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Yes the sword would retain the demon fighting stats from the Ashes


I misspelled annual on purpose. Wanted to see in anyone is OC enough to notice and not because I pulled this out of my head randomly in a hurry. Just kidding - I don’t know the answer.

Where would I send messages to you guys in game on the forums to the major and minor factions? I’m trying not to spam people this time. Not that I can remember nor I don’t think this is a true sentence.

Yes I have events planed. No I don’t have sponsors or impartial judges yet. Maybe commas should have come after yes and no.


Who are the Ur Kug?


Ur Kug are a standard kit in the Goblin Lands game book page for Unenese Fishergogs on page 39 of GL. They are water heavy natural leyas users.


Two. Two questions, ah, ah, ha.

I got a question about “Molly the Hover-truck”. She not a hover truck right? If she is… really need to find that Ranma ½ magic pool or splash her with cold water.

Also, how does other players “invest in McGraw Harbor” during a mission? Does someone post “My name is John Spheroid: I kick ass, take names and I shill… I mean support McGraw Harbor. It’s the fresh maker!” and I post “Yes they do. Oh yes, they do. Muha ha ha!”, or just post a list under Treaties or someplace?


Question 1: Yes Molly the Hover-truck has been returned to being Molly the person. The Dragon Sickness has been purged from Refuge by EEF Anti-nanite Nanites.

Question 2: Now this is a GREAT Question. Step 1 is Posting to the Treaties Section of the Forum with the specific agreement being made. What is being invested, what is expected for that investment. Then Step 2 Narrator will review it and confirm the resources are actually available. Step 3 Narrator will post with the effects of that investment.

The Players have to do Step 1 posting the agreement and the investments. But it does require any players involved in the investment to post.

Also be aware any investments will be affected by different faction affiliations…


rewards questions for

  1. my character already has strider pilot 3. Can I raise to 4?
  2. My character does not have LR 4, only 3. All elementals I have are 3. Can I raise LR to 4 instead?


Guess it may be time for you to deploy a new character as part of your screenname. Choose carefully (feel free to ask the Narrator for suggestions) and then add the bonuses listed above.


I would like Captain Oliver to make a Political Statement, but I feel to be IN-Character for Milos Greybeard, do I have to post as him to the mission instead?

What do I do since I can only send one character to the mission?


You will have to choose which side of your interests you want to push forward. I am sure many players would like to post as different parts of their interests in this mission.

  1. May Eli McGraw make a statement regrading the outrageous, but possibly true claims about Buffy’s involvement for mission choice 3, Dark Refuge Post 2220 Mission 4: Are There Lessons from the Border Wars? Asking because he’s not supporting any candidate.

  2. How long have Eli and Buffy been married? Asking because trying to figure out the age of the child.

  1. Yes absolutely but keep in mind as Mayor of McGraw Harbor making a statement will be viewed as McGraw Harbor’s official position on the subject.

  2. The wedding was in 2217 so the child would be between 3 and 4 years old.


Does the survival skill act as Bushcrafting or would a character need the individual skills that are used in it?


In the traditional meaning of Bushcraft like Firestarting, building lean tos and other bushcraft temporary shelters, knowing how to handle stagnant water etc then yes absolutely Survival is the skill that you would use.


As Lord Grimaldus is favored by God he gets a plus 20 to all of his rolls right? :-p


Hmmm i wonder if Lord Grimaldus is willing to go through the Church of Ones Pope ritual to gain access to such “favor”?


I get a little snarky and this happens:

Godart gains The Ghost of Godart. From the moment the timeline shattered in three directions, Godart found himself awake again for the first time since his death. But he realized quickly he was awake but not alive. He was the Ghost of Godart a time remanent really, and was trapped between timelines. But he could speak to Naeil and the rest of the Lucky Fate Squad through mirrors and reflections.”

There goes that The Death of Godart +1 attack and dodge bonus. As a human being I find this pretty horrifying to have happen and ask god oh god why? As a gamer I find this pretty rad state of being and ask how can I exploit this?


Lol Godart is still dead so Lucky Fate still gets the bonus.

As for exploiting this ghostly state, well Godart can be seen in the mirrors by Lucky Fate Squad allowing him to be a bit of a guardian angel for them. He can alert them to things going on (like ambushes) and can even secretly signal different members.
He seems to show up more often visually when Hekeriki is around.

As for exploiting it…was there a specific action/activity you wanted more info on?


As for exploiting it…was there a specific action/activity you wanted more info on?

Honestly I got a lot of fun stupid ideas but I don’t want to piss everyone off. Also, Godart is not a creep. So, I’ll keep my thoughts (out loud) sane within reason? Because GMs give lots of rope out for players to hang themselves. I see rope everywhere! Rope!

Since he’s trapped between timelines because something split them into three, can Godart observe the other timelines thru The Lucky Fate Squad? Can he interact with the other two Godarts (assuming they are alive)? And that Crystal version of Godart who’s babysitting Eli McGraw’s child (been slightly hinting at that for fun, because didn’t think this horrible weirdness would happen!) still counts as a member?

Again, I got a lot of fun stupid ideas.


Rope? Hehhehheh

A few important notes to keep in mind. Yes Godart will be able to see into the 3 time lines once they differentiate. At this moment (and up until mission 10 of DR2220) if godart were to look in all three timelines they would seem identicle…at this moment :slight_smile: