Online Game Rules Questions


Okay, I’ll keep that in mind, take the lumps and not go too nuts. As far he’s knows, something weird is happening but he doesn’t fully know what. Using a TV channel analogy, he can watch 2 3 and 4 but they all have the same programing until they start to change the line up a bit. Then a lot. Then possibly cancellation or consolidation.


The TV channel anology is a very good one :slight_smile:


Looking through the rules Shadow Leyas deals with fear, Nightmares, chill, and shadows. Would it be a stretch to add Guilt into that list or is that be somewhere else?


Guilt cannot be assuaged using the Leyas unfortunately. Guilt is something characters have to play through an experience. The Leyas cannot “get rid of it”.


I was thinking more of a filling a Bing with guilt, but that answers that question too.