Temporal Enforcement Agency (Booking Station 74) (TS GL3 Pregame week 1)


Hekeriki: “Who this Jak’hal guy?”, question Hekeriki as she stood up. A comic book fell out of her backpack. She picked it up in confusion.

“Howard the Duck? I don’t collect this type of comic.”, as she flipped though the pages Hekeriki found something in the back that caught her eye.

“Want to see the Fall of Earth? What about visit with your great grandparent when they migrated… blah blah… what? Buccaneer Cruise Lines?”, she read out. “That was lucky. Or fateful. Just weird. Guess I could pretend to help this pirate out so he can take me to Maverick to learn some Time Locking. Where and when does guy Maverick hang out?”


Khalid asked to look at the advert and then said, “Our safest bet would be to split up. Half of us go with Hekeriki to find Maverick and the other half join me and Blake Arlash in going after Vulfrym during the border wars in Tarris. As long as one group is successful we meet back up here with a time lock and then plan out how we are going to trap leonin.”

“Officer Visij how are we going to be able to keep in touch with each other and with you?” Asked Khalid with genuine concern.


Lorne blinked in surprise, he realized he’d rudely forgotten to introduce himself so he was glad these people already knew him.

“I agree, if we divide into two groups we can better address the problem in it’s entirety.”


Hekeriki: “I know you. You are smart enough merc to pick jobs you know you can handle.”, she points at Black Lorne.

“You are some guy with a hot flame thrower who is… I don’t know.”, Hekeriki shrugs awkwardly at Khalid.

“The rest of you guys been kinda quiet. Hello there. I don’t bite - DON’T take that the wrong way you perverts! Sorry. Sorry. Rough mission.”

“Oh, oh… I know kinda of Lalon Auf Lal’al. You are from from the UTR. You guys got are pretty good a building an army. You are sort-of dicks. I haven’t forgot the hydra dung you put my gang though during the Tripple D Job. Don’t look surprise. I had lots of paper work to fill out that month and it cut into my doctorate thesis because of you guys. But I still had time to put two and two together.”, she stares up at Lalon.

“Anyho, I’ll help Jak’hal by showing that I’m the best at cough hacking cough by making sure to do it in a way that leads to the least amount of bloodshed. If anyone jumps into this mess. I’ll do my best to sabotage security and keep guards away and repair your tech stuff… you know. Support. I get take some recording air quote stuff air unquote from Visij here and get all those dirty deeds recorded.”


The Da’uhnb officer stood up and yawned. As he was waiting a small mek flew down to drop off a small med kit. Visij opened it revealing an injector gun.

“This will inject you with a nanite cocktail that will allow you to understand most human languages, and act as a radio within the same time period. It will also allow us to track you if you get lost or trapped in a timeline.”


Ser Resugent had stayed silent through most of this back and forth, this time traveling situation was a bit out of his league. He was there to capture a criminal and now this had gotten a whole lot bigger. They had to find a time lock, he still didn’t quite understand what that was but from what little he knew about colonial treaties these Da’uhnb were suppose to be at least quasi honorable if not a bit dickish. Also if this would help them capture Leonin then Resugent would be willing to cooperate.
Turning toward Khalid “I will accompany you to capture the Kias, if he is at all loyal to the EEF he should be at least a bit reasonable, also if I am not mistaken Vulfrym did contact Lord Grimaldus about possible aid in the past, though he never followed through. I am not totally comfortable with Kias from what I know of them but if he can help us stop Leonin then I guess we can deal with him.”


Lalon takes the shot. Then says "That seems really wrong. Is leyas going to interfere with that?

And Hekeriki, you don’t know of me at all. You had trouble with the elders of all of Tla’loc’al and the UtR due to your traveling companipon. You would not have had so much trouble if you weren’t traveling and allying with an Olgog who’s orbitally bombed Tla’loc’al and the UtR. Of course OtO wouldn’t be allowed to travel through with anything that could be used to build weapons. Actually, if most of the UtR knew of advance of OtO trying to travel through their lands, they would stop it as he can’t be trusted.

I think you should do better research. That is your fault alone and you should stop blaming others for that. But that is old news and arguments.

I am good to go with either group. I’ll search for Maverick."

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Hekeriki: “Just placing blame where it’s due. Honestly Lalon I expected this type of hou’fas butt dropings of an excuse from the UTR and it’s sociopaths. Thanks for not disappointing me with your arrogance. You’re making me look like an adult. Got to wonder what you jerks did to piss off one olgog so much. It’s almost like he was on some counter crusade against the some Church of One gang wannabe. Also, I didn’t forget about MY spaceships and how that was a cluster of… well… you know. I saw what the right hand of the UTR do before the launch AND the left hand of the UTR did after the launch.”

The olgog slow claps.

“You UTR guys are something else. Anyho, I’m repeating myself here. Because reality is on the line - let’s work together.”

She shoots herself with the nanites.

“This is going to bite me in the butt.”, sighs Hekeriki.

“Just to be clear: I’ll help Jak’hal, record his misdeeds, have him take me to Maverick, get the Time Lock (TeaMum), step five?, and profit… I mean meet up with you guys back here. Oh Lalon? I’m not Godart. I don’t forget. I don’t forgive.”


Blake cleared his throat.

“Back to the matter at hand, I’d also like to know if these nanites will affect use of the leyas, it is rather important to me. And will they be disabled once it is no longer necessary for us to be tracked?”

He regarded the nanites suspiciously.


Visij watched the interchange with interest. He knew multiple time lines where the rivalry between the Auf Lal’al and the Gultor’Uf destroyed Refuge completely but as a TEA officer it was not his place to point out anything on the topic.

He looked at the assembled group and said, "This cocktail will not inhibit your Leyas use and will not respond negatively to Leyas radiation. I cannot tell you why as that is classified.

As for disabling the tracker it is possible. But we would not do so until the investigation is complete. "


Khalid looked at both Hekeriki and Lalon as children. He said, "Olgog the Olgog is an evil creature who launched an illegal and immoral orbital attack just because he could. The UtR brought about the rise of Kalok.
Both are not deserving of your defense.

Hekeriki, I don’t know why you seem to hate all members of the Auf Lal’al but get over it.

Lalon, no matter how right you are about Olgog the Olgog being scum, if you keep belittling his allies they will feel justified in support him. Remember that Lalder also had a false ally in Kolgol.

Alliances are fragile.

I have quite a few years on both of you. When you reach my age you may learn that defending flawed people and institutions wastes your vital energies.

Put it behind you and focus on our goal of capturing Leonin. We must work as a team to succeed."


Hekeriki: “Defending OtO? Did sound like it. I need to work on my my backhanded-ness and intent for the future. Hate? This is not hate; this is disappointment. My hate is a whole level above what I feel now. You’re right Khalid. You’re right. And yeah, yeah I’ll shut up about my butt-hurt. I’ll even stick a cup-cake in my eye - don’t ask.”, sighed the deflated olgog.

“Heh. Heh! Visij? What-ya-r staring at? Got any problems with my outline Mr. Time Cop? Because I’m ready to Shred some Time criminals. Er, if that’s ok?”


Blake grimaced and accepted the nanites, if with some hesitation.

“Lets do it then, the sooner we do this the sooner we can…” He paused, normally this is where he’d say “get paid”, however given the situation he improvised, “we can put a stop to this madness”.


Rhug’ab had been silent up to this point, but that is only because he was mute. He simply raised his hand and pointed at the injector gun with his other hand. This all sounded pretty important to his ears, and brought him one step closer to completing his mission.


Khalid smiled at Hekeriki’s comment about being butt hurt and said, “Do not be downtrodden, young Olgog. Today is a day where your name shall become legend. And if we are successful then we will return home conquering heroes.
You will show Godart that his pride in you is well placed. And we all we will be honored to call you comrade in arms.” He took the injection and then said, “This will be a great success I can feel it.”


After the injection Rhug’ab found he could suddenly communicate almost telepathically with those injected as well. It was the first time he had true speech as others had even though he was still physically mute.


Visij said, “Hekeriki you have a lot of passion and I like that in a field officer. You will lead team one going after Maverick.
Blake Arlash and the Killer of Hope will share duties as leader of team two going after General Vulfrym. Both will get good footage of the exchange.”

Visij motioned to a nearby Da’uhnb agent and said, "Whenever you are ready head over to Agent Reiz Kyngu and he will take you to the rendezvous. "


Hekeriki: “Alright. I need a… portal? To my room, I need to get some gear I don’t have with me. Time stamp at 3 hours after I left for this mission. I’ll have someone drop me off at Jamesville rendezvous. Less weird that way in case this pirate is watching. I’ll show them the beauties that are my brains and support the rest of you during the jail break however I can. I suggest we rendezvous here after we done with Maverick and Vulfrym to plan our next move. A day from local time from now… if time has the same meaning here.”

Hekeriki turns to Khalid. Sliding up to Phoenixkiller’s ear she whispers, “You better figure out how to use that little amulet fast. You know, the one in you pocket. The one I saw you snatched from Leonin. Hold on tight to it old gog.”


When Hekeriki mentioned returning home, Visij 's face grimaced a bit, “Unfortunately while you are working undercover for the TEA we cannot return you to your home or anywhere near your usual associates until the under cover operation is over.
I regret if you left something at home but you will have to go without it. We have a drop off point where your cover will be intact but we make sure no enemy agents can contact you before the operation rolls forward.”


Hekeriki: “Unless you are going to gear me up, I don’t think so. Don’t worry about it because I’m not talking about Mag Buskt Island. Don’t want to meet up with my gang at all until this mess is done with. My room in Port Unen hasn’t been access for a few weeks and that place been locked up and moth-balled for many months. Drop all my good stuff there after the Neliff attack. You guys can send a time traveling chaperone with me and scan the area beforehand.”

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The gog pulled out a note book and pen.

“I’m going to give you the coordinates of place in Port Unen… let’s call it Hekeriki safe house.”, sigh the young maiden.

“That’s weird and lonely and depressing. Anyhow here it is and I’m going also write a brief and vague note to Godart to ask him to stay out of this. Don’t want him and the gang to get in on this. I show you some trust and you show me some trust. I’ll call for a pick up, have he or she drop me off and give them the note.” She shows the note to Visij." Etiquette 3, Cha 6, Int 6

Mission is going to take longer and I’m going to be gone for awhile. Take care.

Hekeriki addresses everyone else “Despite me barking out suggests, I don’t expect anyone to follow them. Just listen to 'em. The guys who are going to meet Maverick with me I want you to use your pirate reward not to meet Maverick. Wait, wait, don’t freak out. I’ll use my reward trip to find him and I’ll bring him to a rendezvous point where he can all can meet minus the overt presence of TEA. I know this great dive bar in Port Unen. It’s called the Dive Bar. I think it might be a chain.”

She shrugs.

“I’ll give you the time and place before we go. As I was saying, you guys should use your trip for something useful but not dumb. Ok?”

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