The Cold Draft at Jemison Post


Eli’s hurled chair struck Mac in the head, stunning him for a moment and throwing him off balance. Eli smashed into Mac’s chest and the pair went tumbling through the bar’s door knocking it off its hinges. The two were brawling in the street when Eli got a lucky grab and lifted Mac into a suplex.

There was a snapping noise as Mac’s body struck the hard ice outside.

Lurtor pulled Eli off Mac and began berating Mac while trying to hold Eli back.

Finally as Lurtor finished speaking and asked “Any other useful ideas?” and Eli replied that he didn’t have any ideas. Then they saw McIvinson looking at both of them in deep concern.

Administrator McIvinson said, "Eli…Lurtor your points are valid…but you have just ruined your case by physically attacking a member of VLAD leadership.

I agree with you, Mac’s solution to the Dragon threat is heartless, uncaring and completely unacceptable.

But you just physically attacked him, this will not end well for any of us…"

McIvinson walked over to Mac and used a nanite syringe to heal the injured spymaster.

Mac pushed Administrator McIvinson away, and rose to his feet.

He said, "You know its funny. Maybe if we had executed Olgog the Olgog back when he physically attacked a government official, Tla’loc’al would be unharmed and the continent wouldn’t be at threat from his clones.

And maybe my previous self wouldn’t be languishing in the Goru Prison for crimes against the colonies. I won’t allow VLAD agents, and mercs run rampant. And I will not stand for VLAD agents and mercs attacking their handlers.

I’m taking you into Custody, Mr. McGraw, maybe a few months in the Goru will keep you from…"

“No, you are not,” interrupted Administrator McIvinson, “Jemison Post may be housing all your scumbag VLAD agents, but we are not your slaves, Mac. And Eli McGraw is the listed holder of McGraw Harbor, the closest thing we have to a sister city out here in the Glacial Wastes. From my point of view, he is no different from the Elected Lord of a Colony back out east. So I am giving him diplomatic immunity AS the Administrator of Jemison Post.”

Mac snarled, “You don’t want to do this, Administrator.”

“You may have gotten permission to turn Jemison Post into a penal colony, BUT I am the law here. Gather your things and leave Mac. Leave now, before they put YOU in a stasis coffin next to the last McMurphy running VLAD,” said the Administrator, obviously holding his ground.

Mac activated a covert eye spy, and said, “Well We will see how long you remain Administrator when the Colony General reviews this attack on VLAD administration.” And then he disappeared.



McIvinson let out a long held moan of despair and fell to his knees, “What the heck did I just do…? We need the VLAD agency’s support, their funds, and their help in keeping the murderous freaks in line…”

Lurtor and Eli helped McIvinson back inside and they returned to the table. One of the Lurtor clones was trying to fix the door.

McIvinson put a hand on both Eli and Lurtor’s shoulders and said, “I think we may be on our own taking on this threat now.”


McIvinson excused himself to use the bathroom giving Eli and Lurtor a moment alone before he returned.

It seemed things had escalated quickly. Then the door to the room swung open and a beautiful woman was standing there dressed in arctic survival gear. She pointed a massive rifle at Eli’s chest and said, “Only my wonderful husband would be foolish enough to throw down with one of the VLAD trinity. What am I going to do with you?”

“Errr…shoot me in the head and put me out of your misery?” asked Eli only half joking with his hands up.

The gun wavered and finally lowered, to be replaced by a deep laugh that echoed off the walls of the fairly empty bar.

“You are lucky, you always make me laugh, you handsome devil you,” she said as she strode across the bar and grabbed him by the collar and pulled him into a kiss. It was cold enough that Eli knew she must have taken the long way across the ice fields to get here to join him. She was nearly frostbitten. But there was a heat to the kiss that warmed Eli immediately.

“Uhh, guys… I’d like to introduce you to my wife, Buffy,” said Eli actually blushing for a moment.

Buffy turned to the rest and said, “Dusk’s five time top longshot competitor, and definitely the best sniper out here in this godforsaken place. Buffy McGraw-Strykker, and I want to know why a bunch of Dragons want you all and my hubby dead???”


Eli was unusually thoughtful. “I either screwed up bad or set in motion for something better. Either way, up to this point, VLAD and the EEF have been turtle-ling and haven’t really lifted their hand to help. There is only a handful of capable people out here in the Wastes and many capable OTOs and Lurtors. Which are turtle-ling too but honestly that’s a whole can of worms don’t want to fish with.”


“One word to solve our problem and all the future problems: Franchise.”


McIvinson walked back out from the restroom at that lucky moment and said, "Well Ms. McGraw-Strykker, the Dragons coming in are connected to the missing End of Worlds Dragon. The EEF has classified what happened to the End of World dragon. So I don’t really know what happened but…its gone. We aren’t supposed to let anyone know. Its an important secret to keep according to the EEF.

So these dragons are the first to know the End of Worlds is MIA. We eliminate them, the secret stays secret for now.

If these Dragons blame the people of Jemison Post and McGraw Harbor for their mother-dragon going missing they may be hard to reason with…"


Lurtor says "Thank you McIvinson for Defending Eli. But the loss of his support will hurt our defense.

Now, the issue of eliminating all of the dragons, and I’m sure we could actually do it. For defense, we have all of the Lurtors and OtOs and 20 Technomancers fully loaded with Sniper rifles, gear, and more I’m sure. At range, I’m sure those dragons can be taken out. Its up close that would cause lots of casualties."

It Is the retaliation we get for doing so that concerns me. I still hope we can talk them away. But any interception would need to be done far from here. And then there is the issue of what to tell them or not tell them.

Is there an amount that we can say where they will go away to talk more later? Can we convince them she was just slightly relocated and is still hidden in this area. That way those who don’t go all out in this area are still concerned. We follow EEFs classification. We will still have to deal with her enemies coming to attack her or wake her, but that can be for another day.

I have told Dahelein she was in danger and her location moved. But gave no details. Dahelein was upset over their cave that held their eggs and her existence. I gave no details other than the enemy was surrounding her and things happened fast. And then offered help in recovering their eggs.

Might have even sounded like the Doomwyms were coming here on their own and he didn’t say no. Not sure, yet.


Lurtor continues " I will try to great them before they reach the post. Have our snipers, Lurtors, and OtOs in place that if a fight happens, they can take out the doomwyrms quickly. But I prefer not to do that.

Any other ideas in how to satisfy them, I’m open too."

(Not too many posts before mission post, And I could be late in posting."


Smiling to Buffy: “If diplomacy fails, we’ll let our guns do the talking. And my butt do the baiting.”

“But DEAR, I don’t want you to lose your ass. Without it, you be a lot smaller. It makes up most of your body,” Buffy said as she faked smiled.

Eli lifted his shirt. “Oh ho, ho ho… you. As you can see, I got my abs back.”

“Woah, you bastard. I’m still trying to lose weight!”

“Heh don’t, it looks look great!”

“I’m top heavy now,” she pouted.

“It will go away in a couple of months. Maybe. 'Specially if you stick around here for awhile.”


Eli says, “Honestly Lurtor, I’m not that great with doomwyrms. Been kidnapped twice in my life by them.”

“Been kidnapped three times in one year for me,” Buffy beamed.

“You did something and I know you not a complete bastard, Lurtor. Them the damn truth, tell it to 'em, whatever it is.”

“What did he do?”

“I haven’t been paying attention, dear.”


Grim looked up from his drink, gesturing at Eli, “He doesn’t know what happen to the dragon. Cuz what happened was ME.”


Buffy was confused. “Who’s that?”

“Grim. Did a lot of heavy lifting at our wedding along with OtO,” deadpan Eli.


“Best man. He drew the short straw from my friends. Half the clones out there share his DNA.”

“Really? You have friends? Not imaginary friends?”

“Ugh you woman.”


[Eli McGraw gains +1 point for Eli because that response was awesome and reference to the Wedding adventure was absolutely perfect!!!]


[Week 10]
McIvinson looked more put together today. He was ready for anything. Then someone dropped a request about K’iorn soldiers demanding residence in Jemison Post to attack the Aerie of the Doomwyrms.

He immediately called in Nuria, Lurtor, Eli and Grim to see what was going on, and what they should be doing.


Lurtor says "So how do we handle this with Dahelein.

  1. We know Boriel’s agents went to him before to talk of allying, though I don’t know the results of that. But this would definitely push Dahelein and his Doomwyrms and Riders over to him. Though he may already be there and we don’t know. And Doomwyrms and their riders have not been open with us either.

  2. Sea Kings will most likely invade soon. Much like the other army we had to stop.

  3. Doubt the Children of the Falosini will back down on this. And neither will Dahelein either.

We need to prevent a all out battle or a long siege. The only way I see that is Dahelein needs to go. Though it sucks that his error long ago that many today didn’t know about are suffering from that. The ruling was pretty harsh for those following orders and not alive to know the truth.

I believe we should honor the WarCouncil of S’vana request to transit here, or near by. Perhaps we can make an underground area where they can appear then then get them closer without being seen.

Then I think this may need to be a stealth mission with the Larger army as a distraction. Have the larger army run ambush runs to keep eyes away from the strike team. While a smaller group makes its way in. Maybe come in from the bottom. Burrow from underneath.

I’m not sure how to convince the War Council to leave the rest alone though. Or how to beat that many Doom Wyrms. Maybe they would pay attention to the greater outside threat than the internal issue.

Any suggestions."


Lurtor steps away and talks with Uriel for a while and then comes back and says "Ok. I talked with Uriel for a bit and I have a formation of a plan. He advised against being involved in the actual battle, and I agree with that now.

Here are the points of my plan.
1 - I will contact Dahelein and offer a place for the Children of the Falosini there. We will build small areas around Jemison Post to where small groups of the Children of the Falosini that take up my offer can live. We will employ them in our industries like mining and food production. Giving them a place, something to do to survive and prevent them from being tag as Nngao. As long as take up the offer before the army arrives.

2 - We’ll setup a staging point for the army to arrive on the outside of Jemison post underground for them to arrive. I will give them a map of the Arie we built and let them staging.

3 - I do not plan to get invovled in the actual battle. When these riders are wanderers, I don’t want them having angst against us. The map and staging ground should be enough. And we need our resources to protect against the sea kings when they arrive.


(OOC note, after tonight, I don’t know if I’ll be able to respond. This is me tell you my plan / post in character.)


“I got harbor with land and lots of open spaces, sort of,” said Eli. “How about I host the Children of the Falosini’s air forces?” “While I’m at it, I’ll shore up the defenses so the Sea Kings don’t sneak attack.”


(OOC I did my post last night, but just add a part with McIversion to pick a location)

Lurtor says "I see no issue with that, That even makes Jemison Post look less involved. We can help build the structures for them if you need. I was going to build something for this anyways. Talk to McIversion about the details for it.

As for the Sea kings. Yeah, your going to be the first area hit most likely when the sea fleet arrives. Any fortification you can do would be good. Although I expect many are already in the area, so who knows where they will strike first.

I’m going to try and talk to the Lurtor’s and OtO’s living here to see if we can organize them a bit for the defense. You may wish to do the same with your area. And they will more likely do it for you than I. Since OtO distrusts Lurtors and the Lurtors are Lurtors."


McIvinson agrees, “A wise idea, Eli. I will also send some long range scanners with you that I picked up from the Banking Guild. They should give you at least a day and a half warning before the Sea Kings ships reach your harbor. Its not precise enough to tell you the armament or crew of the ships, but it will tell you how many vessels are coming…”


The Bar was virtually empty. The OtO and Lurtor clones were out keeping the defensive perimeter secure. The remaining S’vana soldiers had offered their springshots and mancers to the settlement’s defense as well. Administrator McIvinson was handling their leadership, but he gathered a meeting with Nuria, Buffy, Eli, Biff, Uriel, Lurtor, Grim and Lord Malaganth.

Buffy was the first to say, “Okay so we are surrounded by IceGuard that just keep coming through the energy bridges from the dream seas of V’Crios. We close the bridges another bridge opens up. Nuria banishes one, another steps into its place. If we didn’t have the S’vana survivors here, we wouldn’t stand a chance, but they are used to fighting off creatures like the IceGuard. But we need a more permanent plan.”

Lord Malaganth, the uthvelor, said, “Our only hope is catching up to Belinda Frost and having Nuria tap her with that artificed rod as she did to Pelonious.”

Buffy sat back, “Why don’t we just put a bullet in this Belinda Frost’s head?”

“The IceGuard are drawn here by her command. If they aren’t banished, they will keep acting on that last command issued by the Frost General,” said Lord Malaganth, “But once you use the banishing on Belinda Frost, what you choose to do to her is up to you…”


McIvinson said, “Any Questions?”