Lurtor - A list of Sightings of Lurtor to investigate.


“I’ll take that suit, zuit, alright and get ready pry open that door with ya,” Eli stretch out his upper back.


(OOC as long as the leyas sight didn’t turn up a trap)
Lurtor says “Ok get ready.”

Lurtor extends his claws as he digs into the doorjam where the melted lock is to force the door open and cutting out the lock area. Then he does a 3 count and pulls open the door, ready for something to jump out and try to eat him. Its happened before.


Lurtor was correct in his worry, because as he opened the door, it was like a giant black amoeba flopped onto him. Eli jumped back pulling a gun, but didnt shoot because he couldn’t hit the creature without hitting Lurtor.

Lurtor could feel the creature trying to eat his flesh. Each time its worm-like tendrills extended into him his shapeshifted armor would be eaten away, but better the grown armor than the soft organs underneath. As the Nightmare Fleshworms tried and failed to feast on him, he pushed it back swiping a few momentary claw swipes until all that remained was Nightmare ichor.

Lurtor checked for any other nightmares but none remained. Lurtor could see the nightmare had oozed from a sample container on the floor of the locker.

The sample container was very very old. Lurtor’s experience as a spy told him it was an original Colonial Expedition sample case, long out of use as it provided zero protection against Leyas using biologics.


The sample case had five vials. Three were bone samples. One was a sealed sample of what looked like Nightmare Flesh. And the last was a broken vial with what looked like a ring in the design of the ancient Nightmare Lords. The ring was powerfully obscured, and Lurtor suspected it was the artifact that created the nightmare Fleshworms.

Looking at the longitude and latitude markings on the where the sample was collected, Eli could tell it was to the North. Probably North West of the Glacial Research Facility.

It was from a region that the White Fur Olgogs called the Last Citadel of the Yyan Empire… an area that was currently unexplored.


Lurtor was smart enough not to put on the ring. Lurtor did notice a marking that looked like a Family Crest, a similar family crest he had seen at the Transit Point that Grim and Bliss had discovered far below the Caverns of the IceWyrms.

The Family name in Nightmare Lord was unknown, and Lurtor wondered if he should ask Uriel about it at a later time. However the name was definitely the same, implying the Transit Point and this entire region was under Nightmare Lord control at some point in the distant past.

So what was the connection between the Last Citadel of the Yyan Empire, and these Nightmare Lord relics…he simply did not know…


“Well, that was typical. You leave you food out long enough in your locker, and it evolves it some nightmare creature. Only on Refuge,” chuckled Eli.

Eli “Ned Land” McGraw had an idea (not because the Narrator or Lurtor put it there). “I have this boat I’ve looted off some the local cannibal hicks. Was going to use it to go fishin’ but I figure it would better served to get an even better boat. A boat that floats below the waves would be the ticket to great things. The Sea Kings control the oceans lanes of Refuge, but do they control what under sea?”

Then he spotted it and the creature was ready to open it’s mouth. Eli steped hard and fast on the tiny nightmare crab before it caused problems like singing a copyright song.

“This could open up the whole planet to exploration, adventure and profit!”


Lurtor says "Well, lets go get it then. Might as well before others notice it. And you can store it at your port and fix it up. We’ll drop off the boy’s bones on our way out. "

(OOC for swimming, Lurtor’s Warm aura ring, easy breathing should be enough. He has Goo Warrior training as well. He can also do animal form if needed. Lastly he can use: Aquatic Dynamo Leyas.)


Eli and Lurtor dropped off the remains with EEF command. On their way out, they checked the information against the maps and confirmed their next destination.

The coastline was calling…