Mission Questions


From the factory mission it lists the shadow walk portal into the factory. Does Krodnok know how to open this again? IN a prior mission the portal was closed I thought.

There are two ways in:

  1. The outside: Fly in because there is no beach on the island, and no place to moor a boat due to deadly rocks and wave action. Defenses include Dead Unit 111 with Magi Cannons and AA Upgrades able to cut through vehicle armor.
  1. The inside: Use the shadow walk in Krodnok Lab’s basement. Requires Krodnok’s invitation and permission.


Irrespective of reason to use, can one artifice for example a grain of rice (or food grain) so that if a person were to eat it, said artificing wouldactivate inside of them?
I suspect stomach acid would destroy it after a time or the body would excrete it?


In regards to the ‘Invasion of the Tomb Factory’, way back in week 6 or 7, the portal in my lab to the factory was closed for good. Is there a way to re-open that, or is there another ‘shadow walk’ in the lab?


Sorry about that.


This should have posted earlier but didnt take for some reason. Hope it clears up any confusion. :slight_smile:


Here is the challenge.

Unless the rice or grain was artificed to activate when it was first chewed on, the act of chewing would destroy the artifact.

If it was activated by chewing it would only affect the target for the combat round during which they ate it.


I gather they will attack anything living, Is this smell/taste or Aura? Is there any shadow leyas that hides the life Aura to make someone who is alive hide their aura ? Or is this how conceal works from general 2? (Of course it maybe don’t know, try something in mission :-p )


Just out of curiosity, did i get any followers from the ‘speech to the zealots’ that i posted? If i did, how many of them are warriors, and how many are just followers?


Obscure can hide someones aura to Leyas sight. It will work against most Leyas sight, sensors scanners etc. It has no effect on spirit scopes.

Im not sure which “they” you are talking about. If its unit 111 they will shoot at anything living or otherwise.


They was the Kraken. (Sorry)


Yes 100 followers. Of that 100 there are 80 that count as citizens (cant be used for missions or production)
There are 20 (of the 100) who have also signed up in a military capacity and can be used for missions/production. Please use standard church of one knight stats from the GL book for these 20 militants of Krodnok.


Can I use the Brez Ur Rhug or Vandals I have around Brez for a mission (not all, just like 20 out of the 100 of each or so). And can the Mag Buskt Artificiers provide Light Leyas defences on the the Carrier and Destroyer? (They have the leyas).


If the Ur Rhug / Vandals are part of the Auf Lal’al yes, if they are part of a dedicated Brez defense force or part of the greater UtR army no.

Please advise what do you mean by Light Leyas defenses? Do you mean sustain sheilds during the mission? (If so you would post that as part of the mission. )

However if you are talking about artificing then you would need to do so in the artificing thread and standard timeframes apply.


What are the stats for the airship that I purchased a while back? This one -----> http://dr-forum.whitestarhosting.net/showthread.php?187-A-Flight-of-Fancy/page2


The Vandals and Ur Rhug are the ones I got from that are just listed as living around Brez farms : The Brezan Civil War of 2218

I meant for the Mag Buskt artificers to “cast” Magi Reflect Leyas or other Leyas shields for the Carrier and destroyer shields. Acting as the defence of the ships. (Not sure if they would be on Lur Union Fighters. ). Half have Light leyas 3 and all have general 2.


I don’t see it in the mission results, but i think it’s worth asking, as it may have been overlooked due to not being as important to the story, but did i gain any bodies to convert in the invasion mission?


Still waiting for an answer.


Also, what kind of equipment is in the areas of the factory that i control? and can any of it be taken from the factory to the lab?


No bodies were captured for conversion during this mission.


Yes but cannot be artificed. Must be sustained to keep pieces moving and animate.


Nightmare driven saws, drills, automatic scalpels, submersion chambers, implantation racks.
It is all powered by the Tomb Factory and cannot be removed.
As long as the equipment /lab is accessible it counts as an extra dead surgeon with Necrotech 6 skill for any subject brought inside the lab.