Lurtor - A list of Sightings of Lurtor to investigate.


Lurtor says "Lets go in and check it out. As Old Vlad has been cloning me in great numbers, I want to find out more if possible.

I have wondered if there could be a good use for this technology. This looks like you could rebuild a species if it got whipped out with the samples here. But I doubt that is the Old guys intent. And any clues to his plans and capability would be very valuable for all.

Also, Be on your guard, I still wonder if these places are monitored by him as well. I know he was here a bit ago. There could be traps."

Lurtor also wanted to know how this cloning technology worked as he has been the victim of it so often And he was a Clone himself as well, not the original. Maybe he could answer the questions of what it meant to be a clone. Was he truly his own Gog. Not being the original Lurtor had its own issues. Maybe he can put some of this knowledge to good use instead of the violence it is currently being used for. Maybe not, but learning doesn’t cause issues… generally… dam this could be a slippery slope.

Lurtor would try and get as much information as possible including schematics and the chemicals used in the process. Storing information to look at later.


Eli McGraw was oblivious to Lurtor inner doubts and fears. He was too busy looking out for danger, stranger.

Eli replied “Yeah, yeah. Be careful and such. Ya’ll a wet blanket.”

He wanted to salvage this gear and technology for fun and profit. Life was high on action but low on making the sweet bling bling.


Lurtor could already see Eli was moving to remove some choice Computer Components. All the computer parts were worth a lot of ghaz on the open market, but necessary for the functioning of this Lab.

Lurtor realized he wanted to learn about cloning. And sitting in this lab would not exactly teach him that. He needed access to cloners who knew their thing, AND were actively cloning objects. The only place he knew where that was occuring was in the Colony of Saragosa on the opposite side of the continent.

Eli was meanwhile keeping an eye on bling worthy looting, and the Computer Brain for the Gene bank was real boku bucks on the blackmarket.

From a shadow stepped an Olgog dressed in a military uniform of the Kolgul Militia. Eli was the first to notice and motioned to Lurtor.

Lurtor recognized the Olgog as Captain Oliver, once second in command to Bo’gan of the Armies of Eloga. Oliver crept over to one of the cloning tanks, and kept it between him and the pair as he spoke.

"Why hello…friends…I suspect you are tresspassing down here? But that is okay. I don’t judge. My name is Oliver, my rank is Captain, and I served within the KGM. I have taken over this holding by force, and driven out the Old Vlad’s agents. Which means you are either EEF or New VLAD agents?

Or If I’m really lucky you are Mercs, looking to score some real ghaz?" Oliver said.


Eli learned that there’s always some jerk to spoil the fun. In front of him seemed to be one example. Which was good, because it meant that Eli and Lurtor didn’t have to compete to be the biggest jerk.

“Cute. You’re one of those guys way down south, yeah? Well, get ya butt out our way!”


Oliver blinked twice at the gunslinger. “Hmmm, I guess your services are not for sale then? Then I will get out of your way.”

He began to make his way back towards the tram entrance, purposely keeping the tubes between himself and the pair.


Lurtor watched the interaction. He knew of Oliver, but he never interacted with Oliver or knew what became of him.

Lurtor, while the other 2 were talking, shifted his location just a bit to get a better look at Oliver. See if he was taking or hiding something. Seeing anyone down here meant they were up to no good. Whether they worked for Old VLAD or not.

Lurtor says “We are here with permission. See what is here. I do not have record of you being allowed down here Oliver. And what brings you from the South to here anyways? You of all people should not know of this area as a whole and especially of this specific location. Why are you here?”

Lurtor then uses his leyas site and his redeemer senses to see if he is being controlled.


As Lurtor looked at his aura, he could see Oliver was festoon with different artifacts and artificed weapons. But Lurtor could not feel a single taint on the younger Olgog military officer, not the taint of the ancient evils nor any other external force.

Captain Oliver sighed as he boarded the Tram, still with the columns of tubes between him and the pair.

The last thing they heard was Oliver saying, “You can keep the samples Agent Lurtor, may they serve you well. You are in the perfect place you should be…
We will meet again soon, I am sure.”


As Oliver’s tram rushed away, both Eli and Lurtor felt they may have missed out on something. It was not until weeks later when they returned from the exploration into the Old Vlad’s cloning labs finding an army of Lurtor clones that they heard the name Oliver again. It had come from the mouth of Bysos Borak, the K’iou merc they had rescued from the Old Vlad’s trap filled lair. A little additional info showed up in further interrogations. Apparently Bysos Borak had been told that the Old Vlad had left the Lurtor+OtO Army for Oliver to use.

[week 7+8]

Arriving back in the Research Facility, there was a calmness to the guards that made Eli feel a little concerned.

“What’s up with the EEFers back there? Last time we were here, they were ready to bayonet us on first look. Now they barely even checked your collar, Lurtor…whats up?” asked Eli as they boarded the tram.

Lurtor looked back at him sideways and said, “I don’t know what you mean.”

Eli replied, “You are a bad liar.”


The tram console lit up and the A.I. said, “New areas opened up. Glacial Deepwell and Glacial SeaWall Tram stations have now been accessed for your access level.”

Now the only question was do they return to the Gene Bank and try and find more evidence of Oliver (even though he may be long gone), or head out to the Deepwell or the SeaWall to investigate other potential sites of undiscovered technology and treasure.


“I vote SeaWall.”


The tram went for what felt like a full half-hour. They passed under the rock, then out of the earth and to the edge of the glacial bay. Then the Tram dived deep, going a good mile down. With a mile deep sea wall protecting the bay from surging seas, it seemed the natural cove had been added to. Parts of the sea wall seemed to be stone formed in a way reminiscent of way done by the Hobtla Mag’ol Olgogs. Others were stoneworks reinforced in the style that looked like it was K’iou. And then there were further layers of duracrete that had been poured by EEFers in the early days of the Colonization effort.

The Tram station at the Sea Wall was like a submersible inset in the sea wall. One section was plasteel covered, allowing a glass-bottom experience for the duo as they entered the tram station.

There was even a set of airlocks for parking subs down here, but no subs were currently available or parked here.

The lights automatically went on as they entered, and they could see the ocean around them, and there was a massive squid-faced aquatic nightmare that shifted in the depths of the seas. It moved away from the lights and then settled under the sand once again.

Eli and Lurtor knew they werent currently in danger, the lighting equipment would be enough to keep the aquatic nightmare at the base of the cove and away from the station. And as long as it stayed there it was an added defense against invasion for now.


There was a wall of storage lockers along one wall. About forty lockers were there, but only 3 were currently closed.

Locker 7 had no lock on it but seemed stuck.

Locker 23 has a firm lock on it, with a combination lock in place.

Locker 39 has a melted lock on it keeping it closed.


Locker 23 would be the best bet but Eli didn’t have the skills to pay the bills for that one. Locker 39 has a melted lock for a reason. Plus, lack of skills on his part.

“Lutor, I’m going to open Locker 7. Cover me if you got the chance.”

Eli McGraw had a hammer and everything looked like a nail. It was great getting his truck going. Sort of.

Fortunately the hammer was a claw-hammer. Eli uses the claw to pry the locker open (Strength 5).


The claw hammer made short work of the stuck locker door, and it opened and Eli caught it before it clanged. Inside they shined a light on what looked like a child’s skeleton. The clothing was the uniform of an original colonist, and there was a medkit, a small box of nanite syringes (4 inside), and a pair of flashlights. The flashlights still worked.

There was also a keycard in the skeleton’s hand. It looked like the key card for access to an aquatic vehicle, possible a submersible.

Next to the skeleton was a pile of ration bar wrappers and empty water bottles.

It looked like a child had hidden in here from Nightmares, only to get stuck and die of dehydration instead.

[The child’s skeleton may be taken and returned to the EEF for resurrection or one of the two could just stab the kid’s skeleton with one the nanite syringes. Up to you…]


Eli noticed a tracking system on the back of the Key card. Using this they could find that submersible, but it seemed like it wasn’t here in the Research base. Instead it was down the coastline from here…Useful information that Eli filed away. He wondered if that boat he had gotten from the Bestials Cove would allow them to reach the missing submersible.

Looking back at Lurtor, they both wondered should they open the other two lockers, and if so which one next…


Lurtor says “We can take the skeleton back to the EEF. I’ve learned not to just raise people randomly. Gets you sent to Jail or in a box. Either way we can decide later on that. Unless we think the kid knows about those other 2 lockers.”

Lurtor will respectfully packup the skelton into a bad and his medkit, flashlights, and syringes into another bad. Or as respectful as you can putting a skelton into a sac to carry easier.

Lurtor then says “How About Locker 7. Its just stuck. I’m sure I can open that up.”

Lurtor first looks at it with Leyas sight, seeing if there is a leyas trap to disarm first. Or if it is Leyas locking the door. If not he’ll move to strength and claws. With a bit of Strength, Lurtor will test as to how it is stuck. See if there is something he can unlock to free it. And if nothing else, he could just scratch off the hinges with a claw. While doing this Lurtor fully excepts something to jump out at him, so he is standing off to the side slightly when openening the door.


“We just did Locker 7,” Eli blinked. “Well I did.”

“Since I went first, left the hard ones for ya. The combo lock or melted one is all yours champ.”


Lurtor says “Then the locked locker.” Lurtor walks up to the lock, puts his ear near the lock and then listens. With his amplified hearing he should be able to hear the tumblers and open the lock.

(OOC Lurtor has profession Spy 6, Burglary 4, Tech Repair 3. If none of that works, while he’s touching the lock, he’ll use Turn key on it. But he should be able to do without.).

Then when he goes to open the door, he steps to the side and says “Ready eli, 1, 2, 3” Then opens the door.


The combination lock was easy enough to pick for an accomplished burglar like Lurtor. In fact the enhanced shapeshifted hearing made it a cake walk.

The lock clicked open, and Lurtor gently opened the locker expecting almost anything. But inside he found a dusty old Deep-Dive suit. Looking like a heavier version of a space suit, the Deep-Dive suit was old school Earther tech. Looking at it, it was obvious it was an original model, even with the Colonial Datalink and tracking/locator built in.

Checking the air tanks on it, they were full with at least six hours of air present for really deep dives. Lurtor quickly realized his artifacts gave him most of the capabilities of this deep dive suit without worrying about Leyas Backlash. Looking over at Eli, and putting 2 and 2 together, Lurtor realized using this suit BOTH he and Eli could go deep enough to locate that submarine and recover it.

Blazoned on the back of the suit and repeated on the bubble helm was the logo of some company called Sforza Industries. And it said Colonial Salvage Department on the chest armor.


Lurtor says to Eli “If you use this, I can dive myself between my Leyas abilities and artifacts. We could get the sub. But first, why don’t we open this last locker. The burnt one.”

Lurtor will look at the lock to see if it was melted from the inside or outside. And then double check to make sure there are no traps, or why someone would have sealed the door that way. Using Leyas sight, he would also check that out.