Planning Thread Post2220: Hobtla Mag'ol and their Allies


[DR2220 Mission 3+]

Queen Unixah was proudly standing in the fine suite in Ithamar. The kind words of the candidate Captain Oliver hiring her on to learn more about the colonies by acting as his protection detail. For Unixah it was a unique opportunity. To see the Colonies from the inside.

She turned to her Right Hand, her Left Hand, and the assembled heroes of Hobtla Mag’ol.

"Heroes of Hobtla Mag’ol, the Hobtla Mag’ol tribe has been hired to provide protection for a candidate by the name of Captain Oliver. He fears that the locals are servants of his enemies, and needs a foreign army like ours to keep him safe.

His main enemy are gangsters of the 99s Syndicate. They are here to start a gang war with the Scarabs gang, a gang who supports Captain Oliver.

We must wait until the 99s strike, but when they do, we must be ready to protect the candidates."


King Blood’og III smiled from ear to ear. He cracked his knuckles. Then said, "A couple of Questions for our honored Queen, if I am allowed.

Do we have the ability to carry our real weapons or do we have to look like event security bouncers with just nonlethal shit weapons?

If we start capping 99s in the audience what prevents them from accusing us of murder and hanging us all?

Should we use the chaos of the 99s attack to kill off other candidates? Which ones?"


Queen Unixah’s large unblinking eye settled on the massive Brezan. While he dwarfed her in size, her commanding presence filled the room.

She said very clearly, "Firstly, we are working to protect our allies, NOT to kill the candidates. You must protect all the candidates, and any member of our detail who tries to kill a candidate against my wishes will be punished in the harshes methods of the Hobtla Mag’ol.

Secondly, you may carry any weapon allowed in the Colonies. Leave at home any annihilation weapons or technomantic weapons. Those are a crime. Other weapons, even elemental artifacts of great damaging potential are allowed.

Thirdly, you must strike down any of the 99s who attack the stage or the audience or the candiates. But avoid collateral damage. The colony will hold you accountable for murder if you for example while protecting the stage hit the audience with some area effect attack that kills multiple innocents. So be precise, and only kill those trying to attack the stage or attack the back stage.

The stage has a large front entrance area, and two entrances to the backstage on the rear. The stage itself is five feet above ground level. It will be warded against Shadow and warded against Earth.

We can set up any checkpoints or guard towers we need to, but currently there are none on the ground. What do you all think about what types of defenses we should set up?"


JeanLuc Gravois spoke up.

“Well, my queen, the best defense would be to ensure that our candidate Oliver has the best speech. If he can rile up the neutrals in his favor, if the 99s were foolish enough to attack him, the crowd would favor Oliver, not the 99s. Oliver may be favored by the Scarabs, but unlike Yildor Roren, he is not actually a Scarab. It should be used to his advantage. Otherwise, it’s knowing where the snipers will come from and being ready to throw up a shield to deflect missile attacks.”


Queen Unixah seemed humored by the suggestion, "Yes JeanLuc, I do believe anything we could do to enhance Candidate Oliver’s speech to make it the best speech would be an advantage to our patron.

And if that happens to also provoke the 99s then all the better.

But truly how far should we go in provoking these 99s gangers?"


[For Mission 4 DR Post 2220+]

Unixah was proud to have the honor of hosting the new Kal I’tash. One Eye Willie Kal I’tash seemed a much tougher fellow than Qory had been. And now finally Unixah had a trade partner and someone who could benefit from her alliance. She needed only prove the strength of her heroes.

“Heroes of Hobtla Mag’ol, Today we have but one goal. Aiding the Sea Kings in claiming Fort Dissent, and the Proteus Cannon held within. The Proteus Cannon must be delivered to One Eye Kal I’tash as tribute, but the Wargiants and other loot there is ours.”

“We need a plan to survive the blasts of that proteus cannon!” she said with confidence.


Queen Unixah could see her soldiers looked unsettled, “My brave heroes. Surely you can figure out a way past the Proteus? Has anyone here faced a Proteus before?”


[After DR2220 Mission 5 ends and Mission 6 begins]

Unixah gathered her forces together. She worried greatly as it had been a hard fight at Port Amlon but word already came that diplomacy boded well.

Unfortunately along with diplomacy came a meeting with the Pirate King Amm’t T’Shesh. The massive muscled Cambion was fairly handsome, but Queen Unixah knew she needed to be careful with the cambion supremecist.

Queen Unixah said, “Yes word has reached us as well. It seems our former allies among the Warmonger Cult in the form of the Poison Claw and the Neliff are moving against the House of Holys. Holys being controlled by the Neliff is a fairly terrifying prospect?”


Pirate King Amm’t T’Shesh smiled at the Cambion Queen, but behind his smile were many emotions. He said, "Queen Unixah, I seek your alliance, and your fealty to me. You no longer serve the far continent. Your warriors are Olgogs not our people. They will have capabilities and knowledge that may benefit our control of the Seas of Refuge.

For over 10,000 years we have been the masters of the oceans of Refuge, and I will not allow this to change because our formerly allied fleets are now split between Sea Kings fleets and Cult Fleets. I have conquered many Cult fleets and made them my own. I have forced Unit 111 under my rule."

“Allow me to see your prowess in battle against these mutual enemies, King T’Shesh,” said Unixah trying to be diplomatic, “But I must admit I consider both sides in this battle enemies…does any of my advisors have any opinions on whether we help the Redemeerers or we help the Cult?”


(D2220+ Week 7+)

Queen Unixah was happy to finally be back in the kingdom of the Hobtla Mag’ol. Her Emperor greeted her with a feast before revealing he had been visited by many guests in her absence. He told her of a brave Darmag Rider, and of a strange representative of the PeaceLords of Boriel’s Retreat.

The representative was a Kumfei dressed in fur lined armored robes.

The Kumfei said, "I am PeaceLord Mikels Ganderath Argensol. My family has long been loyalists of the Great Grand Magi I’tash, the original Sylvan master of the Northern Kingdoms. While my cousins might have rebelled, I have always stayed true to my lord I’tash.

Now a know Falosini spy, the terrorist known as Grim, has been wrongly granted rights as a PeaceLord and has been stealing property from his neighbors. He has caused chaos with his flaunting of social norms and societal laws.

And my great Hobtla Magol, if Grim were to get his way, you would lose all your white furs. Just as he seeks to take mine away from me. He wants every single gog to be a king, and we both know how dangerous that would be. Only the wise and the powerful like you and your mighty Queen should be given that right."


Peacelord Migaar as the peacelord was known to his close friends, continued, "As I was saying, we have mutual interest.

And my spies tell me you recently snubbed Pirate King T’Shesh. One day he will come to hurt you for ignoring his requests. And you will need friends."

Emperor Hobtla Mag’ol snorted and turned towards Unixah, “My Queen I sent you with a ship to aide King T’Shesh? What happened?”

“None of our allies arrived at the field of battle,” said Unixah, “I was left to watch King T’Shesh’s victory but unable to commit a single soldier to the fight. I am shamed my Emperor.”

"Then maybe this Peacelord is right. Take a few hundred of my gogs, Queen, dress in the style of the PeaceLords and mark the gogs as your slaves. March on

“Yes, you may travel under the name PeaceLord Una at my side,” said PeaceLord Migaar.

Queen Unixah looked out across the court of Hobtla Mag’ol.

"Who wishes to bloody the nose of Grim and his Jemison Post criminals? They who stole these lands in the name of Earthers and then sold them to the Northern Kingdoms. They who side with Darmagtlas over you my gogs.

Who will stand at my side against the forces of Boriel I’tash and his Grim."


King Blood’Og III had returned from a diplomatic trip to Nuria’s lands to find things had changed.

He said, “No heroes stand proud with the Hobtla Mag’ol? Where is the Cult of Ash? Where is the Army of the True Flame? Where is the Army of Eloga and the Kolgul Militia? Where are the Olgogs and others who once stood proud friends of Hobtla Mag’ol?”

He roared loud enough to shake the cavern.

"They are home, hiding in their caves in fear! They know they cann’t take on The Grim and win. So they are scared! They are frightened pups crying into their stewpots.

Not my tribe. I have an axe and a hammer and a desire to squash some bastards. And my tribe just arrived. Introducing Drza Drza Mak Lal’Tor."

Drza Drza snarled at the tiny white furs, confused why anyone was following this tiny Hobtla Mag’ol. Drza Drza knew better than to piss off King Blood’Og III.

He stepped forward and said, “Emperor Hobtla Mag’ol. The MakLal’Tor are ready and stead, and I already got a whole bunch of food prepared MakLal’tor style to wound and incapacitate the Army of THE GRIM. I ain’t got time to explain it all, but when their entire food supply is contaminated by warded and obscured metal shards, filled with poison and diseased material like unscented shits and rotten flesh also obscured and warded. All it will take is a single bit and the victim gonna die. I did this stuff back in the GL, but now I learned me some more to make this extra deadly. The contaminated will be spread right through the real good food, so either they destroy their ENTIRE own food supply or incapacitate their armies and their slaves.”

King Blood’Og III clapped Drza Drza on the back and said, “See Queen Unixah, See Emperor Hobtla Mag’ol. Even when no one else has your back, the Mak Lal’Tor have your back.”


Hobtla Mag’ol Emperor rose up and said, “Yes I am proud to have you of the Mak Lal’tor on our side. And I am sure the PeaceLords appreciate your efforts.”

Peacelord Migaar said, "This is a brilliant if cruel tactic. I support it. This Grim thinks he will end slavery in Boriel’s Retreat? Let him choke on it instead, and watch the bloody bellies of his stolen slaves for his troubles.

In fact I will send funds so you can prepare a similar attack on Jemison Post if Grim decides to flee instead of meeting our forces on the field of battle."

As the evil lords conspired, Queen Unixah was sad. She had given up one oppressive regime, the Warmonger Cult, for this new oppressive alliance with the PeaceLords. But what other options did she have. Either side with the PeaceLords or lose the one ally that could protect the Hobtla Mag’ol from Jemison Post if the post even sought to conquer them.


A massive crowd had gathered and the White Fur Emperor was pleased.

Hobtla Mag’ol Emperor of the Olgogs of the Glacial Wastes stood up proudly to his height. With the large headdress he wore, he seemed to tower over the other white furs at five feet.

He said, "Due to my timely action, and those of my Heroes, the armies of Boriel I’tash will now move to the west. They will ignore our lands. And our enemies in the rebel Grimland are doubled over in pain and sickness.

We are free of their pain. You my people, named for my name, flesh of my flesh, you deserve a great win. Something you can be proud of.

And that is why our armies will be empowered by an elite cadre of soldiers trained by my beloved Queen Unixah."

Five groups of twenty olgogs were revealed. Each wore armor forged in the style that Unixah had learned among the Morgothians, but bore no graven images. They were forged in such a way that they seemed to have a surface that resembled the waves of ice.

Each carried a hunting lance, forged to hold the claw of an icewyrm.

Unixah stepped forward and said,

"These are the Hobtla Dols, and they will be sent to the south to aide an ally. Pirate King T’Shesh has promised us great wealth if we aid him in bringing back the weapons of his heritage. He has promised our Dols the magi cannons that will let them stand against the IceWyrms forever.

There is also a weapon I wish to recover. It is known as the Spyglass of Vul. It will allow me to cast my deadly vision down upon any enemy who threatens the Hobtla Mag’ol. This will guarantee us a future no matter how the Grimlands respond to their food supply problem."


Unixah called to crowd, “Do any of you wish a chance to be a hero in our force traveling south?”