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A political stump speech is a standard speech used by a politician running for office. Typically a candidate who schedules many appearances prepares a short standardized stump speech that is repeated verbatim to each audience, before opening to questions.

Hekeriki say “I stand by my suggestion to go heavy on the Security part of STAND.”

“Let us Stand together today. Security, Trade, Access, Nation, and Determination. The recent events are as true as every. Insert security part. We as One can STAND together and bring peace and make Refuge a safer place for us and our families."

She kicks a couple of ideas though her head waiting for Daron to respond.


Daron says "I think hitting a message of Standing together. What are our biggest threats or the greatest Evil? Our biggest threat is us not working together. Something that causes a rift in the colonies instead of bringing them together. United we stand, divided we fall.

As for the decended, I’m not sure how to handle that. We don’t understand them enough. Is their change due to prior events or new events? We know about the violent ones, but are their degrees?

I would not call them out specifically yet, but maybe any change showing that should be monitored?? But I don’t like profiling on looks… though is this a case?"

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“This is not about looks. The decended should be hunted down and locked up. They’re not like the cursed,” Hekeriki pointed out.

“They’ve done messed up their lives and others to the point this universe calls them out on it. I like to study them but don’t have the time. Plus there are better things to do.”

“For the Mt Vir, focus on security and crack down on these evil law breakers.”



Hekeriki was watching a replay of Yildor’s speach when something caught her attention. This:

“I want to apologize to the colonies. When Ryuk kidnapped me for his private chat, I never suspected he would go on to trigger this global catastrophe. But my sources tell me he is linked to this event of the Night of the Descended."

“Weird. This is sounds like something Ryuk could be responsible per my understanding. If it’s true or not. Though what interest me is how Yildor came across this information. Think it’s time to take a closer look at our most dangerous rival. TIME FOR SLEUTHING!” Hekeriki shouted as she struck a pose.


Why sleuth Hekeriki? Well, Yildor has the apparent advantage of superior information. It would be useful to know who he knows.


First things first. Hekeriki contacts Aeron Din of Saragosa to see if he can point her in a direction. This being who in the EEF would spill info about the Night of the Descended to him. She’ll use her Press Team (Nabeshin, The Gog and Kurov Jenkins - Goblin Gunners) with Press Passes to get public info on Yildor Roren and his holdings in Dumbar’s goverment office. Ani G., Toriel, Fundisha and Heart Attack (also Goblin Gunners) will dig into the 99ers side of Yildor Roren business. Lastly she ask real nicely if Ann, David and Jennifer (Immutable Earther Drivers) could ask around in the colonies when the Church of One got friendly with Yildor Roren.

You should see about searching for Ryuk.

“Noper. Not my problem. Got a campaign to work on.”

Hekeriki slaped her zela rim orange gar glasses on her face and made a note for Daron:

“Should place ads on House Oberon Merchant company vehicles. They’ll reach a wider audience all around. Person of the people you are.”

id uff h**t down ** ***** out*

Hekeriki cleared her head. Sometime the stress of politics could get to her. She rather be working on building Ur’sa 4 or studying Metal Discord Kuo’lo.

Hekeriki made the calls and got to work.


Hekeriki was sleeping restfully with her head on the desk until a loud slam woke her up.

“I wasn’t doing anything wrong with your son Ms. Mada!” she said with a shout.

Standing over her was Naeil. “What? No. Uhm that weird. Your missions are cancel and I’ve call everyone back before they left,” said Naiel got to the point.

“What? Wait, wait. Why?”

“Something came up. Big. I got a better idea than spying on some old earther’s stupid campaign. Something that will push Daron light years ahead in this race.”

“No! We need to know what he knows.”

“Nope. Maybe later - read this,” Naeil stated as she handed out a note to Hekeriki.

So she read it and exclaimed “This is nuts! Damoclese 22? You think we can do this?”

“I do. Get Daron on board. Two T’ Bats with one stone.”

“You the boss.”

Hekeriki drops everything and calls Daron.


Daron Answers and says “What you got? I’m trying to catchup on this mess down south. I know of the redeemers from my time down there. A bit high and mighty, but good gogs.”


Hekeriki faced cracked as she smiled “We were going to spy on Yildor but the boss had a better idea. Talk ultimately is cheap. Colony General Malthus was a hands on type of person. You need to show the planet your metal.”

“That mess down south? There’s a mess in orbit. How would you like to be launched into space on the Metal Discord Kuo’lo on take the fight to Damoclese 22?”

“And we record it and show your heroics to the people. Instead of a boring speech about a Political Dilemma we’ll make it a good day to be an Astronaut!” she said with fire in her eyes.

“You ready to step up?”


Daron says “I"m down for a good fight, but how do we avoid the issue of the Neliffs I hear about?”


Hekeriki responded “Easy. Stay in the robot, because it’ll be easier to film this. Also, the Neliff can’t mind control you if that can’t get near you.”


Daron says "Ok, I’m in. Lets take this ship into space. I have a lead on maybe a way to deal with the Neliffs. Blackheart Security may have something. I’m going to follow that lead, but I would wish one of you with me as well so everything works together.

I’ll make myself a small leyas generator to work out there. But I have not been in space, so I’m new to that.

Now you say robot? What weapons does this have? What will be our mission? What gear weapons should we get?"

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Daron came back and said "OK, Looks like we have to just hire 3 Blackheart Security Guards as well to get the earbuds to protect against the neliffs.

So we can join the mission to take back this platform.

Hekeriki, I assume you are arranging with the EEF about this. Can you handle the details?

Also, we may need some sort of Space suit or artifacts needed to survive? I’ll ask blackheart as well. I can artifice the Leyas generator I need and I can get an artifact to breath with maybe if I buy it. But I’ve never been in space, so I’m not sure what else is needed. And I can’t help immutables with breathing.

Lastly Hekeriki, I’ve made part of the requirement of Blackheart going with us is that they arrange with you. I’m sure I’m forgetting things."

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Business is closed.