The Barris Islands: Meeting at Omega Island


Sied finished his diatribe by saying, “What land in the Northern Kingdoms or on the Continent of Vima remains unclaimed?”


Jeremaih waited a moment to reply to be sure Seid was finished before he answered.
“Forgive me but I never suggested you give up the land you have taken in Makuf. And I would not suggest that as I am well aware of what you have done to take and hold it. I merely suggest that as it is outside of the territory controled by Sir Saint John and he cannot grant the request you make that we put that particular matter aside for the time being and that you discuss it with Grand Magi Morte should he choose to grace us with his presence. As for what other lands can be offered.” He paused and glanced at Map’le who gave him a nod after a moment of consideration. “You may be aware that the EEF controls a third of Terris. With the Field Marshals approval and in the interest of peace, perhaps a piece of land there could be granted to you as a harbor and trading post at the same terms and restrictions as One Eye Willie will have here. With the complete understanding that you are free to make other arrangements with the I’tashi Alliance at any later date should you choose to. If that suggestion is agreeable to you?”


Elijah morte walks into the room the look on his face is apologetic as he says to the crowd, “My apologies for being late I had to deal with a little Uprising in Tal Hanon by that rascal Merkant King”. As he pauses for a second take a breath he mutters, “ Technomancers” as he shakes his head ( hoping they understood). He greets everyone in the room by name .

Then he looks at Peacelord S.St. Johns and thanks him for keeping him clued-in, and looks to everyone else saying “No need to fill me in I’ve been listening the whole time.

I would like to start by stating that one of our honored Sea Kings Guests said that it was a slave uprising that took over. Now it is true I was once a slave but I rose above that by receiving the rank of Peacelord by Lord I’tash himself. And yes it is true I overthrew him with the help of his uncle Calphas , and you are right that the time of the Sylvan is over but so are their ways.

I freed the slaves and helped create The Itashi Alliance because I was, as I said before, once a slave and I know how it was. With that being said, let’s get down to the business of why we are here and I would like to get the easy part out of the way.
And that is One Eye Willy. I will agree to let you have your port and you can have the aid of the EEF as long as you keep to what you agreed upon involving policing your borders and making sure other Captains don’t think they can steal slaves in our lands…

The more difficult task is with Sied and Makuf. The last one was easy, but I cannot ignore Sied for that would be like a slap in the face.

Sied, the fighting has to end and that’s why I am offering an olive branch in allowing you to join the Itashi Alliance. I know your way of living is built on slaves and your hierarchy is built on slaves but if I allow you to join and recognize you as an independent place I cannot allow you to have slaves… It would go against everything I’ve built.
It would defeat the purpose of ever overthrowing Lord I’tash but I am not just going to say join and give up your slaves.
I’m willing to help you build your economy and compensate in actual coin for your loss of slaves because the slave trade would have to stop, ownership of slaves would have to stop.
But with that help, i would need Makuf to produce and send food to the Alliance, as doing this would take a lot of my financial resources. But a full-on war would take so much more and take more than just money and I’m hoping to avoid that.

I’m offering recognition of both Port Amlon and the Nidal Shipyards of Makuf, each under their respective leaders.”


Sied said, "Lord Morte, if you are suggesting to pay me for each of these slaves i would be releasing then i would be open to it. Sied Kal Makuf, PeaceLord of Makuf has a nice ring to it.

In exchange my former slaves will begin growing food. An amicable trade."


Camlar said, “Sied and Willie if you choose to accept these terms your lands will be recognized by both sides as neutral ground. Makuf and Port Amlon.”

Sied said ,“That would be acceptable. What say you Willie Kal Port Amlon?”


“That seems like the best possible outcome.” Willie said as he raised he glass to offer a toast.
“To a long and hopefully prosperous relationship between us all. And a congratulations to " PeaceLord” Sied"


With the first meeting of the two continents a resounding success, Camlar Lemna Amlon would pull aside both Willie and Sied, far from the ears and eyes of the Colonials or the Northern Kingdoms folk.

'This treaty provides us an immense temporary advantage. While you both are honorary PeaceLords I do not recommend you add that name to your title. You Willie are Kal Port Amlon and you Sied are Kal Makuf. Never forget that. Your responsibilities to our people are even more important now.

The reason I say not to officially use the title of PeaceLord is it is a term developed by our enemies among the Peace of Falos. Peacelords used to hunt our kind down and execute us for sport for Aeons following the Great War for K’ias Freedom. Back home on the other continent, many of the Prros would view you as enemies, or as Turncoats or as slaves of I’tash at the very least. It may even cause Prros to start sending ships to reclaim the lands you control.
I will do what I can to offset this Kal Port Amlon and Kal Makuf, but you both must walk a fine line between the Northern Kingdoms and the Prros cultures."


Camlar said, “You both have now been given commcrystals to reach me, so I encourage you to use them. I must return with speed to the Far Continent. Many of the Prros have gathered a fleet to invade I’tash after the last few months of interaction. I must convince them to hold back their fleets so that you, Kal Port Amlon and you, Kal Makuf can build these alliances without interference.”

Giving Willie Kal Port Amlon, a fatherly embrace he whispered, “The pressure is off my son-in-law…for now. But do not let Amm’t T’Shesh poison the EEFers against us on such a meaningful day. That cambion thinks this is his opportunity to gain allies against the Prros…”

Then Camlar turned to Sied more formally and waited until Sied saluted him then he said, “Kal Makuf may your rule be long and wonderous. I will meet with you again on my return from the far continent.”


Returning to the meeting chambers the next day, both Willie and Sied were concerned to see the Pirate King Amm’t T’Shesh was already underway, trying to convince the Northern Kingdoms and EEF to back him instead of the Illuminated Prros.


The massive blue skinned Cambion towered over Sied and Willie. He leaned towards the other side of the table and said, "Representatives of the EEF and the Northen Kingdoms. Your alliance with Kal Port Amlon and Kal Makuf place us in a perfect position to change the dynamics of Refuge once and for all.

I know Willie Kal Port Amlon is not a racist, he supports all of his crew and has actively outlawed slavery on his vessels. That is an Illuminated we all can work with.

But the Prros of the Far Continent? They will turn all of you into slaves once they get the opportunity. The Illuminated Prros feel they are so Illuminated they should rule over all people of all other species. That type of Racism has caused harm to you EEFers and you NorthernKingdomers.

What I am offering is an alliance…an alliance between my extensive fleets and your airship fleets and the EEF’s orbital weapons. Together working side by side, we could take the shores of the Far Continent, and we could end their race-based slavery once and for all."

Sied asked mockingly, “And once we did such a thing…who would rule there…you?”

Amm’t T’Shesh glared at Sied with an air of “you got yours why do you care” but instead he said, "As the Honorable Sied points out anyone invading from this continent would need to establish a new government and new laws and new leadership.

My birthright as heir to Mar’un’ga and Lady Yvhv places me as the one person who the Bestials and Cambions of the far continent will respect. If you send one of yours they will be denied, but I can turn the slaves to our side. In exchange, I would ask that my birthright claim to the far continent be supported and acknowledged by the EEF and the Northern Kingdoms. What say you honored Leaders? Do you wish to see the threat of Sea Kings slavery end? Support me, and we can crush the Prros, release the slaves and start a new Empire, one where the color of a creatures skin or its species does not hold it back."

All could appreciate the words of Amm’t T’Shesh, the question was if it was worthy to eradicate the already weakened Prros to install this Pirate King in their place…


Jeremaih started to answer but then stopped remembering that he no longer spoke for the EEF. Instead he looked to Field Marshal Map’le.

“Amm’t T’Shesh, I can appreciate your points but it hardly seems reasonable for us to launch an invasion. Have we not achieved our aims with peaceful means? And such an action as you suggested seems sure to cause a protracted conflict. I agree that this is a time to be cautious but seems to me that following your advice will only doom us all to continued conflict.”


Lady Xantinus frowned at Jeremaih, “By achieving our aims with peaceful means you mean allowed the Sea Kings to establish fortified positions in the Northern Kingdoms without much resistance then yeah we achieved our aims I suppose. They cannot be trusted not to use these positions to further invade this continent, the more time we give them the greater the threat will be in the future.”


Amm’t T’Shesh looked at Jeremiah with disappointment, then looked at acting Field Marshall Map’el, saying, “Peaceful solutions, K’iorn? I bet if your Falosini Overlords commanded you to invade you wouldn’t be mewling at me about Peaceful solutions. I will remember that you did not stand at my side when I was reclaiming my birthright.”

Then Amm’t T’Shesh looked at Xantinus and said in agreement, “Listen to her wisdom. The Illuminated will never look at you as equals. Just as the Falosini will never look at you as equals. But unlike the Falosini, the Illuminated will choose to enslave you eventually, it is part of the culture they are born with, and raised up into.” Growled in an almost animalistic way, “How is it you cannot see your orbital weapons struck the Illuminated Prros. They will never forgive or forget that affront to their honor. Right now they bide their time, and when you are weak and distracted by other enemies, they will swoop in and begin slaying your peoples and taking your survivors as their slaves.”


Map’le looked to Lady Xantinus first. “I share some of your concerns but think that steps can be taken to mitigate them. I would be pleased if we could discuss them further once these talks are concluded.” tuning to Amm’t T’Shesh she continued.
“I am also not insensitive to the plight of your people and would be happy to help alleviate it. Which I think is possible. Those unwilling to not use slave labor will now find themselves at a disadvantage in trade. I also believe that Wintermute can help provide certain alternatives that while perhaps distasteful to some are preferable. What I am unwilling to do is engage in an invasion of the far continent in order to install you as its leader. No amount of insults you may utter is likely to change that. Perhaps there is some other way in which we could provide assistance?”


Pirate King T’Shesh said, “Yes you can provide me and my crew passports of safe access to all colonial ports. That way I can restock my crews and my larders as needed.”


Map’le leaned back from the table a bit.
“Well as this meeting is in the interest of fostering mutal trade and peace I think that can be arranged. Provided you agree to obey local laws while in Colonial ports I dont see a problem with that.”