Small settlement in the Feral lands.



Yirhug, I know of the fire gods, the thunder gods, some of the asgard gods, and some of the earther gods. The bladed sun I know nothing about, except you are part of it. I would appreciate if you explain what you stand for and what your gods are when this conversation is done.

Sorry for the interruption.


“The Fangs of Loki is the name given to the ten survivors of a series of task. The group has only been around for about three generations and as such are not really well known. Heck most Champions of Asgard have never even heard of them. Mostly its a group who is trying to show that Ragnorok does not need to happen just because one person or another said that it would.”

Looking to Adept he said “The Knights of the Bladed Sun believe that the one called Bladed Sun became an Ascended being and that he will return to teach them how to reach the same level of awareness once all Morgothians have been shown the error of their way and have repented their crimes. They also believe that such a change can not come by the sword, like what the Oners are doing, but by other means.”


LUrtor says “What are Morgothians? And what will happen Scribe when you further anger the asgardians by leaving them. They didn’t seem like the forgiving type, or let everyone be types.”


"Morgothians are the followers of the dead god Morgoth. While I do not know a lot about them I do know that they seek power and battle. They also seem to have control over Nightmares. As for the Asgardians… As far as they are concerned I am the lowest type of being possible, and while some will sneer at me, I do not exist to most.


Uruf said, "Yirhug is right saying The Bladed Sun does not have gods.
I knew Abel, he was a flawed and challenged human being like most before he ascended.
And despite his extreme powers and oft unexpected knowledge he would get annoyed and frustrated if he heard anyone equating him to a god.

And Scribe assessment of the Morgothians are spot on. The second they find out you are even considering becoming a Knight of the Bladed Sun they would hunt you down and destroy everything you build.

The one part that is missing from this conversation is what our faith actually entails. You see Yirhug was right asking about your former faith in the Asgardians, Scribe.

The Knights of the Bladed Sun believe all religions hold an piece of the puzzle of the greater divine truth of the universe. We learn other religions from their worshippers point of view so we might see what aspects of their faith speak to the greater tapestry.

If your faith, even subconsciously, was strong enough to call the Asgards down at the trial it is still strong enough for the Asgardians to punish you for leaving their service.

Adept, Scribe, Lurtor, Yirhug I wouldnt ignore Lokis words so quickly.He made it clear to Scribe that Loki dislikes one of his servants calling down a God to accomplish what they should be able to accomplish on their own.

If Loki interprets Scribe trying to join the Bladed Sun as another attempt by Scribe to have gods handle his own challenges for him, Loki could take that very badly."


“If that is how you feel then I will except your decision. With the way Loki was acting in these lands I now know there is only one Asgardian I would follow, But he is dead and will not return until after Regnorok. And even then I was raised to stay away from Baldyr for his vision brings the end of the world. If I must chose I will live a life with no religion then follow Asgard and its fickle gods.”


Lurtor says "Uruf, that was my concern, I just wasn’t sure how to say that to the religious. Religion is not a strong point for me, only curiosity is. And that gets me in enough trouble.

I just can’t see a god giving up a follower, even one he is punishing. That follower even believing he is a god in this land is a benefit to them. As any belief makes things happen. Worship in Loki’s case is just a bonus. I don’t see a god giving up power. If they allowed it, they would only loose followers, not gain. If Loki had no interest in you Scribe or thought you were so low, I doubt you would be alive right now. Just becareful and be sure of what you want. Nothing is black or white and absolutes don’t exist.

But Scribe, make what ever decision you would like. I will go out of my way to not anger anyone who calls themselves a god, true or not. So if you do tell off any of your old employers, I will distance myself from you for that. I won’t get in the middle of ones god or ex-god. I bet its worst than getting between mates.

I’m here to stop those giants from attacking a town. Its a habit of mine."

As Lurtor said the last part, he smiles.

Lurtor continues "We do have to figure out what we are going to do to approach these giants, and what to do when they attack. And how we get up the mountain safely. "


“If Yirhug is going with us or will let us use the gear he brought, then we will climb. I’m also working on some potions I hope will help us.
As for the Giants. Should they attack I will try to cut their feet from under them, though I might have to stick to stabbing them with this baby.” As he spoke he pulled out a Big Needle for all to see. “Or I could carve a weapon out of wood and stone and try and use that.”


Yirhug says, "Hey Mate if you can talk your way out of fighting giants great. Needle will be fine.

But if we are going to throw down with the giants you will need a bigger blade.

You can borrow my axe if you need something that can wound a giant for this mission."


"Scribe you said the Fangs of Loki were ten survivors of a series of tasks.
They have been around for 3 generations?

Maybe that is linked to your Asgardian challenges.

Were you one of the ten survivors ? If not how are you related to them?

What was their tasks that cost so many lives? Maybe one of those tasks is linked to this situation?"


"Thank you for lending me your blade. I hope soon to have my own but I must find a master smith willing to make a special blade for me.

As for the Fangs of Loki…I was one. I no longer qualify as a member after being cast out by Loki. My grandfather and father were the leaders of their generation and I lead my own generation.

The tasks were different each time and are set by the children of Loki. Váli, Narfi, Fenrir the wolf that will kill Odin, Hel Goddess of the dead, Jörmungandr the midgar serpent, and Sleipnir Odins eight legged horse.

Each of my kin that failed the tasks were either eaten, crushed to a paste, or disintegrated right before our eyes. I highly doubt storm giants have anything to do with the children of Loki, as Loki is a Frost giant, and as he said himself his children are monsters."


Lurtor says "I think to be safe, if you figure out one fo them gave you a task, why don’t we try to do it. I don’t want to see you Eaten, turned into paste, or just disintegrated. Actually I prefer not to see that in general of most beings, though there might be an exception or two.

So going up the mountain, I will try to protect the group, and i’ll see if I can bring the igloo, it should provide protection while we rest. I also could get some of the Lur Union Fighters safety belts, if you fall, they are artificed with Feather fall. If a rope is tied to you, it should allow us to bring any fallen back up."


“All good plans. As for it being the children of Loki…the only one that can send visions is Lady Hel, and her visions usually have a crow at your bed side or window. There was not one when I had my vision. There was not even a Talon Bat which is the equivalent in these lands.”


Fontan Hallas had been listening for some time. Eventually, he made himself known to the group.

“I am Fontan Hallas. I come from the City of the Gods from the North. I made my way from Simonsburg, but with all the chaos there, I decided my path lay elsewhere. I have heard of what happened to you, Scribe, and I may be of service. But, I admit I overheard somethings that concerned me, so let me get this straight before I put my neck on the line. I am here to help you regain your faith, not appease a god so you can leave him or her. If you promise to be true to whatever task you set forth for yourself, then I will help. If you do not, then I won’t waste my time. I can take you from here, find your way to the City of the Gods in the North and ensure you find whatever path you wish. But promise me the truth of things.”

His tone before affable and friendly, changed to dsrk, menacing and filled with conviction, “If you go through with this task, and you go back on your word, you have my word that I will hunt you down with every last breath across every inch of Der’al until I have slain you where you stand. Redemption will only come to you if stay true to your path. I will not allow you to jeopardize the life of others for selfish vanity and power. That’s what got you in this position in the first place, and it is that selfishness that leads otherwise good folk to the way of the Mag Mag Gor.”

He looked directly at Scribe, waiting for an answer.



It seems to me, you were brought up to believe something. It wasn’t something that after you are grown, that you decided was right for you. I may not understand fully, but I would suggest instead of trying to find something that you feel you can believe in find out what you actually believe in and then see if one of the gods is worthy of your devotion.

Greetings Fontan Hallas, Wouldn’t it be better to help scribe find what he truly believes and values, and then see if there is a god that would serve scribe well, than to have a gog worship a god that doesn’t share his ideals?


"I will deal with the threat the giants present first. I hope not to fight unless forced. Once that is over I will return to work on the settlement. I can not see myself returning to the City of the Gods at this point in time.

And perhaps Adept is right maybe I need to do some soul searching before I make a final decision. Until I know myself better I will wait. I thank you for your offer."


Before everyone left on the mission Scribe had handed Uhryu Apprentice a plan for the settlement.

In the center was the Arena. Outside that was Government buildings (Town hall, Hall of Records, ect) on one half and temples for all faiths that did not require harming others on the other half. Encircling that was a wall, out side of which was divided into sections so that all the known speaking races had a place of there own, even the cursed races. Each was separated by a wall which lead to an outer wall which would hold the gate ways into the settlement.


A letter folded into the shape of a spear point flew out from the small lean two that Scribe had built tor himself.
The letter flew on the Morgothian who had introdused himself to Scribe and the others at the mountain.
“Dear Warrior, I invite you to join me at my arena, so we may speak, and if you are willing, to test each others skills with the practice weapons avalable. Please reply quickly, Scribe.”


Sir Mag’Nrs, the young olgog Morgothian Paladin received the letter back in the Unen church grounds. He was surprised to hear back so soon from the silly little bastard, but he hoped that things were indeed turning out better for him. Morgothian’s were trained to out fight and out talk any that the come into conflict with, but everyday skills were not of the utmost importance. Sir Kaizin, had stressed the importance of being able to get by so had taught the olgog how to read; though the truth of the matter was that he wasn’t the strongest of readers. The message somewhat confused him, to the point that he asked some of the Ur Kug followers to read it themselves to see if he was reading things correctly. With the assistance of one of the learned Ur Kug, Mag’Nrs sent along this reply:

“Learned Scribe, I hope this to be a genuine invitation, and not more of the preachings of your guild Uruf. I am unsure of what you imply by testing each other, in my experiences the followers of the Bladed Sun want little to do with the Morgothians, and hardly have the skills to match up against us. Is this a serious matter, one that desires urgent care and I am to make haste on my arrival?
With Honors,
Sir Mag’Nrs, Dark Paladin of Morgoth”


The reply to Sir Mag’Nrs letter arrived the same way as the first and said

“Warrior, I am learned in the art of words and blades, so I feel a friendly fight between two warriors who wish to better themselves is a small thing. I have heard much on the side of the Bladed Sun, but I seek to know your thoughts. What do you consider honor? Should not a warrior have a purpose in his fighting? These and more questions I have for you so that even if we disagree in our faiths we can at least try to see how the other thinks. It is an invitation, but not an urgent matter. Scribe”