Planning Thread Post2220: EEFer Allies


Lurry shows up from the shadows and says "Isn’t Boriel attacking the kingdom that the Empress is Backing? or is that not set in stone?

Well, I’m here to help, but this seems so much of an epic battle, that we will need to be tactical in how we help. It seems if we let this to the armies, the destruction will be vast.

Is there something we could target that would help Elijah’s forces? Or maybe its a sneak on Boriel himself?

Don’t know much about Boriel other than his is a warrior of extreme skill and in prep of coming here, I bought some information that was disturbing. He can doopleganger anyone he touches. So Boriel may not be Boriel and vs versa. But also, he can learn everything from someone touching him."


Moose looked over at Lurry and said, "To reiterate the mission parameters. The Northern Kingdom of I’tash is currently under internal and external stresses leading to a potential full civil war.

The owners of the Northern Kingdoms lands are technically the Sylvan Empire, but since the I’tashi Alliance overthrew Lord I’tash the Sylvan Empire has allowed Grand Magi Elijah Morte to hold the role of Grand Magi.

Lord I’tash assigned Boriel as his heir before I’tash was deposed by the slave uprising. Boriel was going to fully invade the I’tashi Alliance to reclaim his “birthright”, but instead Elijah Morte has convinced Boriel to meet him in battle at a site considered neutral, a fort south of the Ruins of Morgoth.

Elijah Morte is playing a dangerous political game though, he reached out to the new Sylvan Empress Iessa to have her oversee the battle. If Elijah impresses the sylvan empress she will keep him on as Grand Magi. If Boriel impresses the Empress she may just hand the entire Northern Kingdoms over to him.

Or if both act the fool, she may just abolish the I’tashi Alliance and claim the lands as her own.

To say the Sylvan Empress backs Elijah Morte is an ultra simplification at this point. Elijah Morte first has to prove to the Empress that she should back his reign…

Which is why we are here. We need to act in a way that will support Elijah Morte’s forces holding the Fort, but if we are discovered there as EEF agents it could look very poorly on Elijah Morte."


Lt Deren asked, “If the Fort is south of the Ruins of Morgoth will we need to worry about Unity cannon fire?”


Moose said, "The Fort in question is not within line of sight of the Ruins, which should stop any cannon fire from the Ruins down at the fort. So that is a small win…


The Fort is going to be attacked by Boriel’s Airships and WarGiants. Let’s be honest even a single artillery strike by the WarGiants could bring down the fort walls and leave the defenders open to threat.

Lurry also brings up an important concern. Boriel is a master shapeshifter, and if he can doppelgang anyone on the battlefield, that could be a very dangerous situation."

Moose looked around the room, “Any Questions or clarification?”


Lurry asks "With the risks of a shapeshifter, is there a way we can get a zela pin or dagger. Something to cut off the leyas from him, not necessarily doing damage. If Boriel does happen to reach us at the fort, we may need a way to prevent his doopleganger from coping our memories. I fear that would give away much. And Boriel is one who leads from the front.

Also, if he does happen to enter the fort, this could be a way of disabling him and ending the battle.

I think I will help with the defense of the fort in the end. I can help with cover and defenses. Elijah forces better be up to some part of this task though. Its tough planning something without knowing either sides plans."


“The bigger they are the harder they fall” Noted one of the marauders as the others cheered. Their leader smiled and looked toward moose, “Guess we will be knocking over that column of war giants, unless anyone has a better plan.”


“It sounds like we will have to board and sabotage some airships.” Bax noted.