Planning Thread Post2220: EEFer Allies


Lurry says “Sounds like a plan.”


A light aerial vehicle with 4 large hover thrusters lazily banked out along the water before coming to a neat landing on the beach. The AAV didn’t look heavily armored and seemed lightly armed compared to the floating tanks that the EEF used. As the dust settled from the crafts landing the team of people whom disembarked in the dust cloud rose almost in unison. They had spread out in a semi circle from the large sliding door on the side.

They approached the bar spread in a wide Vee. They all wore intimidating black armor with various pouches configured on it. The point of the Vee was a Kiou. He wore a black baseball cap with a stylized black heart with an arrow piercing it. His neatly kept beard was bound on the bottom with a gunmetal grey metal beard clasp with an insignia of 4 concentric diamonds. He nodded to those gathered before saluting Captain Moose. “Sir, Blackheart Securities is going to put in a bid to assist your venture, to establish the value we can add to your mission capabilities we hope to join you pro bono until a contract can be finalized. My name is Squad Leader Bax Gra’Vale. Myself and my team are at your disposal.”

Behind them the Night Hawk AAV lifted off rolling away from the beach and back out to sea.


Lurry says "Greetings Squad Leader, I’m Lurry, I don’t want to speak for the Captain, but could you help with the distraction and drawing away the Illuminated’s guards. Any help there will make it easier for us to Snatch him. I’m planning to snatch up the Illuminated after I knock him out. But need space and time for that.

Our goal is to be in and out, not making a full committed attack though as we didn’t have the forces to do that.

The bigger and flashier the better allowing those of us sneaking around more opportunity."


Lurtor also notes “I will create firebombs to be handed out to cause more distractions. Eli, just attach them to your dumy, they’ll go off when it lands. I’ll drop some of these at the feet if needed as part of the distraction. But then I go for the illuminated.”


Eli says “Howdy. Welcome to the party Bax. Let me fill you in on the details.”

And so he did.

“Well, I got to get ready. Come on dummy. It’s killing time,” he said with a sigh.

“Okay Eli.”


Moose smiled and offered a salute and then a handshake to SL Gra’Vale, "I am happy to see DRRT has gotten some additional professional help. Lurry is a very helpful operative as you can see. Eli is our team medic, but he is an immutable so I expect a couple of challenges along the way.

So far our plan is a snatch and grab. Lurry, Eli and anyone else whose coming along will be operating on the beachhead to collect the Illuminated. It will be tough though.

What is your Specialty SL Gra’Vale?"


Gra’Vale nodded to Moose. “I am in charge of leading the team, I was straight leg infantry the last time I was up north before joining blackheart. Somewhat of a generalist I guess. Going around my team My two team leaders are recon officer Samantha Ah’Raza.” A Vlhadassi woman with jet black hair and sea green eyes nodded coolly to the gathered individuals. “And logistics officer and Medic Micheal Sheridon.” A bald earther smiled and gave a casual salute. Gra’Vale motioned toward a lanky K’iorn, “This is Magnus, our Xenobiology and tactics expert.” Gra’vale continued motioning to a red headed earther woman, “Gina Flowers our demolitions and crowd control expert.” And finally nods to an earther of average height, "Finally Eric Slate the teams immutable and equipment maintainer.”
“Unfortunately due to risk mitigation of working pro-bono I can only send one person on this sortie. It sounds like Gina Flowers talents will be best for the mission.” Gra’Vale pulled a map for each individual going on the mission. “Here these were compiled shortly after the disaster and should be relatively accurate.”
Sheridon pulled out clear plastic sheets with markings on them, as he handed them out he said, “These line up top right corner to 38 76. This is OP Plan Cutlass. Rally points, phase lines, avenues of approach, likely observation points, you will find it all there. Try and memorize it before you hit the beach, doesn’t normally go well to try and figure it out in the middle of a fire fight.”
Gra’Vale took over the brief, “If you have a better plan of execution we are open to it. Also Security officer Flowers will have real time access to a drone feed. Unfortunately due to trade secret protections we won’t be able to extend the feed to the other operators.”


Moose said, “We are honored to have Security Officer Flowers on the team.”

He paused for a moment as if in deep thought. Then he continued, "A question that hasn’t come up.

What are we going to if the operation goes south and you all cannot grab Qory Kal I’tash?"


Lurry says "Any help in planning locations and provided intel would be greatly appreciated whether or not we have access ourselves to those feeds.

As for what to do if things go south, We either have two choices, pull out and call it a failed mission, or attempt to assassinate the Illuminated. I’m mixed on either. Most important is that all of our team gets out. Anything else is bonus."


SO Flowers smiled, “Well the Op plan provides fallback point for the retro grade. I intend to make sure the avenue of egress will have bombs to provide some concealment and break up lines of sight.” She paused looking to Bax unsure for a moment before continuing, “The drone has a nose full of high explosives. If the other operatives are forced to retreat as long as they forced the target into the open it gives us a final strike option.”

“My plan is to set up two sets of explosives on these structures.” She said tracing an edge of the camp. “The first set of charges will hopefully drop a few of the buildings and certainly get the sea kings attention. The second set will be casualty causers, hopefully weaken their numbers and sow some chaos. I haven’t fought sea kings before but I am hoping they assume that they are being attacked via that direction and amass in the kill radius of the secondary devices and open their flank up for you both to infiltrate.” She pointed at a pair of locations marked OP 3 and OP 4. “Before initiating the attack I intend to fall back to which ever of these locations I decide provides better field of view. I will provide updates on what I see and what aerial reconnaissance is reporting. I will break from the OP and head to rally point Bravo assuming the other operatives can successfully exfil the site.”

“Unless anyone has a better plan go word is saber, after which I will detonate the first set of charges. Hold until I detonate the second set then begin your assault.” She hoped she wasn’t being to pushy with the timing aspect.


Lurry says "Lets just watch any collateral damage of the non Sea Kings, and we don’t want to blow up our target before I extract him. Then blowing up his area will conceal that we took him alive. Please don’t blow me up too though.

Also, if I remember the area, I believe this meeting will happen near the beach?? Not sure. Your targets could be the surviving sea king ships. Note, I could be wrong on that and please correct me if I am.

I do think your econdary devices will open up for me to get close enough to see, knock out, and grab the target. With any luck, I’ll be in position before the explosions start raining and will make my move as things are the craziest."


Flowers cocked her head, “Don’t begin your assault until after I have fired off the second set of charges. Also don’t attack that side of their area. The idea is to draw the bulk of the forces to that area so you can action on the target.” She thought about using explosives to conceal taking the target alive. “I am not sure I can predict the area where the pharaoh will be to fake the targets death.”


Larry says “k, sounds like a plan”

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Moose sighed, "Now I understand what Lt. Dobson was talking about when dealing with irregular units.

Step one you all need a communication setup that will reach us all. Take these technomantic earbuds. They will communicate with everyone on the DRRT extraction team and with me and our pilot on the Extraction vehicle. At the end of this mission I’ll collect them, and you will get new ones on a new frequency for your next mission."

Moose passed out a small box to Officer Flowers, Eli McGraw and Lurry.

“Step two, Be professional. Watch each other’s back, keep in contact using your earbuds. Beware of the Illuminated’s Eye. Take Qory into custody and do not harm him any more than needed for capture. Call for extraction when ready for pickup.”

“Step three, we need to get back together immediately after this mission to debrief. Those that debrief will get their DRRT credentials. I also want you to collect any information you can on the Sea Kings technology or artificings.”


Flowers nodded, “Sir, yessir, I will try and recover what I can.” She took the technomantic communicator, “Depending on what type of vehicle rally point bravo could work. If we need a landing strip we will need to blast it ourselves.”

Flowers thought for a moment, “Should I be trying to prevent Sea Kings casualties or inflict them?”


Moose thought long and hard and said, “No collateral damage if possible. Limit the casualties to wounding, no final deaths. We aren’t trying to drive out the Sea Kings. Our mission is to go in, grab the package, get out. I think we can accomplish that even with small numbers.”


Burke walked in and realized that he was very late to this meeting, in fact it looked like everyone had finished their planning and kinda looking at him. “Hello all! Sorry I am late, I was quite far to the south and realized that I didn’t have any vehicle capable of flying long distances. So when I heard about conflicts happening up here I headed north only to realize that the original mission I was heading for ended a while ago. Then I heard about mercenaries being hired here and once again realized that transportation to Taris was awkward. So here I am, I am Burke, I am a sniper who would love to get paid for shooting things and people. Does this job involve that kind of stuff? Sorry for being late to the planning session, like I said, transportation up here is a bitch.”


Moose looked at Burke, "Interesting. A sniper huh? I’ll give you a shot. Heh see what I did there. You can call me Moose. That is Officer Flowers. The guy in the corner is Lurry. And our team Medic is Eli McGraw.

If you can set up in the hedge rows overlooking the beach , you should have a view of the beach.

We should be able to do this snatch and grab without kiling a soul. But if things go south I need you to handle any Sea Kings who get in the way of Lurry and Eli pulling out our target. Take out knees if you can."


Lady Sarphin walked into the room and annoumced “My lord Grim has asked that I attempt to assist in removing the threat posed by the SeaKings forces. What help will you require?”


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