REbuilding of the City of Karov


(out of character-A fine mess this will be :stuck_out_tongue: )


The Herald had spent a lot of time and resources to make this city great. They had saved the city when the leaders of Gul’tor’Uf could do nothing. As the savior of the city the Herald could if he wanted to move even more Wintermute forces into the city if he chose. However with this return of these Nine ancient Olgogs now was not the time to call attention to themselves, as Lord Hassan would say, be patient and wait for an opportunity, after all, the dead can wait.


With the new evolution of the Dome, the Herald felt that it was time to comfort the people to make sure that they felt comfortable with the changes. He wanted the people of Karov to embrace the protection of Wintermute, he put out a call for locals to join the Blightguard to join in the protection of the city. After all, they were citizens of Karov, they should have a stake in it’s defense. This would be a voluntary program with anyone who joined to be properly compensated. They would receive training equipment free of charge as long as they agreed to several years of service with the option to continue it if they wished. Working along side the community for the betterment of all would bring the societies of Wintermute and Karov together, a lasting friendship, a partnership…a family.


The Herald will start new mushroom farms in local caves as well as any local land whose residents agree to participate. New food sources are always needed and with the Shadow Dome in place most crops wouldn’t grow inside anyway. This will supplement any food trading that the city does.


The Shadow Dome of Karov was thriving under the stewardship of Uhryu Bill and his ally the Herald of Wintermute. In fact it was Wintermute’s exceptional investments in Karov that made it both a viable and a desireable destination. But unlike other places, the only people in Karov were the Olgogs under Uhryu Bill’s Leadership and the growing population of living and undead citizens who have come south as part of Wintermute’s investments.

In fact since the end of the Mirror Crystal Madness (as it was called in Karov, who viewed the UtR as the instigators), the Wintermute citizenship had increased steadily. Willing emigration became a pastime of Wintermute citizens seeking a warmer local, or a location outside the range of attack by Korpu. They called it “Going to the Shadow Dome”, and travel agents were booked out for months.


The Shadow Dome of Karov was becoming more and more popular among the citizens of Wintermute. The Herald was told that Lord Hassan was pleased with his progress with the new city. The Shadow Dome was a good source of trade outside of the Northern Kingdoms and a place for Wintermute’s citizens to spread as their population increased.


With the threat of the Neliff and renewed aggression from Warmonger’s Dead The Herald requested reinforcements from Wintermute. Soon fresh troops of basic undead, Zombie Lords, and Reanimators arrived and began preparations to march south to aid in the fight.


There was now a full army stationed in the Shadow Dome. A side effect has been the Wild Karovians had moved far to the north east, encroaching on the lands of the “Feral Reservation” being run by the Army of the True Flame.

There are already stories filtering back of the Wild Karovians creating raiding parties with feral allies and slaying Army of the True Flame guards on the reservation.


The Shadow Domes economy was really burgeoning. It was the main location for necromantic and shadow artifacts in the goblin lands, with the products now filtering as far as Port Unen and Tla’loc’al. This added trade has brought more Mal’ie and Mak Hoblok herds to Wintermute, where the Mak Hoblok have really thrived.