Mission Questions


How high into the sky does the flamewinds affect? Can the Lur Union Fighters or Carrier fly above them? (Of course keeping the carrier low enough it doesn’t get shot out of the sky for going into space.)


You don’t know you will have to try in mission.


Flamewinds question:

Special Challenges: Cant use any artifacts that were created post week 22 on this mission. Immutables ONLY may design new technology to help deal with this challenge. Leyas Using tribes however must only use techniques and stuff designed previous to this mission

Leyas be actively used during this or does it backfire or just harder? aka, I have many gogs who can use Air Leyas to purify Air.

Also, does learning Leyas abilities stop for week 23?


In Week 3 I had Two Aufgogs make two Purify Air necklaces but it was never noted. Did those go through or not?


Learning Leyas does not stop for 23.

Flamewinds will cause significant leyas backlash burnout and wild leyas storms.
Leyas can be used. It’s just risky…


Pm Kincaid and he will be able to advise


Was done in mission. That’s why I posted here.


Please provide link and I will review



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Sorry for the Laundry list, but I think this covers all of my areas, assuming I’m going to have to seal and abandon the Artificing caves until the flamewinds are over.

Another Flamewinds questions:
How long do Flamewinds Last in general?

How big of an area do they cover? City at a time, Area at a time? Everywheres at once?

How long as prior flamewinds lasted?

Council Chambers:
Are all of the UtR council Chambers far enough below the ground to be protected from the flamewinds? (I believe its passtree to travel between them.)
How many gogs can fit in them?

Trading post:
How many people live in the trading post now, and will they all fit in my hotel and loading bay area if it was sealed? (Reinforced due to laser attack, I had original built it underground because of the winds)

Brez Farms (and Farms in general) - These farms are below ground to start with. Are these sealable (and with the plant life) able to maintain oxygen levels?


*two lal beaded necklaces to alow them to breath in the area so they could focus on cleaning the oasis.

Sure these are two purify air artifacts at 4 successes each.


Q1 they can last for a few hours or hit in succession multiple over a week causing a near endless battering of heat and flame.

Q2 city effect. Basically if you are in its path you and lots of city blocks are gonna get hit with a natural disaster.

Q3 usually five or six fly through during the season (so anywhere from 1 to seven weeklong firestorms of up to 21 seperate flame winds.

Q4 you dont yet know…better plan a way to keep them protected.
The only places truly defended naturally is being out at sea or deep inside of Tla’loc’alan caves under the mountain range. So defenses should ve planned.

Q5 approx 100 olgogs per council chamber

Q6 approx 1,300 citizens. You could fit 300 citizens in the hotel

Q7 Brez Farms / UtR Farms. Have never been sealed before. Therefore i guess youd have to test it in mission.


Previous post for Lalder.


Do we all know that there is a demon in Simonsburg saying Ka Rhug serves him/it ?


It is kind of hard to miss. But not everyone knows its a demon. Only those with spirit scopes or certain special abilities will be able to tell that it is not the “god” it claims to be.


With regards to the flamewinds mission. I posted this during week 20

Did it take effect? Just trying to figure out how to coordinate the rescue efforts.


Since Quall Ndrone come from the dimension where fire Leyas is created do they have danger in using Fire Leyas in a Flamewind?


How many people will fit in/on my ship? It’s a two-mast pirate ship obtained from One-Eyed Willie.

How many civilians are in Simonsburg?


Active and usable.


They can use fire Leyas without fear of burnout.