Mission Questions


It cannot be further artificed and counts as a Shadow, Water artifact.

It is SAR 100, Takes half dmg from Energy attacks. Energy weapons that automatically lower SAR do not do so to this Unique artifact.

What do you mean by a makeshift sun? and are all of them burning out an acceptable loss?


I failed to read. ignore this.


How much would a common everyday being know about the Ancient Evils? Trying to determine if the actions of Kolgol would cause people to suspect that he is one.


No much is known about the ancient evils by the common olgogs. They would know there was an ancient evil being known as Mag Mag Gor. They would know the Uhryu say that Mag Mag Gor can steal your spirit if you enter his service.

The only tribal Olgog who would know the truth about what is going on with Kolgol would probably be Mag Buskt as he knows the ancient Lore of the Nightmare Moors.

Alternately the Unit 817 Shield of the Redeemers could discern exactly the process going on…


Do I still have control of the Kolgol/Kalok being? IE, can I give orders using it and move it around or do is it doing it’s own thing?


Lalder gains Lurtor can choose to learn Bladed Sun Devotion lvl 1, Morgothian Devotion lvl 1, Champions of Asgard Devotion lvl 1 or Krodnok devotion lvl 1.

Are these in the religions book (Bladed Sun = Runescaster like the others??)


You player do have control but Kolgol does not have control of himself if that distinction makes sense


All except Krodnok are in the religions guide. We are still working out details for what powers Krodnok devotion lvl 1 includes.


Yeah, sorry. I’m trying, but i’m not quite sure what kind of things I can do with that…


What about Shield of the Redeemer? I don’t know what the abilities are or if I could learn it not being dead.



Sheild of the Redeemer is in one of the monthly updates… Month 4


Can the Steam Hover tank be used like Artillery? I’m thinking of raining down shots on an area but not straight through line of Sight. (aka using the Olgog radar instead of sight to pinpoint where the enemy is since it has a 10 mile range above ground.)


Since warmonger feeds on violence would it be possible to sue him? His people have caused tons of physical damage along with tons of emotional trauma.


Can LIght, Troubadour (with General 2), create an illusion. I’m looking to create a repeat Illusion of an area. The character that is trying it currently has Light 3, Troub 4, and General 2. Of course I don’t want to make it too hard. I need to pass the Leyas test. (Though maybe I would artifice it if possible.)

As an additional part, I would also like to protect the sound in a small area. (aka hide a conversation.)


Using Troub lvl 4, Light 3, and General 2 you could make a Combined Leyas ability “Area Illusion” that also hides the sound. However it would have to be sustained by a Leyas User, and could not be artificed.

It would not work against Thermal Vision nor the life sensing abilities of certain unique special trainings (like the Beacon City Lifesense or the Redeemer ability to sense demons)


Can I participate in the Der’al Collective thread. I had auf Lalyan there to talk/warn about neliffs, which I need to update them on.


Yes for DC convo


Using the Aryeserai Larva can Gobbog learn the real weaknesses and powers of the Neliff?


The Ar’Yeseri group consciousness will not know the weaknesses of the Neliff, they no longer have access to the Quall Hivemind. They only know what their members learn following their creation and the personal memories of the original members. So if they knew something from the Quall Hivemind they will remember. So their collected knowledge isn’t all that extensive.


Thanks mate! That helps me plan for the mission differently.