The Barris Islands: Meeting at Omega Island


Sarrick looked around to see if Lord Morte had arrived yet.

Then he said, “Thats fair but those crews will know if they make it to my border they will be freed. Whats to stop them from coming across the border or their masters starting an international incident coming to get back their former slaves?”


“A moment good sir. I must seek the counsel of my elders. Camlar may I speak with you?”

Stepping away from the table Willie asked the elder illuminated. “I am not as familiar with our people’s laws as I should be. If I set laws in my territory what would be considered to far as punishments go?”


Camlar whispered, “The word could end a life, torture and flay the flesh or worse. But i recommend you keep your punishments to the Cambions and Bestials and make the Illuminated exempt or you will suffer the attack of honor wronged Prros now made enemies.”


Camlar gave a wink quite a feat with one eye, “Yes i know the Illuminated would probably be criminals for breaking a law. But their Prros would consider any harm to come to them as offenses worthy of worthless infighting.”


“Was trying to think of a punishment that would actually dissuade the temptation of slaving in or from my territory.” Glancing at the other assorted Sea Kings.

“Would it be unheard of to actually impound ships?” He asked trying to think of the most drastic threat to a Sea King.


Camlar thought for a moment, "Prescedent has been set for the impouding of the ships of disrespectful or rebellious captains in the past. After all no Ikuz is beyond the law of a Prro. But i do want to warn you, it might be a battle to take a ship if the Ikuz has any loyal Bestials and Cambions left. Just a word to the wise.

But impounding would keep most allied and neutral Prros and Captains in line."


With a nod he returned to the assembled representatives. " I cannot control if they raid you from the Sea. I can try to dissuade them from it but each captain is his own leader. As for any found to be raiding from my harbor or surrounding lands…"

He glanced at Camlar, then drew a breath looked each representative from the EEF and the northern kingdoms in face. " If found to be guilty of this crime there ship will be confiscated. Their Prros informed of the transgressions. They can send a replacement captain to reclaim the ship from my docks." Letting out his breath in a sigh he added. " I’d also like to discuss a joint border patrol to ensure all parties are protected."

Giving his statement a moment to settle in he looked over the Sea Kings for thier reactions.


“Before we move on I think we need a bit more detail. What actually happens to a guilty captain? After a replacement is sent I mean.” Field Marshal Map’le asked. “Is loss of rank to be the only punishment for breaking the peace?”


“Field Marshal, how much do you actually know of our society? Losing your ship means you are no longer productive to your Prros. It would effectively end there careers. No one would trust them with another ship. To become a captain again they would have to steal a ship, likely a large downgrade in ship.”

Smiling at a thought that just occurred to him.

“Although if they are not in the service of a Prros there would be no one to claim the ship. The captain would be sent back to the other continent with any loyal crew but thier ship would be forfeit. I would be willing tell SELL thier ship back to them though.”

“To put it another way losing your ship is like going from Field Marshal to a new recruit with almost no chance at advancing any higher.”


Map’le nodded in understanding. “I see. My people have some very strong views on social outcasts as well. Honestly I do not know much about your society. I merely wish to make sure that such points are understood by all. So as to avoid any uncertainty endangering any agreements that are reached.”


“An understandable point. I didn’t mean to sound indignant. My apologies.” Willie replied


Sied kal Makuf agreed saying, “These punishments are fair and reasonable. Then let us move ahead with these proceedings, I wish to see my holdings at Makuf officially recognized in this way too!”


Sarrick said, "Grand Magi Elijah Morte would not authorize me to make such pronouncements. Unless he himself were here…I could not approve such an action.

I could approve Port Amlon since it technically is part of the lands given to me as part of Fort Dissent by Grand Magi Morte. I will offer up a temporary land lease for the lands of Port Amlon, recognizing it as long as Port Amlon maintains a peaceful relationship with the I’tashi Alliance. What say you? Kal Port Amlon?"


Field Marshal Map’le looked at Willie. “No apologies are needed. As I say I only wish to make sure that we all understand each other as much as possible.”

Jeremaih looked between Sarrick and Seid Kal Makuf “If needed it can be arranged to make a delivery of building materials for a new port. If you agree to taking through land grant.”


Sarrick sat back with concern, "With all due respect to Sied Kal Makuf, I already said I cannot support an Expansion at Makuf unless Grand Magi Elijah Morte orders it himself.

As for Port Amlon on the I’tashi coast, One Eye Willie Kal Port Amlon, if you wish to receive building materials from the EEF, I will not prevent those shipments from arriving. But the I’tashi Alliance will not be sending any funds or building materials to Sea Kings settements at this time."


Sied Kal Makuf snarled, “If you cannot make decisions S.St.Johns then maybe your damn Grand Magi should show his face…or is he too cowardly to meet with real heirs to this planet?”

One Eye Willie could quickly see that Sied’s anger could disrupt the peace talks if he did not find a way to calm or assuage the Invader of Makuf, Barbarian King of the Ruins, Survivor of the Border Wars and the Iron Republic Invasion, Sied Kal Makuf.


Amm’t T’Shesh smiled as if waiting for a fight to break out.


Lady Xantinus smiled sweetly, “I think that we all could use some time to cool off a bit while we wait for the Grand Magi to arrive.” Lady Xantinus goes through her bag and pulls out the corpse of a mostly preserved Kuelo corpse which she proceeds to animate. The undead Kuelo then begins to juggle a few nearby rocks.
While that is happening Lady Xantinus starts brewing some tea for the various parties.


“Seid Kal Makuf, does it necessarily have to be at Makuf?” Jeremaih inquired. “Would you agree to this same arrangement on another piece of land? Perhaps you could share the port? Or maybe Sir. Saint John would be willing to lease another tract to you? Or perhaps we could find some other unclaimed but still suitable place. Understanding that the matter of Makuf would still be on the table at any future talks.”


Sied grew quite angry at the EEFer’s statement. He sat back, and allowed the silence to linger for a long long time as he sipped at the Binber wine.

Then he placed the glass down and motioned for it to be refilled once again. Only after the second glass of wine did Sied’s singular eye finally rest on the one who questioned him so.

He said, "For the sake of diplomacy, I will assume that you do not know who I am, or what I have sacrificed to keep the Nidal Shipyards at Makuf.

It was long before the recent spat of Border Wars overthrew I’tash. A long long time have I held Makuf against I’tashi Peacebringers and I’tashi Slammers.

Then the border wars started and not only was I under attack by I’tashis, but the Borvian Dragons made raid after raid into my lands.

I succeeded in killing the fool King Borvis, and I held my lands anyway. I lost ziggurats, I lost countless slaves, I even lost my dearest vessel. But I would not surrender then, and now after I have held the lands for decades, after I have cemented my claim by pushing back the EEF, the Northern Kingdoms and even the Drowned Forces of Agon Sharktooth and his Maw of the Deep worshippers during the recent Border Wars.

I suffered the presence of Yarna Lasteru for years…

All the while hearing I’tashis propoganda about how we Illuminated and our Cambions HAD to be killed on sight. Had to be slain lest a new K’ias Empire rise…

It is infuriating after all my successes, after all my losses, that now you all seem to think I will allow diplomacy to steal the lands of Makuf I have bled for.

So no I will not share the much smaller Port Amlon with One Eye Willie, we don’t even have alligiance to the same Prros. I will not pull back from the Nidal Shipyards. I will not give up what I have earned through blood, and the lives of my slaves.

And I think hearing what I have overcome, you will understand why such an act would be a disrespect of the worst order