The Assembly of the Ascended Beings (a Demi-Dimension owned by the Falosini)


Berototh seemed horrified, "No Xydoraq you of all Queens know that a wholesale conversion of the Mortals is no solution.

Need I remind you…?"

Xydoraq snorted, “Of Course I am not advocating for all mortals to be culled. But I make a point to say, why do we cull ourselves?”

She looked over to Ar’yay to see if the Queen supported her in finding a different solution or if she supported Berototh’s plan to get most of the ascended to willingly imprison themselves.


Azrael’s hollow voice echoed out across the Assembly.

"The plans I started so long ago have come so close to fruition. But I could not account for the rogue time shredders, or for the death of the Da’uhnb Queen. And I would have never guided the mortals to the Ritual Banishment. We could have won without it.

I even allowed the Poison Claw Clan to catch wind of their expedition in hopes it would have stopped Bry and Bliss from unlocking the ritual…"

Berototh said, “It was Vadim Greyfalcon who led them to the Transit Point, and it was Vadim Greyfalcon who helped them unlock it and unleash its powers against the Warmonger.”

“Of foolish Mortals Vadim Greyfalcon is surely a gross example,” sneered Xydoraq, "The Quall know he is but another face of the Earther creature that calls itself Old Vlad. How many of our Hives and Queens have tried stomping out that menace. But it would be a lie to say that many in this assembly did not help him unlock the ritual.

Even the Temporal Enforcement Agency supported this experiment…"

Azrael was enraged in a way none had seen him since the Descended had unlocked the Ritual they had planned on using in the year 999.

He interrupted saying, “The Da’uhnb did not know what they were supporting. Had they known it would cause the death of their Queen, they never would have gone ahead with it. If I had known it would cost them the life of their Queen and help Holys unlock Chronomancy…”

“Ironic coming from a being who is called All-Knowing,” sneered Queen Ayx.


“My vision of the future from the moment the Neliff have returned to Refuge has been obscured,” said Azrael, "But I will not let my lack of prescience stop me from doing what is right. I allowed it to prevent me from stopping your mortals and their cursed ritual. I allowed my fear of the End of Worlds Dragon joining with the Warmonger to stop me from acting when bad choices came from these halls. We are ascended but none said we are perfect. We are learning as all being do.

We have already seen the effects of our mistakes in the past."