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One time mission reward


In a live game both could easily be made by the same artificer. But in the online game it falls under standard artificing rules for tribes to prevent artifact farming.


How much of a person’s body do you need to revive them with their mind whole with a nanite syringe?


Great question.

In live games ill allow them as long as you got some of the person left over (so not in the case of incineration or other attacks that don’t leave a corpse behind.)

In the online game they may only be used to restore immutables in the field of battle administered by own tribe, preferably in the same mission (I.e the immutable brought nanites to the mission so allies can bring them back in case of deadly wound)

They may not be used to for example to clip off a finger and then send in troops to die elsewhere and nanite the finger (only works for Leyas Users sorry Immutables)
They also may not be used to emulate any form of cloning like injecting cut off limbs to grow an extra person. etc.


Does Lalder’s Olgog Radar actually detect Neliffs or their eggs? (LIke multiple life forms in one host, or do they appear different.) Just trying to figure out how specificly we can track them.

(maybe the Radar can be adjusted to search for NEliffs.)

The mission rewards from:

“Lalder gains Operational Awareness. They have now mapped all Auf Lal’al lands and are sure no Neliff are in the region, however they have tracked a few Neliff going north into Der’al Collective lands.”


Neliff eggs are not able to be picked up by the Radar.
However if the Neliff are creating nests of Multiple Neliffs the number of lifeforms will show up on the
Auf Lal’al Ladar (Life Aura Detection and Ranging) . They may be hiding their nests in caverns inhabited by giants where the Ladar would pick up the Giants lifesigns but not the Neliff hiding among them.


5 of the trainiess were F.S.4 ur maks formmerly of the brezen army (10 are from Mag Buskt). Do they get any increase in ability or are just FS of 4?


they gain +3 HP instead if they were already FS 4.


For Mission:

It said for each account can send one. Does that mean I could send my tribe Gog and my Merc (Not working together?)?


Again for Mission:

What is the due date?


This mission ends at 8:00 PM Eastern Standard Time on Friday 31 July.


Yes BUT they better not be working together.

If any Merc character OR time shredder character is found to be helping the same player’s own other character, there will be severe severe consequenses.

For example, your Merc and your Olgog can both go to kill Mortis Leonin, but they cannot be involved in the same planning sessions or work as part of the same teams. Or your Merc could try and kill leonin while your olgog tries to capture him.

But if they work together to do so they will be punished. All player alliances should be with OTHER Players characters not their own.


Is it possible for Krodnok to learn psychic abilities?


If Jorvin gets back to me before wednesday mission cutoff, can I edit my post?


only if he learns them from an authorized NPC. There are currently no authorized NPCS to train in psychics. But that will change as GL3 progresses. Psychic abilities will be rewards for certain missions.


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Where is Uhryu tyrone (evidently he was in a thread I and I didn’t realize he was in)


Yes he was. Now he’s in the Temporal Assassins of the Iron Republic thread. Make sure to read it before jumping in because players have already discussed a lot of stuff.


Does the Pen of Scribe retain the demon fighting bonus from th Ashes, or was that replaced by the other bonuses?