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Does armor from a Cloak and regular armor stack? I believe leyas shields add to your base armor, but if you have multiple shields on you add the better stat.

For example:
A.R.Armorfiend Cloak
2 vs Melee
8 vs Missile
8 vs Energy
2 vs Chill"

AR: Nightmare Hide
vs Melee: 4
vs Missle: 4
vs Energy: 0
Vs Chill: 3"

Could someone wear these together and what would be the armor ratings?

Or is the Armorfiend cloak treated differently than:
Cloak of the Unit 817
A.R. Vs Melee & Missile & Chill +2 armor wt 2, Chill shield at 3 successes, +10 A.R. Vs Energy attacks while shield is active, and Hide in Shadows at 3 successes


It is treated like normal armor. WT (weight) on the armor is stacked and compared to Strength. If total WT of all armors combined exceeds strength all agility /FS bonus to dodge and attack is lost for the character during combat.

WT for Armorfiend cloaks is 3, and WT for Armorfiend vests is 4

However if the players wants their character to take the hits more often but be better protected there are a few limited situations where it makes sense to overload on armor.

Now in the specific situation described above Nightmare Hide and Armorfiend Cloaks can be combined. They are both WT 3 armors giving a total armor WT of 6 so i would only recommend giving that combo to characters with a strength of 6 or higher for most normal mission conditions. (for NPCs like standard tribesmen their FS equals their strength stat)

The stats would be

AR: Nightmare Hide + Armorfiend Cloak (WT6)
vs Melee: 6
vs Missle: 12
vs Energy: 8
Vs Chill: 5

In the case of the Cloak of Unit 817 its a WT 2 armor so to combine it with Nightmare Hide (WT = 3) would be recommended for strength 5 or higher characters.

AR: Nightmare Hide + Cloak of Unit 817 (WT5)
vs Melee: 6
vs Missle: 6
vs Energy: 2 (12 with shield active)
Vs Chill: 5

(if an Olgog wears these armors you also add a +2 to all AR stats (melee, missile, energy, chill) due to their own natural hide underneath the manufactured armor)


Just using this character cause I can’t get to my tribe from a phone. I was looking over the totems and it only mentioned Uhryu. Does this mean that other olgogs who are not Uhryu can not learn it or could say a Tor’og or Ur’Tor learn to chanal them?


You would have to learn them from the Karovians. If I may recommend you should Contact Yagogi’al, as he claimed many of the missing Totem trainings. However it cannot be learned without training outside of Karov ( Narrator note: unless offered as a reward for a future mission)


Week 16: To See the Star - Please, define ‘subordinate member’… Also, please define ‘direct agent’…

Week 16: To Crush All Resistance - These ‘ferals’… are they something that Krodnok would need to worry about around the lab? Considering the only people in the lab are ‘dead’, we don’t have food or water…


Subordinate members are any character other than your tribal leader Krodnok. For example one of your dead warmachines or your dead surgeon would count as a subordinate.

Yes despite lack of food or water having local ferals draw attention to your lab would be a bad thing so…

I have to go check what you mean about direct agent.


Direct agent just means your secret agent but their acting as your agent is obvious to all mercs on the mission. So i needed a term that represented agent without the secret aspect.


Ok, so, to clarify, this agent is going to be ‘directing traffic’, as it were, but won’t actually be going the the Homeforge, or are they allowed to infiltrate along with the rest?

Also, roughly how large are these feral packs?


Yes BUT whether you send them along to infiltraite is up to you. Got to weigh risks vs rewards.

The feral packs range in size from 20 to 50 adults and kids. They are families.


Ok. Now, so far as all the bodies that were put into the shadow cocoon on the wall in Simonsburg. You said 50. Krodnok has had a team from the church remove the bodies from the cocoon, and, along with the body of Siedermann, had them transported back to the lab. What i need to know is, how many are of what race, and how are they armed?


All are Earther. 20 armed as church of One squires, 29 armed as church of one knights (both standard gear in GL book, any light artifacts were left outside the shadows and already looted by others.)
Victor Siedermann greatgreat…greatgrandson of the Inquisitor Siedermann is armed with a VLAD Heavy Revolver (see outlaws guide, or ask Jamie) with 50 bullets, a VLAD combat knife and a VLAD agent suicide tooth was found in his jaw (not activated).


Tla’loc’alan Tribesmen:

I thought they were adepts as everyone else was adepts (including vandals, raiders, etc), but I couldn’t find anything on that.

Only thing I found was: In Week 5, my tribesmen were established with LR 2 and Water 2. (And the week 15 to 16 break, all of my tribals gained +1 to Earth and Water Leyas).

What level of Leyas user are the Tla’loc’alan Tribesmen actually?


Are we going to have to worry about Furs required for Rainy season again.

For my tribe, I got the furs required from a mission.

Since then, I setup the trading post in hopes to be able to trade for furs and other minor things my tribe might need.


It was never determined how long it take to train npc gOl’ol


NO STANDARD Tribals have any starting abilities unless specifically noted.

Tlalocalan tribes start with Ur Tor as their common adepts but that does not make their standard tribals adepts.

If they gained LR 2 then they are at LR 2. We will not be going into Adept vs conscious vs unconscious for standard tribals as that would encourage mass employment of standard tribals as artificers which is not consistent with any of the Olgog tribes at the beginning of GL.
Unless specially noted standard tribals will be limites to LR 4 and level 4 abilites and no general lvl 2 unless earned as part of a special mission for a specific standard tribal which will raise them to being more than a standard tribal (cutting them off from standard tribal only missions)

While there are exceptions (Bruskti starting as LR 4 vamps), or the Raiders (who start with adepts but dont get any general leyas starting) they are listed in main GL book.


Once we get back to the rainy season of Auf Kol yes it will matter quite a bit. But first we will go through the summers of Auf Ka during which flamewinds strike and the season of Auf Tor.


You may start with 2 of each type of gOl’ol at the beginning of GL 2.
At the moment though nothing additonal to train until you and I go over the Elemental Totem training you wanted to develop and it gets put into an update.


Is it possible to artifice a cloak with Slight of Hand(Troubador 1) to make an invisibility cloak


It would not make the cloak or wearer invisible but it would become the ultimate concealed weapon cloak able to hide grenades handguns and short weapons against all visual inspection (thermal will still detect items just not vision)


Tribes of Uhryu only manufacture artifacts and armour in need of “spiritual” attacks, such as vampyres. My characters don’t know this, but there is going to be an attack by vampyrs in karov, to which one of the things they would want to do is make some artifacts. With the way the artifacts are created in in a thread, how should I proceed for creating an artifact or two, if and when this attack on the ferals happen.