The Cold Draft at Jemison Post


Turning to the rest of his fine associates, “Lurtor and Grim. Have this missile. You can drop it on the invader’s ship from the Tempest. Nuria. I don’t have anything cool for ya darling. Also boys and girl, let me get you a map of my place. If you going wreck it up, might as know where everything is or should be.”


Lurtor says "I’ll see if we can get a few of our friends to help. Like Biff. "

Lurtor will see if he can round up any of those around the Post.

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Lurtor says "I agree, we’ll have to have the tempest deal with the inbound ship. We will use this missle if possible. If I were to deal with it, then we would be short in taking back the port. Hopefully we don’t have to arm the missle?

Next, what do you think about trying to put the white furs to sleep. This wouldn’t work on the Cambions, but it would reduce the numbers we face. though by doing this I would alert those who are around to something happening. I’ll try to time it. It will be a audible.

We will see if Grim wants to deal with the illuminated. If not, we just need to snipe it with a zela bullet if someone has one? Otherwise I doubt it would work.

If Nuria can snipe or take out others, that would be helpful. Am I forgetting anything? "


Grim looked up from the notes and letters he was reading. " I can probably take care of the Illuminated. but have any of you considered trying something a bit outside of the normal? such as trying to talk to the damn shitheads? It is mostly likely the last thing any of them will expect."

" plus thinking about your missile, you got anyone that can fire it? some techie thing like that shouldn’t be left for the crew to use as they aint immutables."


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Lurtor says "If you want to talk to them, you could. We can trigger anything if the talking doesn’t work. But I don’t think we can take having their ship land. Right now they have hostages and have taken the town. Looks to be a bit past talking, but we can wait to see how talks pan out.

Or is this going to be like talking at the dinner table on the tempest?

As for the Missile, Ely suggested dropping it. If we have those who push it around wear nightmare hide gloves, that should be enough??"


Eli looked nonplussed. “I don’t have any thing that could fire it. I do have some immutable techs that could lift and drop it from the ship.” Dropping a couple zela sniper rounds on the table, Eli offers a suggestion. “Couple of someones could carry these on them while handling the missiles.”

“As for talking, someone else would have to do it. Honestly, even if I thought they would be open to that, would you talk to me if you were them?” Eli asked.


Lurtor picked up the bullets with a cloth so he did not directly touch them and said "I will make sure the bullets get to those handling the bomb. Also, I will see if there is some sort of delivery device I can whip up to keep the tempest a distance away from the ship. Would prefer it not to get knocked out of the sky.

So in this, When action starts, I will attempt to put those weak willed to sleep with leyas. Then I will target the Sentries and the overloads. I’m hoping most of the white furs will fall to this. For me it will be take them out quietly or shoot and run. I don’t plan to stay visible long. Though a shadow leyas ward may slow me down. If one exists, I might try to break through. Not sure until I sense it."

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“That’s that, that is that Lurtor.”

“McIvinson! You know what I said about the hovertank? Forget it. I’ll have my techs drive it and along with my tracked truck. We need a escort vehicle for the people we’re going to rescue cause it’s cold and all. Deadly cold. Plus my truck can’t carry everyone out,” huffed Eli.

Eli dropped two more zela bullets on the table. “Grim and Nuria. So you don’t feel left out, have some immutable metal. Might come in handy, somehow, even though it’s hot poison for you skin. Metaphor like and such.”

Eli pick up his hat and started to leave. “I got stuff to do. Map to draw. Techs to ask real nicely. Gear to dig out. Plus I need some time to nut up.”

“If things go bad, do what you need to do to stop them from getting the harbor. Remember, things can be rebuilt but people aren’t things. Well most people ain’t things.”


McIvinson was overwhelmed by how much things had changed in the last few weeks. Suddenly Jemison Post was the new “penal” colony for VLAD agents who had been a danger. They were being sent in droves, and each time, they were being collared like animals. McIvinson downed another shot of liquor, placing a handful of ghaz on the counter.

"Keep them coming, [Burp]

I got the four Expedition Leaders coming,

and I’m going to need some snacks and drinks to thank them for braving the cold."

“Respectfully, are you sure you need any more, Sir?” asked Tal’al’oon was behind the counter. He was covering the shift for the Bartender who was being treated for Dragon Sickness.

“Let me tell you! I need at least two more if I’m going to get through tonight without quitting buddy,” sneered McIvinson, having no respect for the man of the cloth.

“What torments you, sir?” asked Tal’al’oon as he poured the drinks.


"Simple, I have an enemy army nearby underground. I’m not quite clear who the enemy is, other than some old Spy group that has been pushed out the of the colonies.

It seems like they are mass producing Olgog clones for some reason.

I have no freaking idea why…and I really don’t care…but I should find out just in case, but my gut says blow it up, but my head says go in hard and check the computers and learn something about these guys. But even then I got to decide what to do with that many clones… do they count as people???"

“Yes” murmured Tal’al’oon as he wiped a mug.

“Oh…well I guess that might change things…what the heck am I going to do?” asked McIvinson.


“You’re going to leave it to the people (and Lurtor) who took down Deminoj HiveLord of the Quall,” Eli said as he walked in with a swagger.

Eli McGraw took a seat at the bar, stole both of McIvinson’s shot of liquor and downed them so smooth you could feel the jazz off him.

“Tal’! Peanut me!”

A bowl of peanuts flew into his face before he could react. “Thanks,” he said as he ate the peanuts off him around him.

“If they ain’t hostile, we’ll take care of 'em. If they are hostile, we’ll take care of 'em. If it’s something more complex, we’ll take care of 'em.”


Biff walked in. He needed a drink. He grabbed a peanut that ricocheted off of Eli, before it fell on the floor, cracked it open, and ate it.

He nodded to McIvinson. “Armies, eh? Sounds like a job for an infiltration team. Anything I can help prep for?”


“Infiltration is definitely an option,” said McIvinson, looking at the empty shotglass a little sad.


Biff looked concerned. Maybe this was all too much for McIvinson.

“Did ya have another strategy in mind?”

He poured the Earther a drink.


Lurtor says "Do note, that the clones are why i wear this collar. If you don’t see this, its not me.

Any going in would need to be undetected, and we have to make sure we don’t cause the clones to awaken. Think of me 5000 times attacking from any shadow. Everytime I’ve ran into these clones, they have attacked. Especially the OtO ones.

Now since we have an eye spy there. Maybe we can use it to get in skipping the traps. Or use it to get information from the computers about the clones. While Clones are real beings with Feelings, the question is what was any additional programming added. And do they have a biological control to keep them in line. Can these be modified to remove them as a danger if they wake?

For me it is important to put an end to the ability to clone myself in mass like this. And to remove them from being under the old guys control. That way if they wake, they just don’t attack in mass."


McIvinson enjoyed the drink that Biff poured him. He listened to Lurtor’s questions and then said, “I don’t know. I’m not a Cloner, Lurtor, I don’t know the first thing about em. Or the last thing. Or anything else about clones.”


Lurtor says "Well, I guess we’ll have to start with getting in. Through the eye spy, we can get into the area just before the ward. Avoiding most of the traps. Depending on the Wards, we may need Eli expertise as us Leyas users will be a bit hampered.

If we can’t get in through the shadow jump. We’ll have to be careful going through the tunnels of Traps. Hopefully Grim can help us there. Biff, your help here would be invaluable. Your earth leyas maybe able to help us find our way to the control rooms quickly.

I would like to get into the control room, hopefully without being discovered, and pull what information from the computers we can. And see what our options are.

Our priority should be to make sure those clones don’t wake up in mass.
We should also double check the armory or artificing area. All of those clones get equipment, weapons and Artificed bone rings. At least the ones I’ve ran into.
Lastly, if possible, see if we can prevent the Old man from controlling the clones and the ability to create more.

Whether its seeing if the programming could be changed. I’m not a cloner either, but I expect memories might be manipulated some. If they wake without commands, they may go and slaughter each other and anyone caught in the middle. From what I can tell, they were snapshotted from myself and OtO when our anger at each other was at its highest.

This is a moral issue, I don’t know how to resolve that ends well. What to do with the clones if they wake or don’t? If they attack or don’t? Biff any suggestions?"


Eli chuckled a bit. “Too bad you can’t just walk in as yourself to fool yourselves. Uhm, how would these clones know you weren’t one of them?”


Lurtor says "Hmmm, I guess that could work. But that seems so simple.

So we get through the traps, whether we can skip them or go through them, then I’ll walk in as me, or at least one of those clones of me, and see what I can find out and get you guys in without awakening all of the clones."


“What, actually, are we looking for here?” Nuria asked after listening for a while.