Planning Thread Post2220: Boriel I'tash and Lord I'tash's Allies


(OOC Jemison Post)
Lurtor appears and says "Jemison Post has been preparing for this and our part per the Terms of the elevation of Peacelord Grim and the creation of the Kingdom of Jemison Post. Jemison Post will protect Boriel’s retreat and surrounding land as his forces leave for battle freeing up Boriel’s forces for his mission.

We will defend with the army of Jemison Post and our ships. I would have offered more, but some Peacelords attacked our forces in Peacelord Grims Holdings at Boriel’s retreat that we were planning to send to support Boriel’s attack. "

(OOC Lurtor is planning on having his spy services keep an eye on things, Grims army patroling and Lurtor/OtO clones as support. Lurtor has another plan of a training misison from his school, but working that out in my head.)


Boriel looked at Spymaster Lurtor with interest.

“These Jemison Post’s forces around Boriel’s Retreat will be lead by Slavemaster Malice and Lord Malaganth while they are in my kingdom. They will be folded into the larger defense force and returned to Jemison Post once the battle has ended. After the infighting between Jemison Post forces and other forces in my employ, I want to make sure these forces stay in the defense zones and don’t get any funny ideas about trying to free slaves in Peacelord holdings while I am away and outside the city.”

Slavemaster Malice said, “This is good, The Jemison Post forces will help Lord Malaganth’s Uthvelor hold the trench lines in case the EEF, the Sea Kings or another enemy of the state turns against us.”

Lord Malaganth interrupted, “My Lord Boriel, I assume these forces fulfill Lord Grim’s responsibility to protect Boriel’s Retreat?”

“Yes,” said Boriel, “Spymaster Lurtor, make sure the Jemison Posts forces to bring winter clothes. They will have at least three weeks out in the trenches. I would offer food from the Retreat’s storehouses but after the recent poisonings I can understand if the Jemison Post forces would prefer to bring their own rations…?”


Lurtor says “I will have Kandor as point person to relay between our forces and Slavemaster Malice and Lord Malaganth. Let him know what you need, and he will implement it.”