Mission Questions


Both simonsburg and your territory is landlocked but:
Ship can hold 150 if u pack them tight.

A very small amount of Simonsburg population in total


Will i be able to take the entirety of Simonsburg in my underground ‘city’, or will my people need to continue to expand through the week? They can work day and night digging, and i have about 100 members down here who can work.


Not the entirety of Simonsburg. Simonsburg has been growng over a year and this underground settlement is a week old.
Since its dead soldiers with no architecture skill and no Earth Leyas it is slow going. To call it a “city” is a bit of a stretch at this point. It could grow into one it just isnt a city yet.


What did the Church of One towns do to survive the Flamewinds previously? I cannot imagine towns like Jamesville or Simonsburg having massive underground shelters.


IN the goblin lands book it mentions Tla’loc’al used Fire and Air wards in the past. Does this keep the flamewinds back at all? (Mainly looking for a way to keep it off entrances rather than whole cities.)

Also Tla’loc’al used a Talisman to divert it from a small area. Does any of this knowledge exist today?


You had me write on my sheet that the tribe of Alma would join me in said new government, after I told her about rapi’og. Am I missing something that caused Alma to react this way?


Officially the prayers of the faithful kept them away. Actually though it was Inquisitors using stolen Olgog Talismans that predate the genocide.
All church of one Holdings outside the provisional colony are still protected in this way (petersburg thomasville etc) but the provisional colony has no such protections.


The fire and air wards are still used at entrances to Tlalocal for this purpose ( keep in mind tlalocal is under a mountain range).

The secret of the ancient talismans was lost during the Goblin Genocide.
Perhaps The Auf of OlLur has an ear of someone who remembers how to make them…

It will take incredibly powerful wards to protect the entrances though ( min 5 succeses)


Yes it is one thing for all local tribes to create a combined alliance government (as in a treaty to work together)

So each individual tribe follows the Karovian way and each sends a rep to discuss larger issues.

What you described in the thread was getting rid of the Mag’ols as supreme chieftains of the Karovians for Internal tribe dynamics.

She is still fine helping you with a treaty government to help different tribes work together. But she is against your heretical statements about the Mag’ols.


This was said in context of getting help without a Mag’ol for my tribe, the subtext being that if the Mag’ol is just they will speak to bill and look at the virtue of his words, not that the fact his tribe has no Mag’ol . Last statement being more directed at Bill basically being temporary leader.

At least that was the intention.


Yes and that implies that Mag’ols could be other than Just.

The last unjust Mag’ol was the Olgog who became Nosferatu Buskt (not to be convinced with the Mag Buskt). It was his killing that was the turning point in the creation of the Karovian way.

So to say to someone like Alma IF they are unjust is like saying well if they dont agree to meet with me/be willing to meet with me they are unjust (Nosferatu Buskt esc)

The assumption (except for Rapiog apparently dern Brezan influences) is that to be assigned Mag’Ol to a Karovian tribe you have already proven yourself as Just. (One day we will have to work out how exactly Rapi’og became Mag’ol of GulTor’Uf with his less than just behaviors to some. Was it something the tribes at Karov missed? Did Bill cover up his behaving badly? Was Rapi’og just a really duplicitous guy and seemed like a true and just Mag’ol to the other tribes?)


With the initial description I got in the live game, followed by the description i wrote up for the lab, the lab is underground, and, in my mind, the place is huge. How many people can be kept there? I also have the cavern that had what was the underground lake for the Undead Kraken, which will have been moved to that vehicle bay to be worked on.


Last year, at ithaca, Jamie was playing his character (a kias I think). If i recall correctly, he posed a treaty to Mag Buskt tribals from wintermute. Do I remember this correctly?


Was that before or after you final deathed the wounded Bruskti using healing?


Standing room only and actually maintianing a settlement are two different things. If you just piled people in without comfort you could fit an additional 100 in the lab. You could fit another 30 in the vehicle bay room which is currently filled with a kraken with legs being affixed to it.


Will posting as Krodnok in the ‘No Good Deed Goes Unpunished’ mission automatically make him safe from the Flamewinds?


Also, being able to mass-produce the Life-Force crystals… How many can be made in a week? And how are they made/what do i need to create them?


Yes up to two characters per tribe can find safety from the flamewinds in the lands of Auf Ur’sa. Her power cannot protect more than that many at any given time.


Based on the rate of crystal regrowth, you could implant five characters per gameweek.
or implant more than one implant into creatures five times each gameweek.


Do the crystals implant in place of the hand, or can they be placed in the palm, or wherever?