Mission Questions


What happened to my Morgothian numbers? Where did this Sir Stout even come from?


Your Morgothian “numbers” are fine. The folks that Sir Stout drew from were new Morgothians who had joined up from the Unenese rebellion. While many Morgothians died in this battle, there were no final deaths to speak of among your fully trained and named knights.

If you want to know more about the Headhunters (those Morgothians who sided with Warmonger during the GodsWar), you will need to track down a Morgothian Dark Sage in game. With the warning that a Dark Sage may try and alter your style of leadership by the nature of how Dark Sages interpret the Morgothian Faith.


What is Mag Buskt position in regrades to mission 10?


Mag Buskt and his Bruskti use Leyas Powered Airships and wouldn’t give them up. But they would be willing to give up any magi cannons theyve looted, and the tech weapons that OtO built for them while he was alive.
While Mag Buskt doesn’t hold a position on the topic of technology vs primitivism, he does consider the entire Island his domain, and since he gave Godart permission to build the Launch site he would defend it if attacked.