Nightmare Hide armor up for trade! Just south of the Ruins of Brez


A single Olgog came riding tawords the wagon with two more horses fallowing a step behind. As he came into veiw it became aperant that he was one of the tall gene pool. the next thing that could be seen was the metal axe on his side. As he entered the area around the wagon he started moving his head slightly till his eyes fell apon Candy.
“Are you the one who traded with young Dar’On for the blankets he returned with?” as he asks his question he dismounts his horse.


Candy smiled to herself, perhaps she was complaining too soon, things seemed to be picking up.

"Yes, I am the one who traded blankets to a young Olgog, did your tribe enjoy them? We can make far more then just blankets, tell me what you find interesting and I will see if i can help you locate it.


The Olgog nodded. From a familar looking bag he pulled out a basket in which lay jewalry made of obsidian, wood, bone, and stone.
“Tha blankets so good I thought to come personaly to barter for a tent. I am looking for something that could hold a tride or so for a geathering, for the basket and jewalry.” Glog said. “I was also thinking of getting nightmare hide armor for at least one of my steeds, if not all. On that you can make a first price.”


Candy’s eyes positively sparkled looking at the different types of Olgog made jewelry, local materials, local craftsmanship, this is what she came here for.

"How many steeds are we talking about? Three horses? That and a large meeting tent? For this, I believe e can make a deal, as long as you throw in one more thing, I want more Olgog fur, I can get a fantastic price for it up north, making fur coats, hats, etc. As i am personally against skinning sentient life forms, I want to shave you instead. No worries about the after effects, i can just regrow the hair afterwards with this nifty artifact
Also as a special prize for being my first costumer to actually bring me authentic Olgog craftsmanship for trade instead of weapons I will throw in five suits of nightmare hide armor for your warriors. The tall kind like you, or would you prefer ones for the shorter members of your species?


Glog thought for a moment before saying “Tall”.He set his axe on the ground and closed his eyes and got ready to be shaved.


Candy and one of her aides quickly shaved Glog and collected the hair into a sack, taking the basket and the jewels Candy smiled. Her assistants set up the large beach umbrella and began summoning, killing and skinning nightmares.

Within a day all of the armors and tent were ready and handed them over.


Glog loaded everything but the armor for the horses into the bag. The armor he put on the horses.
“Thank you.” he said to the eccentric Earther. “Now that I have met you have no idea why Dar’On has been creating nightmares of Earther females.”


Candy glowed at the complement and rushed forward to hug Glog. “Awww aren’t you a sweet one, you will remember to tell your friends about me won’t you my little Gloggypoo. Anything nd everything made from nightmares can and will be done here.” Candy inhales deeply, “you know you all smell so much nicer when we get rid of the original hair, perhaps I should think about importing shampoo from up north to trade down here. With so mny furry people here I should be able to make a killing!”


Glogs eyes widen slightly before he jumps onto his horse and galops away.


Candy watched as Glog rode off, “another satisfied customer, and he even paid in locally made items, a basket and some jewlery.”

Candy yawned slight and decided to take a short nap. Her minions would wake her if a new client arrived.


From (

Tlalur ponders, “My tribe could use Hides. Nightmare Hide armor would work as substitute.” He then says “Would wood Olgog Hunting Spears work as an trade for nightmare hide armor? These are the types of spears made by tribes in our area. How many Nightmare Hide armors do you have to trade, and how many spears would you want in exchange?”

Tlalur continues “I could use up to 20 to 40 nightmare hide armors. They would need to be for my size Gogs. We have been having issues getting hides for the winter. We have a solution for keeping warm when winter hits, but we don’t have the hides to make clothing. The hide armor will work for that.”


Candy looks at Tladur, “I can sell you the armor, it won’t be the warmest thing in the world, mainly designed to deflect light blows, as for the spears, are the decorative or wooden shafts with pointy ends. If they are generic looking then not interested, I need something that implies Olgog culture. If they have crests, symbols or something carved into them then I would be interested.
20-40 is a big range, give me a number I can make it, whatever size you want.”


Tladur said “We will go with 40 nightmare hide armors, or as close as possible. While we can and have artificed an item to protect against the cold, clothing is required as a point of status during the winter time. These nightmare hide armors will work well for this.”

Then Tladur takes his spear out to show Candy while saying "These specific spears are only made by a few tribes in the area of Lake Ruil. Reinforced by multiple layers of wood, sealed with Spitting Ving saliva, and a composite blade made of tiny blades of flint and bone and Mal’ie horn. If you want, I can have the symbol for wood inscribe on the shafts. My tribes name, Herd of Auf Lal’ al, translates to Herd of Caretakers of Wood Caves. "

Tladur takes out a stone and holds it tightly in his hand. In his head he was still getting used to this idea. As a tool for setting up trade, another Gog back at the caves had the matching stone that allowed the holders to communicate to setup delivery items for a trade. He relays the details of the of the trade and requests that a skimmer with the spears covered up is set to his location.

He then says “In a day or twos time, your spears can be here. They will leave once they have inscribed the symbol of wood on the spear shafts. If you wish more time, let me know.”


Tladur then paused for a moment, and said “In addition to the 40 hide armors my size, can you do 14 hide armors for the larger sized Olgogs. Like the ones around Brez. We can do more spears for that if you like?”


Candy considers for a moment "If you carve the symbols into the spears it is acceptable, have them delivered when you can.

I have some business i need to take care of, my associates here will fill your order and accept the payment. Do not worry, they are very well trained."

Candy winks then falls into her own shadow.


After a day, Tladur will return with a skimmer full of bundles of spears to complete the trade.

Tladur will say “Please thank Candy for the trade, this will help my tribe survive the winter.”

Tladur will round will take the skimmer and head home with the hide armors.


One of the hooded figures will wave at Tladur as he leaves. They load up the spears into the wagon and all go inside. The Wagon will then drop inside it’s own shadow and returns to its Master.