Mission Questions


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What are the impacts (if any) to Camp Cleansing Fire in the Yagogi lands from Unit 7756’s invasion?


(OOC GulUfTor’s post made me reread the mission rewards for week 20 factory mission. I think I thought it said more than it did. So I want to double check so I can fix it.)

Question about what I know about Unit 7756 and what assumptions I can make about them?

Lalder gains Id was captured trying to infiltrate the Carrier with bombs. Many Olgogs killed but rezzed after bombing that coincided with Id’s capture.
Proof of Unit 7756 disloyalty.
Lalder also gains the Artifact of Light recovered by Lurtor from the Tomb of Mag Buskt saves the Destroyer. The Destroyer is still functional and currently providing backup to the Rhug’na’ru Zepplins.
It gains One Free Shot during Invasion of the Tomb Factory part 3.

Does this mean I know of the warmongers dead allegiance? Or can I group him in my opinion with Unit 111? Or just I don’t like them?

From my tribes point of view, they have attacked my tribe before (Back to the sylvan ship, and more recently trying to blow up the carrier. Their recent actions in Karov also add to this.)


Constant attack on all surface members. Walls getting peppered with Magi Cannon fire at all times of the day. Can’t fly in supplies, and can’t have people walk in and out without being shot dead. Probably a full withdrawal to underground sections of the camp while the magi cannon fire is underway.


You would know at the same time bombs went off Id of Unit 7756 was captured along with others. They also had bomb gear with them, though obviously Ids bomb had not yet been used.

Its up to you if you consider them the same as Unit 111. They haven’t allied in any overt way with Unit 111 before though. So if you usually consider Unit 817 and Krodnok not like Unit 111 then unit 7756 is not like unit 111. But they are dead.

You don’t have overt proof that they allied with Unit 111.


No reward for the diplomatic mission? I sense a deep seeded prejudice against possessed humans! Don’t we the possessed and secretly evil deserve shiny things too? :stuck_out_tongue:


Sorry to be this pain in the ass, but… The mission rewards from the Week 21 Diplomatic mission… what do i have for new equipment, and what can i make?


Lord Grimaldus gets Demonic Red Bishop gains a Shiny Shiny Rifle. Hellforged. Does 15 missile dmg, can damage even those creatures normally immune to missile dmg. Sniper Scope (+4 Bonus to Called Shots) Unlimited ammo.


Anything you can imagine (within limits, not too overpowered). Its basically a vehicle bay for your lab. You have chains and nightmare driven devices that can lift up vehicles to work on different parts. You had mentioned a couple of projects. This size work station would allow for that :slight_smile:


Ok. I still need bodies for parts, though, right?


The outer walls of the factory… being underground, are they stone or no?


Outer walls are stone, inner walls stone with some composite material making it much stronger.


Yes the parts still must be collected!


Would the area surrounding the museum in Brez be enough to fulfill the requirements of the volcano statue?


No it wouldnt. Please choose between the towns listed in the thread.


Question about the museum mission:

Would Lalon recognize or Sense the Djinni Crystal? (Lalon did hold the ball before he was killed for it.)


What is the size of the UtR Standing army now (NOting I gave them 10 Lur Union Fighters)



Lalon might recognize the crystal if had physically carried it in the past.


How does Uth abilities work in diplomatic missions? IE, could Witch Gogkiller show up, go into Uth trance (She has a lizard with auto revive), find out who planned the attack, and then out everyone that was involved (everyone who harms the family must die)


She would need to know elements of whom she is looking for.

For example, if she wanted to know who planned the mission she cant just ask who planned the mission. She would have to look into Gorkaogs memories. If she did so. She would discover Gorkaog was ordered to do so according to his memories by the Pit Mongrel Elder.

If she looked for the memories of the Pit Mongrel elder she would not find any. And she cannot just randomly look into all tribals memories to find the answer as to who has hidden what. Because that would be metagaming. (I.e. Witch Gogkiller knows for sure the pit mongrel elder told Gorkaog to do it. That would be her understanding of the situation from the curse.)

Its one of the reasons doppelgangers like Kias are still very effective. You usually cant find them using the Uth Curse because you dont know how to track them (i.e. whose memories to be looking for).

Feel free to post with Witch Gogkiller showing up and going into the trance and telling them that Gorkaog was commanded to do so by a hunched red fur pit mongrel known as the Elder. She can even try again and say she cannot find any memories that belong to this Pit Mongrel elder.

She cannot out the dimension walker because she doesnt know he even exists and he has never shared his true name in game. Each of his alternative identities is a false front and a dead end (but Witch would not know about that). Much as she cant track Phantoms, and Mimics.