Mortis Leonin Kills Terror: Alternate Refuge (TS GL3 Pregame Week 1)


Olgog the Olgog (Spear)

That’s what the ground is for, to prevent the emitter from being damaged.


And if you did that and failed, you would let the enemy know you’re skilled with fire and air. That isn’t something to take on a gamble, and a crappy one at that.

That’s not the only issue that needs contemplating, once we get out its an unknown number of enemies versus us two. To be able to escape, we need others going out with us. Like that farmer over there, we would need to heal him and get him to run.

There is one thing we can try, OtO rips one of the plastic legs off of the surfboard like cot and tosses it to kolgol try blocking the barrier with that . It it looks like there is a space, try inserting a finger slowly. If you can get out with a finger, then we can finalize the attempt to escape.

What size is the air duct? Generally earthers have a hard time going through air ducts, and im significantly larger than them.


Kolgol caught the leg and observed it doubtfully for a moment, and then attempted to do what OtO was outlining for him, although he still had little understanding of any of this technological mumbo jumbo.

‘I like my way better’ he thought to himself, which was to begin unleashing hellfire upon this pitiful barrier, of which he was certain could not withstand his power.


Kolgol pushed the leg of the cot into the space between the bars and waited. As it touched the forcefield there was an immediate sound of klaxons, and both could see bluish gas beginning to fill the room.

Further down the corridor out of sight in a distant cell another Olgog prisoner muttered ,“Looks like someone tripped the forcefield. You probably have just under a minute until this floor is swarming with Earthers. Then they will execute you inside your cell. Burn the bodies and no more you but dust.
Happens at least once a week…”

Kolgol noticed his arm that had been holding the leg of the cot was no longer responding to his mental commands. It was as if the arm was temporarily disabled by the forcefield.

Both gogs knew they had moments before the poison gas killed them.


Olgog the Olgog (Spear)

Well that’s interesting. You wouldn’t mind purifing the air, would you?


Kolgol was one step ahead, already focusing the leyas to purify the air in the room. Although he considered leaving a little poison around OtO if he tried to ply any other useful tips. He cursed the loss of his other arm, but there was no use worrying about it now.

After a moment he hit the deck, as though in the final stages of dying from the gas, and he hissed at OtO to do the same. He was willing to gamble that they had to drop the forcefield if they were going to burn his corpse. However he had no intentions of going to stand before Kalok just yet, and if they did drop the forcefield, no matter how quickly, he’d be ready.

He whispered to OtO from the ground that he’d melt the metal of the bars and then fling enhanced fireballs at the earthers to scatter them and try to buy time to work on starting a mass prison break.


The Prison Break? Out of the Frying Pan…

Kolgol waited till the perfect moment. He drew in the Leyas and melted the bars instantly. A trio of massive fireballs fueled by his rage killed the Prison guards who leisurely came down to incinerate dead prisoners. There was a wonderful bit of irony there.
Spear OtO was pissed to see the guards weapons ignite, denying him any real hope of fighting his way out. The small explosion of their incendiary weapons also ruptured one of OtO’s eardrums. The immutable soldier felt the blood drip down from his right ear, and a terrible ringing.
Together Kolgol and OtO dived, barely passing through the space before the forcefield snapped back on. OtO went into a combat roll, came up and delivered a pair of deadly handstrikes to an approaching guard’s nose and throat. The guard dropped and OtO reached down lifting the stun baton the now dying guard had been carrying. He checked the rest of the body for weapons, but was not surprised when he didn’t find any. In a prison where they could kill a prisoner with poison gas and deadly forcefields, they didn’t need to arm each individual guard heavily.
He did find a communicator of a design he recognized from his training. He quickly rewired the back of it, hiding its signal while giving them a full holographic map of the facility. It was then they both realized the near impossibility of their task. There were one hundred soldiers converging on their position. OtO was getting signals from power armor and high end plasma weaponry arming some of the soldiers. Their transponders showed they were part of an EEF infantry division and Oni Division assigned to this prison.
OtO knew from EEF protocols that had remained nearly the same since the Golden Age of Space Exploration, that if they killed any of the incoming soldiers they would be marked for death. He had enough of those in the present, so that he would rather not get more in the past.
Worse still, if defeated the Spec Ops Onis would call for backup, and OtO knew they would send in Wraith snipers to kill everyone or Valkyrie Gunpods just to level the prison.
The corridor of prison cells extended in both directions from where Kolgol and OtO stood. To their left it curved away, but to their right it ended in a As Kolgol got bored watching OtO loot the body of the guard, the Ka Rhug Chieftain noticed the Leyas Auras of four more guards as the doors to the elevator opened.
He got OtO’s attention and they prepared to handle the new threat. But the moment the guards stepped from the elevator, there was a flash of blue light behind them. There were two Earthers standing behind the guards. They were locked in a deep embrace. The younger one, who looked about 18 years old, pushed away first wiping his lips slowly before turning his attention to the completely confused guards.
The guards went back to back, two facing Kolgol and OtO, two facing the time shredders who had appeared in the elevator. Kolgol chuckled when he heard the ignorant guard say, “So the sorcerers can teleport now? The warden never warned us of that!!”
Another guard said, “Don’t worry. We still have backup on the way. Prisoners and criminals. Put down your weapons and submit to the laws of Dunesphere.”
“Not likely,” whispered the young man as he stepped dramatically from the elevator. He was dressed in a fancy black tuxedo, with skinny pants and very expensive shoes. He raised one finger, and two guards were pulled from the ground. There was enough force that their weapons and armor began crushing into strange barbed hooks, each the size of a small anchor. The two guards screamed as the barbed hooks pulled at them, as more material was stripped from body and gear to add to the hooks and their trailing bloody chains. The young man said, “I am Maximillion Horrorshow, and the only man I submit to is that bald hottie in the elevator. So why don’t you just give me the only useful parts of you, your gear, your flesh, your bones, your sinew. They took away my hooks at the Gu’ah. And now I have to craft them all over again.”
As the two guards screamed, and the other two guards turned and looked in abject horror at what had happened.
“But that…that…that…” said one of the guards with his back to OtO.
OtO stepped forward and punched the back of the distracted guards head with enough force to drop him to the ground and cause permanent brain damage. OtO was turning to deal with the last guard, but the bald man from the elevator was already there. He was shaved bald, with an aged face, black within black eyes. He wearing a white wife beater and black long dress pants that were a shade lighter than his eyes, and bare feet.
OtO watched as the bald man grabbed the collar of the guard with one hand. The bald man’s other hand passed across the guard’s throat like a gentle caress. But as it passed the other side of the neck, it had sprouted long thin claws. The guard’s head peeled back, rolling cleanly of the neck. The bald man was coated in blood, his face, his hands, his feet. Yet both OtO and Kolgol noticed the bald man’s wife beater, and pants never took on a speck of blood.
Kolgol could sense something monstrous coiled within the body of the bald man. He could taste it on his tongue much as the flavor of Kalok had been there, when he had been Kalok’s vessel in our dimension. Kolgol instantly knew the Bald Man was hosting an ancient evil inside himself.
Maximillion stepped forward telekinetically levitating an inch above the blood, and placed an arm around he bald man’s shoulder. The young man wiped away the blood telekinetically before he embraced him, placing a loving kiss on the bald head.
Maximillion chuckled, looking up mischeviously at OtO and Kolgol, “Allow me to introduce Alexi Oevonstradt. Alexi doesn’t like rudeness so I should warn you to be polite.”
The Usurper in his flesh puppet of Alexi said, “We have traversed many timelines and many realities looking for you. The Prophet of Kalok, the one who formed his essence in many ways. We need one of two things. We either need your help, or we need a biosample from you.
You give us these things and we will bring you and your cellmate back to your own timeline. And you can leave this place behind you.
That is the extent of the deal, no more, no less.
You have thirty seconds to make a decision. Then we will be leaving, with or without you.”
Maximillion Horror show looked back and extended one of the barbed hooks towards the Elevator preventing its automatic safety features from closing the door. The young man rested his head on Alexi’s and waited.

Rewards: Kolgol gains +1 to his Leyas Combat Ranged Skill and Spear OtO gains +1 to his Hand to Hand skill


Olgog the Olgog (Spear)

OtO Knew nothing good would come from someone saying they have searched the timelines for someone. A fight with Kolgol would get them what they needed, DNA, for whatever their purpose was. OtO was experienced with how a little DNA can cause a lot of problems.

Throwing the holographic map down the hallway back the way he and Kolgol came, He stepped in front of Kolgol and said “Run, you fool. Map will help if you don’t break it”. He then slammed his hands into Kolgol’s chest to push him away (at a high rate of speed [Str 10, AGI 7]) , back down the other path.

OtO would then turn to fight the attackers, using his speed to keep moving in erratic patterns (to make him harder to hit), trying to get close enough to use the forcefields as a weapon. Most likely it won’t maim or kill, but it should help slow down the enemy. If, by chance, he manages to create enough of a diversion, he will retreat down the hallway hitting the load bearing points to destroy them. His intention would be to either bring down the hallway on top of these two, or at least slow them down by having to go through the rubble, or around and through the guards covering on the position.


Spear OtO surprised the Usurper with a quick set of blows that staggered the fiend for a moment. The Usurper tried to strike back, but the olgog was faster than the Usurper expected. Spear OtO reached out, grabbing the Usurper and hurled him bodily into a nearby forcefield. The Usurper’s host spasmed over and over again.

The Usurper could feel the nanites killing his host, and could do little to stop them with his current gear. What he wouldn’t give for an EMP at the moment. When the nanites killed off the nerve clusters in his arms and legs, they felt like dead weight. When it simultaneously struck his brainstem, his heart and his spinal column, the body fell limp to the ground unmoving.

Maximillion screeched with upset and anger, “You fool, we came here to save you.”

The telekinetic hooks ripped into OtO’s flesh and lifted him up. He struggled against them, but they just bit deeper. He had little defense against the psychic’s attack, and even his prodigous strength could not stop Maximiliion Horrorshow in a full tantrum. Luckily Max had only a moment to hurl him backwards like a ragdoll.

OtO flew through the air, end over end and hit a forcefield with his left leg before finally bouncing to a stop at the far end of the corridor. Breathing heavy, the Olgog knew his lung was punctured, and his left ribs were shattered in four places. And it hurt like hell to breath, or move. One of Maximillion Horrorshow’s hooks was still in OtO’s right left and it took a chunk of flesh to rip it out.

He looked around, and Kolgol and Maximillion Horrorshow and the Usurper’s body were gone.


Spear OtO limped back up to a standing position and saw the nearby elevator open with an unexpected ding.

Inside were Church of One Red Bishops in power armor, carrying plasma ejectors. At their side were guards carrying rifles. They raised their weapons as one, and without a warning shot began to shot at OtO. The sheer mass of firepower, combined with no where to escape to, a punctured lung, a torn calf muscle, and no armor to result in little left of Olgog the Olgog when the kill team was through.

A dousing of the remains by a flamethrower took care of the bits leftover of OtO not ashed by the plasma weapons.

Spear OtO has died final death…

[Spear OtO has died final death. All skills gained and information learned since starting the hunt for Mortis Leonin have been lost. If this character did not have access to backup clones, this would be a final death so be careful in the future. Getting Stuck in a Timeline can result in final death in the online game.

Due to cloning, the less skilled version Spear OtO II may now be deployed in the main timeline after being dropped off in Port Unen in an unmarked sand colored hovertruck. This OtO II will not know where Kolgol is, and will not know about Max and the Usurper.

Kolgol gains patience is a virtue Emotional Control goes up by 1, and he may now access the Twin Queen’s Citadel on Kyrpos.]