Mission Questions


I have not gotten an answer from anyone confirming that Scribes training in GulTor’Uf was allowed, let alone finished. It has been over a month. Last I heard there were a few questions asked but no one said it went through.
Was training in Fire 1 + 2 and Shadow 1. Would have finished Week 21.


Not sure which Mission this question is referencing?

If this is a question regarding one of the training threads you should post there so the DR staffer assigned to that training thread can assist you. If you have already done so please provide a link to what thread you are referencing.


Can Krodnok get to the factorys control room from where he is? also, the bomb jugglers… how do those fire? and how long would it take to implant one of them with what i have in the factory?


You can install any upgrades the same week you deploy troops with that upgrade due to speed of the machines in the factory.

The bomb jugglers juggle bombs and hurl them. They have an internal device that produces more from the deads body.

There is single corridor that connects to the control room. If a single diplomat is going unarmed they can simply walk down the corridor to join the diplomatic meeting. If you are asking about fighting your way down the corridor it would be a meat grinder with Unit 111 having an incredible tactical advantage.


if the answer to this question is ‘yes’, could i get a p.m. telling me what it takes…

Would Krodnok know what it would take to awaken Holys? Is it using the conversion machines that does it? Would destroying the conversion machines wake Holys, or no?


Can old school magi cannons be set to deal pain dmg (for taking prisoners) or do they always do energy?


Everyone who visited the Tomb Factory during the GL part 1 mission there knows that certain levels of productionusing the console will trigger Holys awakening.

It is unknown what effect destroying the console would have.


If it didnt list that type of damage when given as a reward the answer is no.


What does ‘in storage’ mean?


And can i post to the ‘prisoner transfer’ thread?


OtO’s thoughts on the note that came with his power armor, was that it was suspicious. Based on the fact it referred to him as a champion, this would mean that whoever sent the armour would either have access to the transcripts or seen the trial (As he referred to himself often by rank before).

With the new information he has, do you think it would be reasonable for him to conclude that it is Old Vlad that sent him the armour?


It means you have a dead body that hasn’t been used yet.


You don’t have any prisoners to transfer but if people offer you a mag Daron you can post in reply


First question:has OtO ever met the Old VLAD ingame?

Second question: All of the Goblin Lands has heard of the infamous OtO Champion of Mag buskt after the trial.
the trial was not closed door. How would the fact that he was referred to as champion be different in this situation?


Not to my knowledge, but Old vlad has been referred around him.

Because it is someone from the colonies that has referred to him as a champion. Name anyone that would refer to him as a champion/hero in the colonies.


The Mag Der’al in storage… can they be converted?

Also, the Dead Mag Daron… can his Magi-Pistols be given to another character?


Champion does not mean the same thing as hero. It is a title like vice president or floor manager. The Champion acts as the leader in situations of ritual combat only.

Plus having the Old Vlad mentioned around one is not the same as a character understanding who/what the Old Vlad is and what his intentions /operations are like.

Character will have to wait on more ingame data to make that connection. But he has every right to be suspicious of gifts that arrive unexpectly


The Mag Darons magi pistols may be given to a different character.

Trying to use necrotech on a mag der’al body should be done in the Krodnoks lab thread. Once posted we will rp out effects to the Mag Der’al body.


Would it be feasable to have Kodnok get the pistols before missions close tonight? Everyone would have been back to the Lab from last weeks missions by now, and Krodnok has the portal to the Lab from the factory… he would check in on how things went last week before trying something stupid like flooding the factory…


Yes he could have gotten the pistols for this weeks mission.