effects of the Crystal invasion.

For the Speach, I will try to do what we did before. STAND with them. Though I don’t know nearly as much about mt Vir. So we will see."

(OOC sorry, I have barely been able to get on these past weeks. Thanks for keeping things going.)


“Just remember that Mt. Vir been preparing for a war without end with the Quall or what-not for years. So go heavy on the Security part of STAND. Just make sure you message is consistence from last time or people will get the idea your just blowing wind up there asses.”

“Flip, flopping on the issues is bad. People aren’t stupid (OOC: in the long run they’re not but I can’t prove that… so I hope) and they really dislike and distrust a person “who’s me too!” or just take a positions of least resistance,” Hekeriki finished.


Thanks to Lucky Fate’s investments the campaign has opened up access for Daron to make stump speeches.

This investment opens up a push for Mt. Vir like in Ithamar. The suburbs unlocked include The Forest of Kn, J’kutu’s Crag, the HomeForge of Mt. Vir, the Greslarion Training Caves, Old Beros UnderFortress.

The Forest of Kn

Home to the Tribe of Kn ruled by Zaodonai Ma’pel. They are a small and loyal tribe. Primarily Kiorn supported by Vorin, they protect the entire southern lands of Mt. Vir. They are traditionalists and have avoided all interaction with the ancient evils. These Kiorn still think Warmonger is just another name for the Kias Emperor not an entity that possessed the emperor.


J’kutu’s Crag- Known for its historically large amount of Zela Metal exports. This section of Mt. Vir is often considered a wealthy neighbirhood.


The Homeforge (Gres’la) of Mt.Vir - The main production center of this region. Workers living here are Forgemasters-in-training and Sculptors.


The Greslarion Training Caves- The internal defense force of Mt. Vir spends much of its time training in this suburb and living there when not on patrol out in the miles and miles of caves that made up Mt. Vir


Old Beros - this underfortress is inhabited by Children of Falos Religious Zealots. They spend much of their time forging or carving devotional and religious icons to the Falosini Sovereigns.