The Cold Draft at Jemison Post


Grim wandered in and sat down, "Sorry i’m late to the meeting. I kinda lost track of time reading Bliss’s most recent letters. She is learning some really interesting things. So whats the plan? " Grim sits and listens to a recap of the plan. “sounds like a good plan. I can go over the Booby traps and probably fine tune them. I know a lot about trapping tunnels and how to bypass them. the biggest problem is gonna be the Illluminated. They are best taken by surprise and from distance and cover.”

Rising, he nodded at the others, saying " see you there." Turnign he walked out.


McIvinson had been placed in charge of Administration of Jemison Post, when he heard that McGraw Harbor their only colonial neighbor and only trading partner had been taken over by Sea Kings forces he assembled the most well known operators in the area. There was Nuria, and Grim, Lurtor, and Eli McGraw.

The forces holding McGraw Harbor were a joke by colonial standards. In fact if he was in Chooru he could make a few calls to the assassins guild and get the whole mess cleaned up for a pretty penny, but out here in the Glacial Wastes he only had 4 known operators to call upon…

And so Eli, Nuria, Grim and Lurtor found themselves again at the Cold Draft…


Eli McGraw took a hard look at McIvinson. “So… you’re going to pay me to rescues my men, retake my port and murder some assholes?”

“God damn - I love my job!” hollered Eli.


Lurtor says "Well, from the description its going to be a rough task. Especially if you want to save your members being held captive. And we have to do something about that ship. It cannot set foot on Land otherwise we will be overrun.

So what do we have to bring to bare on this?"


“After last week, my wits and guns and your skills and gear,” Eli stated.


McIvinson said, “If you are willing to risk them we also have the Tempest Airship and a single Hovertank. But if we send them we will leave Jemison Post undefended except for a few infantry.”


“Let’s leave the Hovertank alone. I can see the Tempest getting a drop on 'em but the 'ank ain’t going to sneak into the place,” countered Eli.

“I do know the layout of my own place if that helps. Which it should. Most likely.”


Nuria took a drink and spooned some stew into her mouth. ‘Goob. An’ defens’ble spo’s?" She said through her mouthful of food.


Lurtor says "If there is any sneaking, it may have to be the old fashion way.

This is going to sound cruel, but we need to set what are our goals and prioritize them.

  1. Rescue Prisoners
  2. Keep ship from landing and overrunning us
  3. recapture port, this includes defeating the small army we see against us.
  4. No final deaths of anyone.

We will need to separate some of these tasks and work together on others. Like the tempest might be able to inhibit the ship by making the wind blow out to sea instead of in. Or create a big storm for them.

But I suggest we keep this list going and break down each area to see if there are things we can do. And who can handle it."


Slapping Lutor on back, Eli smiles and says “That’s what I tolerate about you. You have an eye for lists.”

Turning to Nuria, Eli sits down and passes her some nuts. “Heh, you want to do some sky diving into to camp with me and be a big damn hero?”


Lurtor says "I like lists, that way I don’t forget about the big bad and get annihilated while I’m doing something else… Crap I forgot. The illuminated deserves his own spot in the list.

As for sky diving, that is not my preferred entrance, but its not a bad idea if the guards are not looking up.
Maybe we can make this even better by adding a layer of Fog to the area? Reduce their visibility?

That would allow us to get in with surprise and out before they notice if we can be quick about it. And if the illuminated can’t see us, it can’t target us. Take out the guards first and rescue the prisoners. Then that allows us a game of hide and kill. Take them out at we can."


Eli replies to Lurtor with a question, “You done any falling from the sky? I have and it’s something…”

Some time before this moment

[i]“Honey. Sweetie. I love and all but this nuts. People were not meant to jump from moving air vehicles this high. I know you want to have some fun before the baby come into this world. But think of the baby.”

“Suck it up Eli,” Buffy said as she pushed him out into the sky then followed him.


“YEAH! This is bitching! WEE!”[/i]

The present

“… ya’ll need to get used to a bit. By fifth time you’ll be ready to shoot guns while falling because it’s lost it thrill and you can’t do anything else that day because stuff happen…”

The past

[i]“Die Northern Kingdom Scum! HA HA HA! Burn in hell!”

“Buffy, you really need to relax with those fire bolts.”

“Have you soft boy?” mocked Buffy.

“No girl, we’re just running out of 'em real quick,” Eli sigh as he shot another one in the face.[/i]

The present again

“…what were we talking about?” He had a far away look in his face.


Lurtor says "I guess I could. I can Fly if I want to. My issue with flying or being in the air too long is I feel like a shooting target. I just hear the word ‘pull’ in my head like you do when shooting targets out of the sky.

If you are shooting on your way down, you might want to make sure you don’t give them too much time to respond. Otherwise my words might be more true than I like.

if you want to skydive, go for it. We will have to find something for you to jump off of or get you high enough. We can’t have the tempest that close otherwise they will notice. Maybe even just shapeshift into a bird or something to get close myself, or at least within striking distance. I still think some sort of way to block their visibility will be needed. Unless we can take them out quickly."


“The problem is, taking their visibility will probably also hamper us as well,” Nuria interjected. “I don’t need to skydive, but I could probably get in from a distance.”


“Good idea. I’ll drop smoke grenades on them while I land.”


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Lurtor says "Eli, I assume you are aiming for the Guards? We will need to also take care of the sentries, Overseers, their white furs, and the Illuminated.

I can take out the Sentries. While I’m better with my leyas sneaking, I should be able to move around to silently take out the sentries.

There is a large number of them, so we should recruit a few others to help if we can. The white furs could be dealt with, there is just a good number of them. Which will make up for any lack in size.

Also Who wants to take out or busy the illuminated? With his eye, he could be quite the problem when things break out if we don’t have a plan for him?"


Eli McGraw clarifies “I’m saving those boys and girls first. Screwed up in things I did and it’s my dice to make sure they get out. Me got some toys saved up that’s been just gathering dust. The Cambions won’t know what hit 'em. So I got number one on the list taken care off.”

“But for Nuria sake, just in case, what do they look like and how would you deal with 'em?” he asked neutrally.

“I mean, on the off chance one gets away from my killing skills of awesomeness. To be smart about things and all. Leyas resistant right?”


McIvinson said, "During the Border Wars i faced some Cambions near the Ruins of Makuf. They were cunning foes. They set traps and even booby traps using these big crude bombs but always carefylly disguised of course.
They use their massive swords as both sword and shield and since its as thick as a girder they can deflect small caliber firearms. Their skin is so thick your average knife can be plundged into it and still miss all the vital organs and veins.
And their strong enough that a single blow from their fist will knock most folks out cold.

And they are not stupid creatures dont think them dumb halfgiants they are equal in intelligence to a man like me…"


“The one major benefit we have is its rare to see a Sea Kings Cambion armed with any type of ranged weapon other than the grapple springshots used to board enemy vessels. I suspect it is because their Illuminated dont trust their slaves with any weapon thay can really kill from afar.”


“That’s why I’m going to bring the hand cannons with the acid tip explosive rounds and the heavy saw-off shotgun with the plasma slugs and the double laser chainsaws!” he exclaimed with glee.

“You only got the sniper rifle with 14 zela full jacket rounds, 3 smoke grenades, 2 flashbang grenades and 1 high explosive missile,” a cheerful voice came from his coat.

“Oh yeah. Not rich. My bad.”

“Still got toys.”

“Where did I get a missile?”

“Fighting WarMonger’s Dead and drinking wine at the same time on a mission where you bossed people around.”

“… huh, how about Dual Scatterguns Molly has? She’s not using them.”

“No. Hell no you nut! You can’t wield them.”

“When I’m falling though the air I 'ould.”