Temporal Assassination Submission 1: The Chinese Airfield 1942 (BeginningTSGL week 2)


Scibe would watch as Daron questioned the Earther woman. As he watched he thought and worked on making a throw away tattoo kit. If it seemed she would be, stubborn, he would be blunt and honest.

“The only reason we need this is your boss has made some choices the has lead some to suspect an exterior force is at work. A dark force that may use him to take the souls of every living being. So you answer, we clear those thoughts as truth or Quall dung, or you fight us then we get creative in our questions.”


A.J. was tied up and blind folded, but talked freely.

“This base was to train fighter pilots in the basics of dogfighting against the Iron Republic. i was supposed to help the pilots escape for the future war, but I must have failed…based on this turn of events,” said the female subcommander, “The Pilots will arrive before dawn and the entire field will be bombed to dust soon after…”

Both were surprised that she knew this location was going to be hit, and wondered how complex an organization Leonin had back here.

“We have sent forward fifty two different pilots fully trained to assault the space stations over Earth,” A.J. continued, “But I don’t know where the bases are they are being sent. I just handle this base here.”

A shadow fell upon them, and Death strode from the jungle. His Skull mask partially obscured by a green brush hat. He raised a large machete and drew it firmly across her throat. Tossing her bloody body over his shouder, Death looked back at Scribe and Daron.

“Of your entire team, only you succeeded in taking down your target. You all will be returned to your own timeline for now. But you two have been granted special agent status. Take these communicators, they will allow the Four Horsemen to reach out to you if we need you. And it will allow you to call us in if Leonin makes contact again.”


[Scribe may gain +1 L.R. , to a max of 6, and must choose between +1 to his Agility or +1 to his Intelligence.
He also gains Profession (I.R. Temporal Assassin) 2.
War will grant him one sword as requested, created with the ashes of the GulTor’Uf and designed to Scribe’s specifications.
The Pen of Scribe, or the Dust of GulTor’Uf, this sword can cleave through all leathers, even dragon hide and Krato hide. Only metal armor retains A.R. against this sword. 8 Melee dmg, +2 bonus to hit if two hands are used to fight with it. If a friend of the GulTor’Uf wields it, the sword will create 6 GulTor’Uf Simulcras (H.P. 1, F.S. 6. 8 Energy dmg, 1 attack each combat round) to protect the sword wielder. However if it is carried by an enemy of the GulTor’Uf it will summon an Armorfiend to attack them every time it is drawn in battle. Scribe is a friend of the GulTor’Uf.

[Daron may gain +1 L.R. , to a max of 6, and must choose between +1 to his Will or +1 to his Charisma.
He also gains Profession (I.R. Temporal Assassin) 2.
He gains Daron’s Riot Cannon, this artificed weapon will fire off a canister that spreads a gas that does 15 Pain dmg, gas attack. It has a uniquely designed by War and Pestilence to knock out a group of targets and make it hard for them to remember what happened in the preceeding minute before they were knocked out by the gas. It has unlimited ammo but can only be fired once each combat round. If anyone other than Daron picks it up, and tries to target Daron in its blast this weapon will instead vent its grenade at point blank range at its user. It is an auto hit on the user and can only be dodged on a natural 10. ]


[All characters including scribe and Daron taken by the Four Horsemen are returned instead to a Bar in Deryyanheim, with no knowledge that the United Tribes Carrier attack has begun.]