Online Game Rules Questions


Yes as long as the artifacts are only used in missions with Vampyrs, cursed or other spiritual threats. Throughout this entire time it would have made sense for the Uhryus to be making items of power to protect the Ol of their Olgogs.


Is it possible for Scribe to join the collective as he is part of a local army.


Yes it is. Especially if Scribe spreads his skills to other allies


I recieved rewards in the form of Quall Ndrone to deploy in missions. Can I use them to RP and for tasks like artificing and leyas training?


Yes , but they cannot do things like sacrifice or channel for extra successes.

Any artifact made by quall will be considered a false idol by Children of the Falosini and mark its bearer as an enemy.


As a CoA would Scribe have to carry his Rune Staff at all times or could he leave it at a secure location along with his other gear?


Yes he would carry it with him into almost all situations.
He would not leave his runestaff in a vault somewhere as it is
part of his devotion as a Champion of Asgard.


Can the Feindish Greatsword be artificed?


As the fiendish greatsword is an upgrade power of the dead war machine it cannot be further artificed with additional powers.


Could nightmares be used to make weapons as well as armor.


Weapons made from Nightmare bone would be no different than the bone weapons which Tlalocalan tribals start with as standard. (Standard bone rules apply)

It would take Kasanthian style Nightmare pits involving feeding nightmares their creators to be able to mass produce large amounts of Nightnare bone for weapons manufacturing.


Can a kalokgog/aufgog in training teach another olgog the special trainings of protective eyelids and Aufgog in training? (geared towards kalokgog). I assume my apprentice kalokgogs have the trainings an aufgog would, the only difference between them and a full aufgog is that all their stats and abilities are at 3.


How do I activate horned dogs to turn into Quall Warriors?
Can i up their devotion in the Special Training Threads or do I have to wait for it as a Mission Reward?


If you mean Aufgog Apprentices yes. Apprentices and other lower FS versions of character kits have all the same abilities as the normal version but are capped in stat and skill. They could teach special trainings they know.


Mission rewards only


Is one of Gultor’uf Uhryu’s captured after depositing the artifact? (I need this for accounting purposes)


It will depend how this weeks mission goes whether he/she is actually captured or not. They are considered locked into taking part in the mission though.


Does Scribes participation in the Trial stop him from taking part in the Flame Winds mission.


If I wanted to make multiple artifacts using different abilities but stayed under the Max number could I use only one artificer or would I need to have different artificers for each one. I.e. say I wanted to artifice one spring shot with a fire Leyas ability and a second spring shot with an air leyas ability, could they be made by the same artificer in the same week.


Is the 10 bruski airships a one time mission reward, or are they an anytime access?