Small settlement in the Feral lands.


Both Uhryu apprentices would be working on the site, starting with roads/paths throughout the settlement, They would raise the outer walls (typical walls) and start marking of each area. On the walls used to mark boundries between the living areas of each race, they would build a series of archways, to allow free passage from one area to another. When these basic things were done, they would setup in the area designated for Olgogs, one a tent know to be used by wandering tribes, and the other building a small cave.

Witch Gogkiller would be gathering meat, and practicing her aiming for her hunt with Rapi’og


The City was coming along nicely. Everything seemed in order, except that no one was coming. Sure they had had the occasional traveler who stopped by, but nothing more.

So Scribe went to the two Uhryu apprentices and said “We need to spread the word. I am going to Unen and Tla’Lok’al. I have several items I am in need of and while I am there I can spread the word about our new home. Would either of you be willing to go to the rest of the tribe and tell them they are welcome here as I am sure the old hunting grounds have been taken over.”

Once everything was settled Scribe headed out. As he walked he stopped by several feral tribes. While there he healed their sick and injured either with Leyas (Conversion) or with potions. (Herbalism 4), while among them he did not insult them, instead he tried to learn from those who could and were willing to speak with him. He also told them of a place he was building. A place where many worked together so they had a place safe from storms and predators; Where they did not have to fear starving, or dying if they get sick.

Once in one of the trade area in either town Scribe will try and get a potions book if he can find one and other potion making items. He will buy them either with rune work or silver. He will also place posters advertising the new city.


A month later Scribe returned to the settlement with the unwanted from Unen and the outer environs. He had one thousand beggers, one legged fishergogs, sneaktheives and gogs-who-simply-had-made-some-very-bad-decisions.

They arrived at the town to find there were places to stay and water (thanks to the great generosity of the Kul Gul Rapi family).
But there was little to no food for such a large group. They would need food supplies soon to keep the peace.


Scribe quickly started organizing the different olgogs to help build farms where seeds and cuttings from edible local plants were to be grown. They also built fences to place animals they had captured (even those that they killed for food then converted back to life). The final project, which seemef quite odd to many of the olgogs, was a wooden rail system leading to Tla’Loc’al. The fishergogs were most important in this project, as the system was ment for a land bound langskip (norse war ship) with runes in the sail to keep a good windpushing the ship along, and a rudimentary breaking system to slow or stop it.