Planning Thread Post2220: EEFer Allies


Lurry says "The more attention you can keep away from me when I go to knock out the illuminated and jump away with him the better. He will have lots of guards and if they notice, it would make my job that much harder.

Also if the Illuminated is looking somewhere that I’m not, that will help too."


Moose said "Woah, Whatcha mean PeaceLord Grim sent you? He reports to Boriel Itash , the Slaver and Our Enemy. I am sorry but I cannot allow you onboard our operation. DRRT may use irregulars but we dont use the active workers of our enemy nations.

Please thank PeaceLord Grim for his offer of “help” but we cannot accept it.

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Candy teleported into the room with a flourish, “I am here to solve all of your problems with my godly powers! I shall snap my fingers and all of your dreams shall come true!” Candy looks around and notices that everyone had already left and she was speaking to an empty room…“Ah well, I am sure they will be fine” Candy then teleports back home.


[DR2220 Mission 3+]

Moose looked out across his DRRT members with pride. Despite the capture of Lurry by a third party element, the mission had successfully taken care of Qory Kal I’tash.

Now their new mission had come down from EEF High Command.

"DRRT we have been assigned to go undercover and provide protection for the candidates at their speeches at the Ithamar arts festival. Each candidate will be bringing their own bodyguards, but we have it on good authority that the Scarabs gang plans on using the event to publically attack Candidate Yildor Roren.

We may not believe in his legitimacy as a candidate. But for a fair election process, we have to allow all candidates a safe space to speak to the people of Refuge."


Bax smiled, “Blackheart provides plenty of executive protection to parties we don’t agree with. We have no problem protecting whomever jumps on the soap box. What sort of even are we talking, indoor, outdoor, open assembly, screened guests?” Bax had a lot of questions regarding the situation. “Also I know SO Flowers has received her credentials can I send another member of my team or do you only want her?”


Moose smiled at Bax and said, “SO Flowers was a great agent. She does have her credentials but I would like to see what your entire team has to offer so that each has the potential to join the DRRT.”

His face got a way more serious, "We lost Agent Lurry in the last mission, and I want to make sure no one else goes M.I.A.

The event in question is in the middle of the colony of Ithamar. Its at an event venue set up just for this event, and all the gear used and all the construction material will be swept by the EEF before we have a chance to move in.

Its an open air event, with rooftop and third floor visible sight of the stage from across the street from the event location. The location is a converted caravan depot called Knots Point. The buildings of the caravan depot have been taken over by the various candidates as office buildings. There are three, so Lord Grimaldus and Daron and that new guy with the wierd W name all got lumped into three double wide trailers erected to the rear of the stage.

The stage has two feet of open room. Then a line for security guards with metal barricades. These barricades barely go up to the chest of most eventgoers so they are just there to prevent a rush of the stage.

There a section of dirt set aside for the special attendees,and that section will have chairs set up ten chairs deep.
The people in this section will be fully vetted by the EEF.

Beyond that is the open section where any EEF citizen may go. There ARE going to be folks out there with springshots and other weapons. This is Refuge, so don’t automatically assume an open carry weapon is here to kill a candidate.

But if you see weapons among anyone seated in the first ten rows, that should be cause for concern."


Bax nodded, “Not the hardest assignment though I am sure some of the candidates will make it interesting.” He motioned for his logistics officer to come over. “Here is all the footage we have on Lurry’s abduction.” The earther logistics officer handed Moose a disc, “Unfortunately the asset lost contact and had to break station, a girl of some sort did abduct him. I am sorry the footage can’t be of much more help.”


Moose said, “I will present it to my higher ups and I think they will authorize a retrieval.”

“While they are working on that, we must move ahead with the Ithamar situation.”


A blond Earther woman with a tray of goodies walks out into open. “Moose! Oh Moose! It’s me! I got the refreshments!”

“Oh dear. Where is everyone?” Turning to Moose, “You did get my message that Eli is unable to assist for this, right Moose? Currently now he’s unwinding from that awful experience with that crazy girl.”

A sly smile and twinkle in her eye flashes across her face.

“But you do have the other half of team McGraw-Strykker: Buffy. While I’m not Eli nor do I have his skills, I can help you.”


An earther teenager, dressed in jeans, a tee shirt and leather vest, walks in and sits in a chair off to the side. Nodding to Moose, “Hi I’m Johnny D. We decide that i would be the one to represent Tatters at this meeting. So what can we do to help? This is what you wanted us for , right?”


Moose looked at Buffy then at Johnny D.

He said, “Buffy, my intelligence reports tell me you are related to one of the candidates. Therefore ill assign you to help Jeremiah Strykkers security detail. I dont want people saying it was one of Candidates Strykkers family members who was assigned to protect a different candidate.”

“Johnny D if you could check the attendees for necrotech upgrades at the event front desk and security checkpoint?”


Buffy rolled her eyes.

“Yeah, like, I get that before I got here. You know what? Though I can’t be there to help ya, I can totally persuade Maud the Blade herself to back off,” she smiled.

“Excuse me while I help you not to blow it.”

Buffy leaves with swagger in her step.


Moose said, "I’m looking for a few good people to go undercover in I’tashi lands as Mercs and report back on Revolutionary Army being assembled by Sarrick St.Johns.

Any Volunteers?"


[DR2220+ Mission 6]

Moose was worried. He was getting reports of both Redeemer allies being under attack AND an orbital platform being attacked by space born Neliff and Warmonger’s Dead. A concerning combo of events that led Moose to believe something more concerning was going on.

He gathered a DRRT group together and asked, "So we have a couple of tough targets. One is preventing Neliff from taking an Orbital Platform that could kill a colony…that cannot be allowed to happen.

At the same time our allies in the south are under attack.

I have invited Commander Tormog’ru of Unit 817 to come address us as a resident expert."


Ani G was in a good mood when he showed up. “Yo, yo, yo DRRT. I heard you have a two problems. One of them is in space with Orbital Platform of Doom. The Lucky Fate Squad got this and anyone who wants to catch a ride.”


Moose smiled and said, "Hiya Ani G. I am happy to have you onboard for this one. It seems you already have a plan in mind. Why dont you lay it out for us? "


Ani G nod. “Yeah, we got something that can get into space and the distract OPD (Orbital Platform of Doom). It’s called…”

cue the Metal Wolf Chaos - Dept Blue music

Nothing happen for two minutes.


A huge, big as a building metal alien robot mokey landing next to the site.

…Metal Discord Kuo’lo!"


Ani G explained simply “We run interference on our machine, bat back some orbital strikes from the OPD while another team with spacesuits take out the Neliff and Warmonger’s Dead!”


Moose literally laughed in Ani G’s face. He sputtered and laughed until he cried and then wiped away the tears.

Then he said, "Okay Ani G. That is one big metal Kue’lo, but I’m pretty sure a hit by a Damoclese strike would turn that into a pile of slag. As for batting away Damoclese strikes, naw I don’t think that would work at all… they are a city destroying weapon, they carve through super-heavy capital ships…

BUT the damoclese strike probably wont be able to target the MDK in space…but…in space that big Kue’lo would be one hell of a target to draw their anti-starship laser weapons and other weapons. "

Drying his eyes, Moose looked at Ani G with some seriousness, “Let’s say I get you the authorization to take the big Kue’lo spaceward…whats to stop the Neliff from just posessing your pilots and turning it against the colonies?”