The Cold Draft at Jemison Post


“It is an airship. We recently had a border problem that we captured it during.”


After successfully wiping out the camp of the Mercs known as The Frost, and with Boz Frost’s head on a pike, Grim, Lurtor, Nuria and Eli McGraw returned to the Cold Draft. The Frost had done their raiding in Jemison Post lands, but the Banking Guild had put out a bounty on their heads from the moment their group attacked a Banking Guild Store.

Now the four had to decide if they were going to hand over the ten criminals taken prisoner. The easy answer was to hand over the criminals, and use the bounty to invest in the Glacial Wastes settlement. The harder answer to figure out some form of criminal justice for the Glacial Wastes settlements.

[If all four agree to turn the criminals over to the Banking Guild, they can TOGETHER decide should A) a waystation be built between Jemison Post and McGraw Harbor for the transport of goods and for safe stopping for travelers OR B) a forward exploratory station should be built at either the Mountains near the Cavern of the Icewyrms, or near the Hobtla Mag’ol Tribal lands.

If all four disagree, or decide to create a local criminal justice system to try the ten criminals, then they will get the opportunity to question the prisoners for more information.

All four players should also begin planning for the next mission, The Illuminated Slaver. Beware of her Eye because it can cause Final Death!]


McIvinson raised a goblet in toast saying, "The Legend of how Grim, Lurtor, Nuria, and Eli McGraw exterminated the Frost will spread far and wide my friends. Stopped the Frost before they became a true threat. Not a single Colonial thief or highwayman will dare waste his last coin coming all the way here to try and do some robbery.

In fact the word is the Unenese Pirates have already spread the story of the fight as far as the Colony of Barrow-on-the-Sea and the northern Kingdom of Borvis.

I doubt any more Mercs will be coming north to cause trouble.

Now we just have to deal with Boriel and his I’tashi Slavers, and the Sea Kings and their slavers. Seems slavery is popular out here in the cold.

The Criminals you brought in told us of an Illuminated named Drella, a slaver who has about thirty olgogs toiling under her on a fancy new Iron mine. If its anything like what the EEF found in Makuf, its probably chock full of artifacts used by the Sea Kings for their mining operations. I always wondered how they got enough metal to forge those giant swords their cambions wield. Freaking girders them swords. Anywho, It seems we have an opportunity while Drella’s guards are escorting the majority of her slaves back up North to the Hobtla Mag’ol as tribute to another Illuminated.

We know the cambion guards successfully reached Hobtla Mag’ol with the slaves, but they still have at least a week until their march will take them back to Drella.

The Iron Mine is set in a snowy valley. It is mostly underground, and the Olgog slaves are kept in the mine between shifts. These Olgog slaves have been hypnotized by the Illuminated, indoctrinated into their weird Warmonger Cult. While they could be saved, don’t expect them to lay down their weapons just because you break their chains.

Drella herself has not been seen by our scouts which leads me to believe she is hiding deep below in the mine, leading the workers herself."


Lurtor says "We need to find out what the bandits were doing here, intentions, and who else was involved. So I don’t think handing them over to others is going to help us, other than save us time. I think we should do some sort of justice system here. Maybe Labor and time in exchange for forgiveness of their crimes. Maybe we can utilize our extra olgog guards to help in this. We have work to be done.

We should make any punishment retaliative to the crime. That said if someone is too dangerous to keep here we will have to think of something else. We can build up this system over time. Base it on an existing rule system already and go from there."

Then Lurtor pauses "As for this illuminated it seems she is working with the new body guard that protects the local olgog’s cheifgog. We will need to deal with both, but first the one who is vulnerable. Ideas here? "


Lurtor says “We do have to take out this Illuminated and then consider what to do about the body guard Illuminated. We cannot have them corrupting the largest Olgog tribe on Refuge.”


“You’re right V.L.A.D. gog. We can build our own waystation or forward base in time,” Eli said to Lurtor.

“Thanks for the idea Banking Guild partner. Instead, lets slap these bandits around and see how they sing.”


Tal’al’oon nodded toward what was left of the Frost, “Honored guests and leaders what crime are we charging our powerless prisoners with? The only ones of them I can confirm took part in the burglary and assault on Rez’es store are the ones I killed.”


McIvinson thought for a moment, "Well the Guilders accused the entire Merc Band with the crime of stealing those hovertrucks. But you do bring up a good point Tal’al’oon.
You only personally witnessed the Bandits you killed committing a crime.
To prove the others are involved in the crime and not just accessories to the crime i guess you would need some witnesses…or some evidence…

Well i mean unless you just want to interrogate the folks “under suspicion without charging them for a specific crime…?”


Lurtor says "So we only have them on possession of stolen equipment. That makes things a bit tougher. I do not want to be a King who kills because he can. Or takes because he can. We cannot imprison without cause.

Maybe interrogating them about the trucks and going from there would be a starting point. Learn how they became in possession of the vehicles. And why they were here.

I’m more interested as to why they are hear than giving them a harsh punishment. At least for now."


Lurtors continues “We also need to know more of this illuminated as well.”


Eli needed some snack food.

“YO, Waiter! Peanut me!”

A bowl of them smack in him the face and he was then cover in peanuts, “Thanks… dicks.”

“We should air quote ask end air quote the hovertucks themselves what’s up with them. Mine has the mentally of a child. I don’t think they are A.I. but actually people,” he said as he pick the peanuts off of him and ate them.


Lurtor head lifted up on that. he says “I didn’t know that the trucks were not normal trucks. My bet is they were exposed and then touched the hover truck. Whether on purpose or it happened is a good question. I don’t know if they are stuck in that position or not. But they maybe able to shift back to a person. I have never any infected disassemble a vehicle or merge with it… hmmm I’m not sure how much you know about that issue Eli.”

(OOC THread to talk to hover trucks per Narrator.)


“Anyho, I’m going to Drella Ikuz Unixah little mine and make it mine. Well, I’m looking for more of a copper mine. If someone can help me with that I’ll give up any claim to this,” Eli said as he munch some more peanuts.

“Say we sneak in, shoot or stab everyone then set a trap for the rest of the slavers. I got fire power and you guys got fire power - literal in Nuria case.”


Lurtor says “With the Illuminated, we may want to surprise it. As part of the sneaking in part, I could take the form of one of the little Olgogs and replace him. And use that to get some intel on what’s in the cave. Get a way in for everyone.”


“I’ll have to talk to you later about copper,” Nuria said to Eli. She turned to Lurtor next. “And, maybe this time, some sneaky wouldn’t be a bad idea…”


(OOC the mission ends tonight, I thought it was next week).

Lurtor says "For now we can leave the mine for sharing or later to decide.

Ok, so I’ll replace one of the slaves, and then feed that info back. Maybe even use a shadow portal to get in. We do the sneaky part and take the illuminated out. The Olgogs there won’t help us at first as they are most likely under the illuminated control.

Can anyone get zella to protect them from the annihilation beams? I have enough issues without missing body parts. Does anyone one know if the illuminated can see through Doppleganger, even if its obscured?"


Lurtor then says “When I’m in place and ready to strike. Any distraction would allow me to hopefully snipe her without drawing her attention.”


Grim looked up from the Book he had ‘borrowed’ on his last visit to Bliss. “we should make sure about the rest of her forces. It would suck if they arrived while we were trying to deal with her. I might suggest using the Tempest to disrupt the weather on their path and slow them down.” Looking at Lurtor, " I am pretty sure I can provide a distraction if necessary. I probably wont enjoy it but I am sure I can get her attention. It would probably be best if we didn’t just go guns blazing and kill her. If you can put out her eye, it would be best. I have some zeal but I don’t think it would help the way you think it would. From what I know, Annihilation Leyas is kinda like me, really doesn’t care for following rules that get in the way. I got some tricks that might work to stop her from using it. But the best way would be either stick her with zeal or make her an immutable. Even then, if she has risen to any rank in the forces of warmonger, she will be a formidable fighter or tricky as a bastard."

“as for keeping her from noticing you, I can try to channel a lot of leyas to mask your usage but not sure how well that will work. while you try to be sneaky, I’ll try being crafty and act like a merchant stopping to see if the mine has any product to sell. That should get their attention.”


Eli boasted, “I’ll pretty good at being distracted and distracting…”

“And disgusting,” a female voice chirped from his coat.

“… shut up J.J. will ya? I got the whole stealth thing ready. Plus I can jump her from behind.”


“Grow up. Anyho, I got this distraction. Y’all can count on me.”