Planning Thread Post2220: EEFer Allies


“Sorry Moose, but they left when the whole Max Deveros scandal happened a few weeks ago,” said Guilder Muin.

“I’ve been dealing with some stuff down south. What was the Max Deveros scandal?” asked Moose.

“Remember that greenhorn Strider pilot who went all call in that fight against the Hobtla Mag’ol a few months ago?” asked Muin with a conspiratorial look, “Seems the kid did an interview alongside Candidate Yildor Roren, gave Yildor a Personal Seal of Approval. Suffice it to say active military shouldn’t and can’t give that sort of commendation while serving. Thats why Field Marshall Strykker temporarily stepped down and installed Field Marshall Map’el for the course of the election.”


Moose smiled, “The Upper Brass must have shit canned him quick.”

“They would have, but the colonies are kinda split,” said Muin, "Too many folks are supporting Yildor in high places to make that move work. In fact in the week between when the EEF drummed Max out for action unbecoming a soldier, they’ve had more people quit than any time in the past year. And that’s including the time when the EEF was facing a full warmonger cult invasion.

The politics are getting bad. Most Olgogs out here are firmly Daron supporters. The majority of the EEFers are supporting Strykker but a strong and vocal minority have gathered some business interests and are working to force Roren on the general populace.

All it would take is a good scandal and Roren could knock out both candidates…"


Moose leaned in, “Why hasn’t the Banking Guild just cut that criminal off?”

Guilder Muin said, “The Guild doesn’t get involved in politics for exactly these sorts of volatile situations. But I will tell you the Church of One Bank of Dunesphere has been waiting for a moment just like this to try and undercut the Guild as “the establishment.” Their economic warfare has heated up dramatically since the Deveros incident.”

Moose said, "Well I am in town with my friends to see which side the EEF should be supporting.

PeaceLord Grim or Boriel’s Slavers."


Guilder Muin said, “Seems easy, Grim used to help the EEF right?”

“He accepted control of an EEF and Fort Lendill funded expedition to recover EEF holdings out here. He got the Glacial Research Facility back in EEF hands, but then sold out the entire lands surrounding it to Boriel in exchange for rule and rights as a PeaceLord,” said Moose sadly, “That was a betrayal EEF High Command will not soon forgive.”

Guilder Muin said, “But Grim did it to find a peaceful solution, and he saved so many from slavery.”

Moose said, “Well that is your opinion…and its a fair one. But the EEF could really just sit this battle out. No loss of treasure or blood.”

“Eli, Lurry, Blackheart Squad, Ani G, what do you all think?”


A cassette player with a cassette drops from nowhere at Moose’s feet. It played on impacted.

“If you are hearing this message right now, Eli McGraw can’t come to your aid right due to being indisposed and most likely won’t be there in time. Sorry 'oubt that partner. Only advice I can give you is: What would Eli do?”

“Think about it hard, and then do it not. What Eli does you can’t. That’s reality so suck it up.”


Ani G. says “I have the boss give a Grim an offer. Not sure if we should stick our noses in this. We only got a squad and… really big robot. Plus politics and all and something seems weird about this. Why is this happening now?”


Moose laughed at Eli’s message. Considering the last bit of info that Moose recieved showed Eli had somehow masterfully infiltraited the Neliff outpost on the far continent.

Moose gave a silent prayer for Elis successful return. Then he looked at Ani G.


Moose smiled sadly, " Politics seem to be the bane of our existence these days. I hope things calm down once a new Colony General is elected.

Ani G, my sources tell me the battle in Boriels Retreat escalated for two reasons. The first is that Grim outlawed slavery in his lands which upset the balance of power between Boriels peacelords.

The second reason is the kingdom of Itash selling land and formally recognizing Sea Kings holdings. This was offensive and an affront to the tradionalist PeaceLords who see their whole existence predicated on preventing the Sea Kings from taking land on this continent. On the second one I hear things are so bad there is talk of a coup against Elijah Morte to depose him and place a more “loyalist” supporting Grand Magi on the throne.

But as for this battle.


It seems that this is a fight between Old Guard and New Guard. The Old Guard is still feeling the pain and loss of the Border Wars. They want to be isolationist and the only thing that rouses them is someone taking their slaves.

The New Guard cares less about having slaves as restoring The Sylvan Undead to the throne of the Northern Kingdoms. They see Grims army of Freed Slaves and his popularity abroad as the perfect agent to change to overcome the Old Guard and get Elijah Morte deposed.

So the Old Guard are pro slavery but anti change and anti new wars. The New Guard gives a fuck less about slavery but demands new wars against the Sea Kings and a resoration of Itashs sovereignty.

Neither group is beneficial to colonial security at this time…great options right?"


“So, helping Grim and his dudes would hurt the Sea Kings. They’re everywhere on Refuge, uhm right? The Sea Kings are in a better position to hurt the colonies,” as Ani said his thoughts out loud.

“Either way, we’re going to wait to see if Grim wants our help.”

And in the mean time, he thought to keep Daron out of this. Probably what the boss was going to suggest. Interfering in another country’s civil war could be bad for his chance to be Colony General.


Moose corrected Ani G, "No, actually helping Grim would hurt THE PEACE established by the EEF and the Northern Kingdoms with the Sea Kings.

If the Old Guard who is opposed to Grim wins, they will probably consolidate power at Boriel’s Retreat and leave the Sea Kings matter untouched.

Whereas if Grim wins the New Guard will use this as an excuse to act in ways that will end the Peace by ejecting the Sea Kings from their holdings at Makuf and Port Amlon. And the only way to eject the Sea Kings would be by force."

Moose sighed, “Its not an easy choice that is for sure. But I want to make sure everyone understands the political challenges presented by this civil war in Boriel’s Retreat.”


Lurry dressed in his standard armor and weapons array had listened to what was said. He didn’t like that train of thought.

Lurry says "Greetings, Sorry for my absence, things are a stir in the north. Had to check on my shops and listen. I have a different way to look at this situation. We could actually gain from this and further stabilize the area.

We might want to look at who we want in power or to have the greatest influence on Boriel. Grim, or the old guard. Grim is friendly with the EEF and through his Spymaster friendly with Fort Lendill. Both have worked with the EEF and the colonies before. So far, Jemison Post has worked with the EEF and not against the EEF and the colonies. We already know Grim will not allow Slavery in his lands as he freed everyone in his lands as his first act. Which of course is what started this civil war, but is also something the colonies prefer.

If Grim gains more influence over larger holdings of Boriel, then he could further reduce the threat of Boriel’s forces against the EEF and the colonies even more. If Grim looses, we will loose that influence. At the very least, Grim is a moderating influence in Boriel’s court which would be bad to loose.

The real issue is Grim needs to win to keep his influence as Boriel doesn’t strike me as one who likes loosers and weaklings. So, even if Grim survives this but looses territory or his holdings, we loose. Grim will loose that influence over Boriel and will just be another small peacelord again or dead. As a side note, 10s of thousands could be enslaved again.

And if the main concern is about the deal with the Sea Kings, we should approach Grim or Lurtor that using his inflence to keep the deal with the sea kings is the price of help."


Moose nodded vigoriously saying, "It is true, I doubt Grim would retain the favor of Boriel I’tash if he were to fail in this defense. And yes slavery would be imposed on all those in Grim’s Precient of the Retreat. Those that fled to Jemison Post would probably have to be returned to chains as well, or those PeaceLords might continue the fight by marching on Jemison Post to reclaim their property.

I am a little worried. This whole event feels like one of the Old VLAD plots, or one of McMurphy’s old plots. Something about this situation stinks…"


Lurry says "I would make a bet that half of what happens in refuge today is due to someone’s plotting. Even if attacking Grim may have been pushed by someone, I think they would have had to attack him anyways if they wish to survive. Grim has taken a bunch of their slaves, power and influence quickly. This conflict was bound to happen.

We just have to figure out if we want a certain winner, and what do we need to do to push it that way.

I would say Grim is our best option for the direction we would want to push Boriel. If all agree, The next question would be, what can we do to help without dragging the colonies into this?"


Harald of Wintermute entered the room and took a seat next to the assembled individuals

“Good day, I hear that things are getting a bit dicy in the frigid east, I was wondering if any interested parties were planning any activity in the little civil dispute. I represent parties who enjoy hearing about Peacelords slaughtering Peacelords and wonder if there can be a way to help.”


Lurry says "Peacelords fighting peacelords is good. The debate is on if we want to help or do anything to influence the winner. Do we let it play out, do we help Grim, or help Grim’s enemies. Of course I have my business interests in Jemison Post, Shop and trade, so that is a factor for me personally too, but not for the rest of you.

I do have a contact in Jemison Post that can get us in if we decide to do something. Also they could get any demands in exchange for our help to Grim if needed. I have not heard what Grim plans to do, few have if any. I expect he’ll fight, but how or with who I don’t know."

Then Lurry thought for a moment and his eyes flashed with a realization and he continued “That brings up another thought, under the guise of helping, this would allow us a chance to get some intel on Boriel’s Lands. Have us actually being there. For those of us that can teleport, that is invaluable. That by itself might be worth the trip there to help.”


Harald shrugged at Lurry "My employers don’t really care which side wins, if after a civil war the Peacelords of the glacial wastes think they can conquer the entire north they will be quite disappointed. We would be willing to aid Grim if a trading post could be set up in Jamison Post for the Northern Kingdoms, expansion of trade helps everyone. We have no desire to directly aid Boriel Itash though, he is a rebel who desires to spread war.

If we do get involved, we have War Devourers who can burrow underground to allow our forces to travel to the area. How large of a force is needed though I am not sure, since I am unsure about our ultimate objective. If we send a large force there is a good chance that the Peacelords will become frightened and stop fighting each other, and I do not want that. We want them to exhaust themselves fighting each other not unite them against an invasion."


Lurry says "My contact in Jemison Post is Connor. Moose I believe you know him. We’ve done some sales work in the past.

For this battle, I don’t think we should do anything flashy. Small groups would be best. Or look like part of Grim’s forces, but I like to be unnoticed myself. I plan to do some exploring while there myself and nudge things in favor of Grim where I can. Hit and runs, or protecting important entrances / exits are my targets. I have no plans to get into large scale battles. I’m open to other ideas as well.

With luck, few will take note of me and I will have gotten to see much of Boriel’s, Hmmm, not sure what to call it, City, Palace…

Also, the Jemison Post contact, Connor, will provide tactical information if needed on their enemies and help us get there. Told him I wouldn’t help at all if I went in blind or had to walk through tons of snow. And after these battles, that information maybe of some use to us as well.

Harald, Connor would be the one to ask for the ability to setup a shop in Jemison Post if its the condition of your help, I would expect him to make it happen if they want the help. I assume with the odds, the want the help."

After this meeting Lurry will have Connor be ready for the list of demands that anyone helping requires (as long as its not crazy.). Establishing trade with Wintermute would be beneficial to Jemison Post and Lurtor would make it happen. Double win.

(OOC Connor of Lurtor’s Triad is also who Lurry is referencing as his contact. In my mission Post, I have Lurry doing the introduction of the team to Conner who will get any helping Grim to the locations and supply them with tactical info. This post brings this thread up to what I posted in the mission I believe.)


A messenger, a bastard swaddled in cold weather gear arrived at Jamieson post and asked to speak to Moose. When she is bought to him she will not introduce herself as Matty but will not answer questions. Instead she will give a sympathetic shrug and hold up a sealed envelop.

Eyes only priority message from EEF High Command for Moose and Lurtor

At this time you are authorized to take any measures you deem reasonable to aid Grim in his battle against the other Peaclords of Boreil I’tash without compromising the current neutrality of Jemison Post. Also be advised that we are infiltrating his forces with agents acting as mercenaries. They will not be identified to you at this time. If they require your assistance they will approach you with the standard established sign counter sign phrases.


(DR2220+ Mission 8+)

Moose was pissed off. The VLAD agency had locked him out of information ever since the cluster fuck that was the battle of Boriel’s Retreat. Their own allies were still being treated for the tainted rations. Their allies entire food supply had been devastated, but Moose had tracked the method used to an influential gang in Brez known as the Mak Lal’tor.

Moose didn’t have access to the VLAD files, so he didn’t know that the VLAD agency actually had a few Mak Lal’tor gangers on the payroll. Unlike the VLAD agency, the DRRT had a rule that they would not work with people considered criminals or terrorists by the colonies. As a result many routes were cut off from them.

Instead he decided to call in some favors from the DRRT technicians to deploy some eye spies to track down Mak Lal’tor members operating outside the Goblin Lands. He quickly found out the Mak Lal’tor were split into three groups. The first was the main gang in Brez under King Blood’og II. The second was fully allied with the first, a merc unit operating in the employ of the Hobtla Mag’ol. This second group was led by King Blood’Og III. The third group were also mercs, but Moose suspected they were not getting paid as they were stuck as mindcontrolled slaves of Neliff the Orthodox.